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Guidance Is Always Working To Reach You. Discover How To Receive The Help Your Dreams, Angel Numbers, Animal Symbolism And Other Powerful Messengers Are Trying To Bring…

We are all born with the gift of intuition. It’s meant to be a healthy part of our happy lives as human beings – to receive guidance from our soul, to have this “sixth sense” or deeper knowing…

However, so many of us hide it or block it because of outside pressure. So many of us shut off our intuitive gifts due to well-meaning people pushing us to be realistic, sensible, to “grow up”…

Most of us are taught in school to disregard our instincts and inner feeling wisdom, and force ourselves to only apply logic in life.

The truth is, there’s a place for both logic AND intuition! And when we can balance the two, we become able to experience life with more fulfillment, more light, more purpose and enjoyment.

In our modern society, more and more people are realizing that their lives become colorless, lacking in satisfaction. They can sense that life with logic, is less than they deep down feel it should be…

intuition dream world

Living With Only Half Our “Power” Switched On

With logic as our only approach, we limit ourselves, our understanding and our ability to live our true purpose.

When we open to our intuitive senses, we begin to get in touch with magic.

Both our own magic, which flows when we open to allowing our unique gifts to shine… And we begin to tap into the “secret language” of the universe…

The subtle deeper hints and guidance that is always working to help us, support us and show us the way to OUR purpose fulfilled, to the bliss that can be when we open to fully be ourselves.

How Opening To Your Intuition Can Change Your Life

So today I want to share some key ways to tap into that light, that loving guidance which is always working to reach you on your journey!

When you begin to listen to your intuition, life will never be the same again.

Opening to my intuition changed my life completely. Not only did I receive guidance and advice for projects, my life path, people, love… But it began to heal my body and my emotions.

When you open to your intuition and guidance, you begin to receive help with everything you need to live the happiest possible life for YOU!

Whether that involves finances, finding the best partner for you or uplifting your current relationship, healing old wounds, discovering and opening to your life’s passions, finding the best fit job for who you uniquely are, discovering and moving to the city/place/house or neighborhood that will bring the most joy to you, feeling happy and well in your body and emotions, and so much more…

So with that, here are 7 Key Ways You Can Begin Opening To Your Intuition, Your Soul’s Guidance – Right Now!

#1) Pay Attention To Your Dreams!

Did you know, your dreams at night are always trying to “speak” to you? Your deeper self, your intuition, is always working to show you guidance to help you live your “best life”.

Through symbols, emotions, scenes and visions in dreams, you are always being shown valuable information.

Either what old trauma a current struggle is based in, where recurring issues are rooted, what you are fearing, what’s blocking you, what you are being guided towards, what help is available…

When we begin to listen, the soul responds. So begin to explore and open. This can become quite a fun adventure once you begin to open up!

And I know it can seem strange to begin with but there is a “language of symbols” to this.

It might seem nonsensical to our waking minds, but begin to explore, and you will understand the language bit by bit. The reason it’s coded is so that it can bypass the ego mind and our resistance and skepticism!

When you begin to pay attention, the symbols become specially made to communicate to you. And there’s a super handy site at with common interpretations.

There is such deep meaning wanting to reach you if you begin looking!

And if your first thought is, “I never remember my dreams!” then start with whatever little nugget you can. Keep a notepad by your bed and scribble down whatever little thing you can when you wake up – and know that it will begin to expand.

Your intention to open up and take note is very powerful! In addition, you’ll find the Free Heart Activation Session here very helpful – as I take you through clearing any blocks and opening your heart to your intuition, it will really kickstart a new connectedness with your guidance!

#2) Begin Journalling!

I wish I had a more exciting term for this for you, because it sounds so much less juicy than it really is – journalling. But this is really one of the most powerful practices I’ve encountered!

Because it helps you both process your emotions and opens you up to your deeper faculties – bringing out amazing insights, inspirations, ideas, illumination for your path…

Journalling is like a bridge that helps you get the most of both logic and intuition. Be aware that it’s normal if it feels a little boring or like nothing much happens to begin with when you sit down to write.

The best way to approach it is to set aside a little bit of time daily for a few weeks – make sure you stick to it – and keep it short.

Five minutes daily to start with is perfect, because you don’t want to overload yourself. And during those five minutes, simply write about what’s on your mind. Write about what you’re feeling, what is going on with your emotions and in your life…

And again, if it feels like you’re back in 7th grade writing a diary, that’s OK. Most often the big stuff takes a little time to come out while you work on opening the flow. After a little while you’ll begin to notice greater depths opening.

That is when true guidance begins to open – inspiration, major a-ha insights, plans for the future, epiphanies about connecting themes and elements in your life, your purpose, love partners, and more – and you will never look back.

I teach you more powerful methods to tap into your intuition and open your life to positive guidance in the Love Blueprint Coaching Program here.

#3) Enter “The Stillness” (Meditation)

Did you know meditation has been scientifically proven over and over again to be beneficial in so many ways? It helps your health, your well-being, your brain functioning, your digestion, your happiness, reduces stress and even slows down ageing…

I believe if it was a pill, we’d all be taking it! The main hurdle for most is that it doesn’t feel particularly fun or exciting. We’re used to high tempo activities and constant stimulation via TV and social media these days, and meditation is the opposite in so many ways.

However, it can also offer you magical experiences that social media memes and scrolling through friends’ feeds can never offer!

To begin with, set aside a little time daily for just sitting quietly and allowing yourself to relax, focus on your breath and quietening your mind.

As with journalling, the benefits may take a little time to fully bloom. So be patient with yourself but KNOW that it will open up… Living life with meditation can be described as being in full color, versus black and white. Your experiences gain another dimension.

When you open that space to your deeper self, your intuition… Meditation becomes like checking in daily with your magical sparkly best friend who’s got all the answers.

Because as you learn to quieten your analytical thinking mind, you create a space for your intuition to rise forth! And when you open that way you begin to notice ideas showing up, visions, insights, guidance…

Believe me, once you get to that place you will never want to go back to living life without your magical sparkly best friend with all the answers!

PS: If you find meditation and quietening your mind tricky, it can help to use soothing high vibrational music to begin with. I’ve included several tracks for you in The Love Blueprint program here, as well as a guided meditation where you just have to listen along to my voice. That’s another helpful way to get started.

#4) Tune Into Symbols and Angel Numbers!

This is a very powerful way of connecting with the loving guidance working to reach you from your own soul and the universe every day!

Symbols and “angel numbers” are powerful ways for intuitive guidance to reach us, without our analytical minds blocking the insights.

If you had just gone through a breakup and the universe told you “you really will meet the love of your life soon, don’t worry” or “they will come back and you’ll be happier than ever” – you would likely have a lot of resistance around it. I’m sure you’d find it really hard to believe that!

So your mind would reject the insight from reaching you… And that’s why guidance often comes in symbolic or number form. Because in the instant we receive it, we don’t know what it means so don’t reject it.

Keep your eyes open to these “messengers” because they are always working to assist and reassure you!

  • A brief rundown of “angel numbers” are:

    111 “a new start is coming so keep your thoughts positive”
    222 “love is coming, balance, there is so much love for you”
    333 “you are a powerful being, you have what it takes to achieve your desires”
    444 “what you do every day adds up to results over time
    555 “positive things on the way to you”
    666 “this is an expression of the past, if you don’t like what’s going on now, resolve to create differently for the future”
    777 “you are being divinely guided”
    888 “abundance is coming”
    999 “completion, the end of a cycle”
    11:11 “the awakening code – returning to your soul’s truth”

(Let me know in the comments if you want more on this, and I’ll write an article just on angel numbers)


#5) Listen To The Wisdom Of Animals And Nature

Another symbolic expression of the guidance always working to reach you, is animals. If you keep seeing wolves everywhere you go in the form of images, movie posters, logos and more – there is a message working to reach you!

Humanity has journeyed with the animal kingdom for tens of thousands of years. Throughout the centuries we have learned from them, worked with them, gained their support and power both in the physical and beyond…

Just as we have souls, a deeper eternal self, they do. And on our journey through life it is an incredible uplifting and magical assistance to call on our natural brothers and sisters from the animal kingdom.

Once you begin working with your “totem” – the animal souls whose presence is with you in this lifetime, you will begin to notice yourself supported and loved and guided everywhere you go!

Working with animal symbolism and your “spirit animal totem” is the most incredible experience! My own personal path has been so enriched from connecting with the spirit animals and bringing forth the spiritual and healing wisdom of the natural kingdom.

(You can find my Spirit Animal Session here to begin opening to this yourself as well, or deepening your existing practice)

#6) Tap Into Your Own Guidance – Feelings, Vision, Perception

As I mentioned above, we are all born with the gift of intuition. But in our modern world, life is so turned outward toward society, daily events, other people, goals…

In ancient terms, modern society is very “masculine”. It’s focused on attainment, action, achievement, the OUTER world…

But intuition and guidance are expressions of the so-called “feminine” energy polarity. Our true wisdom comes from within… It comes through dreaming, being receptive, open, quiet, focused INSIDE…

And so being raised in a world that teaches us to push outward and shut off our inner world, most of us need some work to truly open to and unleash our inborn intuitive gifts.

Clearing your energy and activating your chakras is a magnificent and highly effective way to unleash your true intuitive gifts – sometimes even overnight! 

#7) Enlist The Expert Help Of An Oracle Resource!

In recent years we are lucky to have had an array of new oracle methods reach the market – and this can be another incredible help on our journey!

A good oracle card deck or resource is a “translation device” for your intuition and guidance to come through. A little like with the angel numbers above, oracle cards are so powerful because they bypass the analytical, skeptical mind.

So they enable us to get messages that we would often be resistant to or blocked from receiving in direct form. And a good oracle resource will also help you strengthen your intuition over time. For my personal oracle resource, have a look here.

When we open to symbolic communication – whether through dreams, oracle cards, spirit animals or numbers, we open the door to a whole new way for guidance to reach us.

I cannot tell you how transformed my own life became after opening to my guidance. If I hadn’t done so, I would not be here writing to you today.

I know – because I’ve been through it – that you don’t have to be born with special gifts to begin receiving divine guidance on your journey! You can truly uplift your life and every one of your experiences by beginning to tap into your intuition!

I would love to hear from you about your experiences – how do you use your intuition on a daily basis?


Do you have any stories of when your intuition really helped you, or even kept you from danger?


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