5 Mindfulness Shifts – For When Challenges Threaten To Derail Your Day

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Stuck In Traffic? Conflict At Work? Kids Throwing Tantrums Or The Dog Staining Your Top Just Before Leaving The House? Take A Deep Breath And Check These Mindfulness Shifts

Sometimes it’s easier said than done to stay in a space of peace and positivity. When challenges show up, they can take us on a rocket ride down a downward spiral… Unless we shift and stay conscious in the moment.

If we don’t take charge of our mindset, someone unsuspecting can be the target of our anger, rage, sadness, or any other unintended outward expression – and it can make a big mess of our alignment, manifestations and our wellbeing.

So, what can we do to deal with triggers, in those moments where we feel truly tested by challenges, mishaps and everyday stress?

Below are some easy things you can do to practice mindfulness every day from real life scenarios:

Everyday Challenge #1 – Irritation

Irritation can set in over so many common incidences. Whether it’s kids causing problems, pets breaking something or delays, this is one of the most hit upon challenges we face. Say you’re on your way to work, and you’ve hit traffic. Especially if you’re already running late,  panic and frustration starts to set in. Remember that you always have a choice. You truly can decide and CHOOSE to not let it get to you. To make the best of the situation, no matter how bothersome it is. To not let emotions be the boss of you.

Mindfulness Solution # 1: Change your state!

And to do this, it helps to re-direct: What can you do to make the best of this? Can you try to laugh it off? Can you take some deep breaths and plough through? Do you have a motivating podcast? A favorite playlist? Do you have a presentation for work you can practice reciting in the car? The alternative – if you let anger fill you, it only makes things worse and it sets the mood for the entire day. Choose to shift in the moment, and you can still have a good day even after a challenge!

women in disagreementEveryday Challenge #2  – Disagreements

You’ve had a disagreement with a friend or a family member, and they’ve offended you or hurt your feelings. I think we’ve all been in this situation at one time or another. It can be hard, you want to stand your ground (or stick to your point) – and you are hurt. But what if you took a moment to step back, calmed your mind, and pushed your ego to the side?

Mindfulness Solution #2: Take a higher perspective!

Look at the person you’re disagreeing with, and see your relationship instead. See the other person with nothing but love, kindness, and understanding. Now is the time to choose – do you continue to prove your point, or do you choose to release the conflict so that you can allow yourself to experience a higher version of this situation? Do you come to them with love and understanding – explaining things calmly? The key is to catch yourself, and take ego and conflict out of the situation. Remember that we all ultimately want the same thing – to be loved and appreciated.

Everyday Challenge #3  – Jealousy 

This is one no one wants to admit to, but it’s very common. Jealousy, or the inability to be genuinely happy for someone else’s merit. It could be a new car, new job, promotion, scheduled vacation, exciting life event – wedding, baby, engagement, etc.

Mindfulness Solution #3: Lead with love

Just because someone else has what you want, doesn’t mean YOU can’t have it too! Use it as inspiration. Feel into what it would be like if YOU had this. And open to the feeling of joy and excitement! You need to face that jealousy is your hang-up, not the other person’s. Jealousy is the illusion that we are being blocked from good, when someone else gets it. This is actually untrue because the universe WANTS all of us to be happy – but maybe your friend was aligned with it and you weren’t… If so, MAKE your alignment match those desires. DO the inner work to make it happen! (This session helps you with just that)

Everyday Challenge #4 – Stress

Stressed out? Life can be full of challenges, busy-ness, overwhelm, demands on our time and effort and energy… So it’s crucial to know how to deal with it, before it drags you into a spiral of negativity. 

Mindfulness Solution #4: Center yourself, slow down…

When you notice stress building, take a minute to close your eyes, breathe deeply, relax your muscles and reset. This can work miracles if you just remember to do it in the moment. And in addition, if you take some time to go within regularly, this will make it easier to deal with stress even in those moments where “everything goes wrong”. Simply take a few minutes to close your eyes, and let your thoughts float away even if just for a few minutes daily. It reduces tension, stress and physical ailments as you give your body the chance to reset, and your energy to replenish. And you will actually find yourself attracting more flow and LESS stress as a result. All it takes is a few minutes daily to get started. 

Everyday Challenge #5 – Junk Food Temptations

As tasty as it may be, junk food can wreck havoc on our bodies, mental state and energy. Because so much of it is full of sugar, refined carbohydrates and fat, it creates a big spike in your body’s processes and energy – and then a huge subsequent crash. And junk food is sorely lacking in nutrients, vitamins and minerals that help the body and all its processes including emotional balancing. So it tends to feel great in the moment but cause later comedowns. Plus, you’ll likely notice feelings of shame, guilt and self criticism accompanying it…

Mindfulness Solution #5: Drink some water and consider what you can eat that’s better for you

And what’s causing the craving? Are you stressed? Sad? Hormonal? Are you actually more thirsty than hungry? If you can manage the urge in the moment, you’ll reap big benefits. When we fill our body with good, whole nutrients – it performs the way it’s supposed to. Which means you feel amazing, have more energy, more patience, better cognitive function, and you spread that joy and light to whoever you come in contact with! My top tip is to make sure you always have a healthy snack around, so you can have that to alleviate hunger until you’re full enough to make a wise choice about what to eat next. Organic almonds, a banana or a smoothie made with powdered organic greens are perfect examples of this. 

Withstanding Life’s Tribulations To Thrive 

As the saying goes, you can’t tame the waves – but you can learn to surf!

Ultimately life is full of “tests” when you’re working to embody your highest and stay in a healthy state, aligned with attracting and manifesting.

But keeping these simple shifts in mind, can make all the difference.

There is no one way to practice mindfulness. View mindfulness as a whole! Every little mindful act you make, helps the universe conspire around you for your betterment!  


And, to cleanse out old heaviness and congestion, recalibrate your energy and make it EASIER to stay on track with your positive habits, have a look here. I take you through a powerful session to embody more light and call in positivity. 


And do share in the comments, what are YOUR favourite mindfulness shifts to use in challenging moments?

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