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Inspiring and guiding others to see their own divine potential, unlock their inner light and live their highest path.

Cassady Cayne


As a bestselling author and thought leader in the field of spirituality, energy healing and conscious relationships, Cassady has a following of close to half a million in social media and regularly reaches over a million readers online through her blogs, YouTube pages and newsletters.

Cassady has helped tens of thousands heal, empower, uplift and illuminate their lives into a higher state with energy methods and spiritual guidance.

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Cassady is an accomplished spiritual intuitive and bestselling spiritual author, whose blog articles are read by millions. Her YouTube page and Facebook Live sessions are loved by a wide audience of passionate seekers, and is regularly asked to write and speak for other publications. Explore some resources and features below.


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We’re getting married next year!

"We’ve worked through our muck (with your help) and we’re getting married next year!"

- Carly Carrone, Louisiana, USA
Cassady is an old soul

"...born with strong gifts of the spirit, a natural born intuitive healer, multitalented when it comes to working in the spirit realm."

- Hans Christian King, award winning psychic and author
I strongly suggest checking it out

"Cassady has a great program to help with clearing cords and energy. I strongly suggest checking it out"

- Crystal Churchill, Tennessee, USA
A pure soul

"Cassady Cayne is a pure soul whose connection to spirit conveys heart-warming wisdom"

- Matt Kahn, empathic medium/YouTube sensation, author of ‘Everything Is Here To Help You’
Carried me home

"Thank you Cassady so much for your work and for being such a beautiful soul. Your resource is pure love and light - it’s the one that has 'carried me home'."

- Marlene Veltre, author of “The Simple Seven”
I can really recommend her

“I have got so much help from Cassadys meditations????I can really recommend her. Thank you Cassady❤️”

- Ingrid Nilsson, Gotland, Sweden