Are you ready to shine as the
brilliant light you are?

Heal blocks, get un-stuck, and bring magic and sparkle to your path
With powerful energy journeys, transformations, activations and immersions.


Powerful audio activations, immersive energy journeys and transformation sessions
that will shift you and your life into a higher state

5 powerful coaching and healing videos – over 3 hours of content – I guide you step by step through powerful energy work, mindset and manifestation techniques that will help you create incredible results in your life!


Discover the secrets of energy mastery, dive deep into how the universal flow of energy works, so you can apply it to your life and boost your manifestation results


Immersive journey to unlock your soul’s light and latent star gifts, activating your highest potential and life purpose


Guided energy journey to unblock your receiving channels and open to the true support, help and light the universe is working to bring you


Guided energy journey to calm and protect from negativity, fear and heaviness. Plus, shielding you and loved ones and infusing with the energy of pure well-being


Refreshing, restorative full chakra/aura clearing where we also fuel up with “sparkle” and new high vibrational programming – including the higher Ascension chakras


Guided journey to discover, connect
with and learn from your animal guides – enlisting wisdom and support from your totem


Deep dive video workshop and energy healing. Power up for a new beginning! Release the past and deeper causes of limitation for good, and manifest your best life with flow. Use for New Year, Birthdays, New Moons and more.


5  Week Immersive Course

deep dive to “upgrade” your system and open you to your peak experience of love – with others and for yourself.

Attract your ideal partner, step into inner wholeness, manifest your wellness. Experience The Power of Energy Healing, and unlock your true love potential with this profoundly transformative program.




We’re getting married next year!

"We’ve worked through our muck (with your help) and we’re getting married next year!"

- Carly Carrone, Louisiana, USA
Cassady is an old soul

"...born with strong gifts of the spirit, a natural born intuitive healer, multitalented when it comes to working in the spirit realm."

- Hans Christian King, award winning psychic and author
I strongly suggest checking it out

"Cassady has a great program to help with clearing cords and energy. I strongly suggest checking it out"

- Crystal Churchill, Tennessee, USA
A pure soul

"Cassady Cayne is a pure soul whose connection to spirit conveys heart-warming wisdom"

- Matt Kahn, empathic medium, author of ‘Everything Is Here To Help You’
Carried me home

"Thank you Cassady so much for your work and for being such a beautiful soul. Your resource is pure love and light - it’s the one that has 'carried me home'."

- Marlene Veltre, author of “The Simple Seven”
I can really recommend her

“I have got so much help from Cassadys meditations. I can really recommend her. Thank you Cassady❤️”

- Ingrid Nilsson, Gotland, Sweden

My work is all about creating the most major, lasting and enjoyable transformations for you!

As an intuitive energy healer and spiritual channel, I’ve been doing deep dive work for close to 10 years to discover and perfect the most powerful tweaks and shifts that will give you the biggest positive impact.

I’ve seen tens of thousands of people’s lives blossom as a result of the methods and resources I share!

I LOVE seeing people start to shine in their uniqueness when the baggage and limitations slip away, unleashing their true light!

If you’re unsure where to start, ask yourself: Which session you feel the most drawn to right now? That’s your intuition, your soul speaking to you.


Cassady xoxo

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