Free Heart Activation Pack

Unleash Your Heart’s Highest Power

10 Days To Unlock A Deeper State Of Love

• Heart Activation

• 11 Keys To attracting And Keeping True Love

Golden Light Infusion & Activation


A 30 minute channeled, immersive energy transformation session – created specifically and at a reduced rate for this unprecedented time

In this powerful energy journey, we go through:

– Calming and protecting from negativity, fear, stress and tension

– Activating your connection to your higher self

– Releasing you from old “karmic realities” (the dense collective emotions and consciousness of suffering and struggle)

– Cleansing out the static and fear brought from fear and worry rising collectively

– Shielding you and loved ones energetically

– Infusing with golden light (the energy of support, love, being cherished and unconditionally held by the universe – the pure essence of wellness)

The Love Blueprint


Permanently Shift Your “Hardwiring” For Love And Relationships In Just 5 Weeks

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