Opening  to  Universal
Love  &  Support

Open your receiving channels to have unconditional love and guidance wherever you go

30 minute, Immersive transformational journey with
432HZ high frequency music

Enlist the universe’s step by step support for your life, no matter what’s happened before
Discover and clear the core blocks that keep most people in struggle and problems
Call in your ideal most blissful life, activate your highest life path

Live  Your  Highest  Path

Unlock Your most blissful life.

Since the day you were born, the universe has been working to reach you. To talk to you, guide you, love you… to help you live your highest path. Your most blissful life.

But you may have been unable to fully receive that love and support trying to reach you, like so many of us are. So in this session, I take you through opening up again.

We are meant to go through our existence supported by that light – to be in essence in an effortless, happy, flowing, blissful state. That is our natural state as souls. Infinitely supported. Infinitely loved.

However, in our human lives most of us end up taking on beliefs, emotions and programming from society, family and peers that block that flow of light and love. So in this session we go though cleansing and recalibrating you and your reality field and path to a higher state.

So you can shift out of the “life is hard” version of existence, and into the “sparkle, love and light” state of effortless flow and support!


Do you want to feel like life runs smoothly and happens *for you* rather than an endless uphill journey?
Have you been feeling like your path has too much struggle, not enough enjoyment?
Do you feel like your wishes and prayers may be going unmet or things are taking too long?
Do you need more abundance, help, support, friends, love, appreciation in your life?
Do you want more fun, light and “magic” on your journey?

The session will help you with this and more…

I reveal what’s really going on when we feel lost and like divine support just isn’t arriving.
What causes us to unconsciously block the help that the universe is really working to bring?
How do you know what messages and support the universe is working to bring YOU?
What approach can you take moving forward, to never slip back into struggle and problems again?

Discover this and so much more in the session…

Unlock your most blissful path

In addition to the powerful energy work we take you through, this channeled session is set to 432hz music, which is often called “Nature’s Healing Frequency”…

Known to ease anxiety, bring down heart rate and blood pressure, and generally have a soothing effect, promoting a sense of peace and well being.

It is said to assist the body and our energy flow to harmonize and function better, even assisting the release and transmutation of negativity.

How you will feel afterwards

Refreshed, uplifted, optimistic – like a ton of bricks have been shifted out of your field!

Over time, perhaps even overnight – that often happens – major positive shifts will begin to “pop into” your reality as the blocks have been cleared. People, resources, opportunities, appreciation showing up “out of nowhere” because you are now a match to it!

I'm engaged!

“If it weren’t for you and your guidance and meditations I wouldn’t be where I am now, engaged to my twin flame. Thank you so much ❤”

– Jessica

“Thank you. You have no idea how much you have helped me.”

– Ariella
I'm feeling so much better!

“Thank you I am doing your last session and am feeling every day better and better.”

– Belicta
Feeling truly peaceful

““Thank you Cassady for your beautiful work. Finally feeling truly peaceful. Keep shining, beautiful soul” ”

– Azalea

About  Cassady

bestselling spiritual author, lightworker and intuitive healer

With an academic background in psychology and history, Cassady’s unexpected spiritual awakening connected her with the love and support of the universe. Since launching her blog 5 short years ago, Cassady’s work has gone on to reach millions of readers worldwide. After receiving the direct guidance, support and love of the universe changed Cassady’s life beyond recognition, she now wants to share that help with others.

Through channeled writing, guidance and healing sessions, Cassady’s work focuses on empowering people to unlock their divine purpose, connect with their intuition and live their highest path…

Frequently Asked Questions

Is energy healing for me? What can I gain from this?
Everything in this universe is energy – us included! So when we shift our energy, we can ultimately change our lives, relationships, finances – anything inside and around us. I would recommend energy work to every single person on the planet for that reason. With energy healing tools we can literally remove any negative charges that have been creating struggle, lack and limitations – both in our love relationships and your life in general. Clearing negativity will actually lift your set point vibration over time, aligning you more and more with positivity and abundance in all ways. So put simply – energy clearing tools can help you in every way you can imagine! My sessions are designed to help you create the life of your dreams!
I’ve tried other meditations and sessions before and they didn’t work - what makes this different?
Many meditations or courses will give you relaxation, or information and answers but don’t actually have the capability to change things around in a practical real life way. That’s why my sessions are so different and why I’m so passionate about energy work – with these methods we actually re-wire your being, clear out old blocks, remove permanently the negativity that’s been clogging up your system. It’s not just theory – it works on a practical level. What really sets my work apart is, I don’t just tell you information – I take you step by step through eradicating negative energy programming, blocks and issues and instil within you new positive energy programming to uplift you for good. We radically recalibrate your system so that you’ll get real life tangible results that last!
What if my life is OK already? Will I still benefit from this? 

Yes, absolutely! If your life is already pretty good, you probably stand to gain the biggest value. You’ll be able to truly take things to the next level! I can promise you one thing: you WILL learn new techniques that allow you to go beyond what you thought was possible! So if you want MORE of the good stuff, this is absolutely the right choice for you! Plus, mastering and uplifting your energy will also give you more vitality in general, more zest for life, more happiness and this will lead to incredibly positive changes in all areas of your life. If you’re still unsure, try the Free Heart Activation session and experience the kind of work I do – at no cost.
Do I need any prior knowledge or experience in energy healing to do this?
No! You just need yourself and an open mind. I guide you through everything step by step. You can easily listen and read anytime you want. It’s easy and hassle-free, so simply enjoy and have fun with it!
How can I find out if this will benefit me?
Ask yourself what your intuition is “saying”. Do you feel excited, tingly, optimistic, light and sparkly about doing this? That’s your soul, your intuition communicating about what will be best for you. If you’re still unsure, try my Free Heart Activation Session so you get to begin to feeling the tangible effects of energy healing before you move further.
Will this work affect other people in my life?
Absolutely! This is one of the biggest benefits to working on our energy – when we shift into a higher state, we draw out different kinds of interactions and dynamics with others. Other people are always responding to our energy, and when we’re in a high vibrational state we experience more harmony and ease with others, and with our life’s circumstances. The ancient saying “as within, so without” truly does apply – when we are at peace, whole within, in light and love, we attract an outer mirror to that inner positivity. Even if we had issues previously.
Can I pay in installments?
Yes, absolutely! Simply check out through PayPal and you’ll get the option to pay over time via their system. It’s 100% safe and secure, and they help you set it up.


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