Journeying With Spirit Animals – 7 Keys To Harnessing Their Wisdom

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Discover Who Your “Power Animal” Is And What They Are Working To Teach You! Boosting Your Path With The Help Of Spirit Animals, Opening To Ancient Secrets Of Mastery And The Soul…

Humanity has traveled with the animal kingdom for tens of thousands of years. We have a primeval connection with the animal spirits on the astral realms and beyond since before modern civilization.

And as beings of the earth, the animals are our “brothers and sisters”. We all exist as intricate parts of the whole, the web of life here on Earth.

One of my favorite things since I awakened spiritually, has been to work with the animal guides.

I am so thrilled to be sharing a brand new session where I take you step by step through connecting with, receiving guidance, wisdom and powerful energy gifts from YOUR spirit animals!

Including your “totem”, the animal souls who are journeying with you for life, and your temporary “expert guides” who are with you for particular important learning experiences or projects in your life along the way. (Click here to learn more and take the journey with the animals)

As I worked with the animal spirits on my own journey I was asked to share this session to assist others to do the same. Because the animal messengers are very eager to support and uplift!

Powerful Guides Of Earth And Spirit

On our journey through life it can be an incredible uplifting and magical assistance to call on our natural brothers and sisters from the animal and insect kingdom.

They are incredibly powerful guides to work with, and their soul self always has immense wisdom and clarity for our benefit.

So how do you know what spirit animal is working with you? (Take the Spirit Animal Journey here to find out!)

Discovering Your Totem, Your “Spirit Animal Tribe”

Just like every single person on earth has a guardian angel who has agreed to watch over them through their human life until they return to the other side, we have a “totem” of spirit animals who have agreed to do the same.

Before we were born our soul and theirs agreed to journey together.

Your “totem animals” are the animal souls who agreed to journey with you in life and “give” you certain strengths, gifts and propensities in life – as well as importantly reflecting your gifts, tendencies and lessons back to you.

If your totem involves the hawk or owl, for example, your life purpose likely involves wisdom, intellect, strategy and quick-wittedness, and you may be working as a communicator of wisdom on a large scale.

You likely have a powerful intellect, even if that’s not a “normal” trait in your family.

Your Expert Team Of Wisdom And Support…

If your totem includes Lion, your qualities and strengths involve courage, generosity and standing up for what you believe in – you have a somewhat royal bearing and an inner calm, as well as a willingness to defend those weaker than you.

As a “lion person” your life purpose would most likely involve situations where honor and standing up for what is right, is central. You would be a courageous person, and expressive.

What Animals May Be Joining You In Important Times?

Aside from our “totem” who are with us for life, we have temporary animal spirits joining our path with support and insight for important periods and transitions of our life.

– If you are going through a tough breakup, bull or polar bear may join you to lend you strength and support to feel less alone and to make it through a difficult time.

– If you have just received an opportunity to speak in front of a big audience, you may have rooster or hummingbird working with you to help you stay in a light energy and speak your authentic truth.

– If you just lost someone, butterfly will be showing up on your path as a messenger to help you know how loved you are, and that the person is safe and sound on the other side.

As you see the animal spirits are always at work in our lives – but when we consciously open up, the benefits increase. We learn from them, they support us and we can gain important insights about ourselves and our life purpose from working with them.

The Gifts Of The Shaman – Journeying Beyond…

In ancient shamanic societies, the healer shaman would work with all of nature in trance states and astral journeys to bring wisdom and benefit back to their tribe.

In our day and age, we are all beginning to awaken more and more to our spiritual connection and with the oneness of nature.

– Do you want to unlock your journey to a state of deeper satisfaction and meaning?
– Do you want to support earth and nature in a challenging era, and to help humanity treat the planet with more care and respect?
– Do you want to reach higher into your potential in life?
– Do you want to heal from past hurts, even physical illness?
– Do you want to attract your divine partner or heal an existing love connection?
– Do you want to step into greater abundance and thrive with life?


Working with the spirit animal kingdom can help you with all this.

Remember, you are never alone. We never were.

Throughout our lives here on earth, we are surrounded by the wisdom of nature and the love and support working to reach us from the natural kingdom.


How We Can Help The Whole…

Above all, the animal spirits want us to know that when we heal, we help the whole.

When we bring love into our lives, we uplift the planet. When we become conscious, we bring greater harmony to the whole of earth and every being who lives here.

As they help and support us, they benefit in return.

  • And please share in the comments, what animal have you always had a strong connection to?
  • And who would you like to know more about in future articles?


As always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey x <3

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