The Universe Speaks, Are You Listening?

The Universe Speaks, Are You Listening?

In My New Book, You’ll Find Uplifting Guidance And Inspiration For Love And Relationships. Part Oracle, Part Channeled Love Notes – A Pocket Sized Guide Full Of High Vibrational Messages To Inspire And Assist You On Your Path!

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Meet Cassady Cayne

Meet Cassady Cayne

Cassady Cayne is a spiritual author and lightworker, who’s worked with assisting thousands in unlocking their inner light and empowering them on their journey – to live their highest path and attract more love in their life!

After a sudden spiritual awakening which unleashed latent intuitive gifts, Cassady started her blog sharing high vibrational channeled messages and resources with others in Ascension – helping people connect with their inner divinity and their soul’s purpose.

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” Life is a dance, you are constantly in movement, from one place to the next, from one project to the next.”

Be Like a Ballerina

Chapter 8 Introduction, of the
Book “101 Messages of love from the Universe”

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“Cassady has a GREAT program on her site to help with clearing cords and energy. I strongly suggest checking it out”

Crystal Churchill

Tennessee, USA

“I absolutely love what you offer to the world. Thanks!”

Roxie Alvarez

Illinois, USA

“We’ve worked through our muck (with your help) and we’re getting married next year!”

Carly Carrone

Louisiana, USA

Unlock your true love potential in just 5 weeks with The Love Blueprint

Unlock your true love potential in just 5 weeks with The Love Blueprint

Experience The Power of Energy Healing, Permanently Shift Your “Hardwiring” For Love And Relationships...

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