Tap Into The Power Of A New Year – 5 Keys To Your Best 12 Months Yet!

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Open To The Magic Of New Year Energy – Your Best Next Chapter Is Waiting! The Art Of Tapping Into Positive Momentum, Leaving Old Cycles Behind…

When we move into a new year (or a birthday!), we are tapped into an immense positive momentum of energy… Many people let this slip by without fully utilizing or benefitting from it, so today, let’s look at how YOU can open to the magic of New Year Energy!

Because have you ever wondered why, despite our best intentions, we often find ourselves replaying familiar patterns year after year?
Why do most people experience a slight variation of the same year over and over?

1) Understanding the Cycle of Repetition

It’s a common experience – entering a new year with high hopes and resolutions, only to slip back into old habits and routines.

This cycle can be frustrating and disheartening, but it’s not due to a lack of effort or desire. The root cause often lies deeper, in the very energies and subconscious patterns that we carry within us.

Therefore, when we go in and become aware and deliberately release those inner wounds and blocks, we lift so much higher! We stop repeating old cycles in new guises.

2) Becoming Conscious

Back in 2015, when I had just started my soul-led business and was still at the very beginning of my manifestation journey, my guides suggested something to me.

They showed me to sit down and go through a ritual, to summarize and take stock of each recent year at both New Year and my birthday, and to begin more deliberately planning and staking out course for the coming chapter.

Importantly, it made me aware of so many things that I hadn’t realized I was NOT enjoying, but kept in my life anyway. Things I had been feeling and staying stuck in, due to deeply forgotten negative childhood experiences.

Outworn habits I just hadn’t taken the time to look at, or ineffective approaches to work or daily tools…

And, it highlighted the things that REALLY had made me happy over the course of the year.

Not a traditional goal-setting process, but a true alignment and course-correction with my true joy.

3) The Difference Awareness Makes

At first, I went through it feeling like it wouldn’t make much difference. But the results were self evident.

Over the course of the year, I was more easily able to let go of old patterns and to shift higher. I was also able to more easily call in my true goals.

And not the kind of goals I felt I “should” have, like career growth, but also the little things that brought me so much joy over the course of the year. Like, going on road-trips or horse riding, or other “soul-fuel”…

Which then made all the difference to uplift my energy throughout the year!

Now, I’ve done this process every year since, expanding more and more into my most joyous, soul-led life!

(If you’re not familiar with my manifestation/awakening story, you can have a look here)

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4) Going Beyond Willpower

I had been doing this process in private and never thought to share it with others. But a few years ago, my guides showed me it was time to bring it out for others to benefit from!

We created it as a video workshop, and included deep energy healing around old wounds and the true roots of any negative cycles…

Because it’s NOT just about willpower. If we have childhood wounds or past habits of feeling like nothing ever works out for us, we can’t effectively just force ourselves to push through and push, push, push to excel. 

That’s a very dysfunctional and honestly, toxic masculine form of repression. It tends to magnify the deeper issues, not fix them. 

When we are healed and well, positive change and goal-setting become joyous and easy to follow throughout the year.

NOT a guilt-driven uphill struggle that fizzles out after a few weeks or months… (We’ve all been there, I’m sure!)

5) The Power Of Energy Work

How do we go about clearing the roots of lower cycles and dynamics that you don’t want to carry forward? It’s about healing from within and laying a solid foundation for the change you wish to see in your life.

The most effective way I have seen to do this, as an experienced healer and coach, is energy work! And the great thing is that it’s pain free. It’s not about revisiting suffering. It’s about shining light on what may have been hurt, to truly heal it.

If you’re ready to make a real, tangible shift into a higher chapter of your life, it’s essential to go beyond wishing and intention-setting.

So, are you ready to experience the powerful process my guides showed me?

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This 90-minute on-demand session is SO much more than just a generic New Year’s intention setting exercise.

I can’t wait for you to experience this magical process! (Whoohooo!)

Here is some feedback that’s come in so far:

Experiencing Massive Positive Change

The New Beginnings Ritual Workshop is not just about setting intentions;

  • Deep Energy Clearing: We delve into the subconscious to release lingering blockages and negative cycles, clearing the way for new, positive experiences.
  • Intention Setting with Power: Learn how to set intentions that are aligned with your higher self and backed by the power of clear, positive energy.
  • A Guided Path to Transformation: I will guide you through each step, providing you with the tools and insights to make this your most impactful year yet.

Breaking Free from the Old

Why live another year that’s just a shadow of the previous ones? It’s time to break free from the old patterns and embrace a year of growth, fulfillment, and joy.

The New Beginnings Ritual Workshop is created to help you do just that.

By clearing old energies and setting powerful, conscious intentions, you are paving the way for a year that reflects your true potential and desires.

Let this be the year you break old cycles and your own glass ceiling, and step into a world of new possibilities!

Join me in the New Beginnings Ritual Workshop, and let’s make this year a masterpiece of growth and joy.

Can’t wait to hear what you think!

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