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Discover Which High Vibrational Food And Drinks Have The Power To Uplift Your Energy, Fuelling You With Positivity! Plus, Learn The Biggest Mistake To Avoid…

Today I’m covering a subject a lot of you have been asking about – “Is there such a thing as high vibrational food? If so, which ones are most beneficial – what food should I avoid? Which foods will help me raise my vibration?”

The answer is yes – but there’s a lot more to it than that! Let me explain.

The first thing is to remember about being in a “high vibrational” state – being in flow, light, love and positive energy, is that it’s not just about food!

When Food Isn’t Enough…

Your body, mind and emotions carry a lot of energy programming that can weigh you down – and food in itself won’t resolve deep inner wounds from childhood, insecurity issues and so on.

So if you’re not already doing your “inner work” and dealing with healing past hurts and learning about your own system and programming, that’s a much more powerful way to shift.

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Having said that, there are a number of “high vibrational food types” and they can be a great addition to your life. But before I share which ones they are, I have to give a few general tips because high vibrational food in itself won’t fix you if these other areas of life are out of balance.

6 Foundational Keys To Keep In Mind


Foundational Key #1) You are an individual and your system is unique, so always follow your intuition on what serves YOU best!


Don’t torture yourself over food, because it will only cause stress and negative emotions – which actually hurts your body. It CAN be OK to eat ice cream or pizza! Sometimes, it might be just what you need to feel better. Your system craves fat at times, or minerals which it signals as a craving for salt, or even vitamins, which it can signal as a craving for sugar. Learn to interpret your own body’s signals.


Foundational Key #2) Drink enough water!

The human body needs a lot of fluids to perform all of its tasks and so if we don’t drink enough water, we can end up feeling tired or out of sorts, and a host of other things. So drinking enough water will provide a solid foundation – it also helps you stay in a high vibration. Dehydration makes your body cranky and out of sorts, which lowers your vibration…


Foundational Key #3) Get enough sleep.

Again, your body needs fuel to perform its tasks, and as your body is your vehicle in physical life you won’t be in a consistently high vibration if you don’t get enough rest.


Foundational Key #4) Love yourself.

It may sound crazy but as mammals, it is hardwired biologically into us to want and need love. When we can love and care for ourselves, it creates a stable and positive foundation which unifies our energy and helps us step out of fear, worry and need. It’s a powerful way to lift your vibration!


Foundational Key #5) Get gentle exercise.

Exercise in some form is essential to the body. It is created to move. So even if you can just go for a stroll around the block, physical motion helps keep all the body’s processes – including energy levels – in flow.


Foundational Key #6) Connect with pure high vibrational energy

(Get started with my Free Heart Activation Session or go deeper with the Love Blueprint Coaching Program here) – You’ll feel once we do this work, that high vibrational food may be a great addition but really, high vibrational energy is available to you “on tap” whenever you want or need it!


Avoiding Food Obsessions…

Now you know these keys, you have the solid basis for a high vibrational state. To be in flow and your peak state. And so now, food becomes a nice addition to your lifestyle! Don’t ignore the above keys, as guidance was very specific on this.

Again, food can’t fix you if you’re not getting any sleep or are repressing anger or trauma, and so on. Use your intuition.

And another point from guidance – make sure you don’t obsess over food. Obsessing and guilt/shame about not adhering to specific “rules” will lower your vibration more than the food can make up for!

You don’t want your life to revolve around what you put in your mouth – unless you’re a chef or in the food industry! Having a balanced diet that supports your unique body’s system is key.


General Insights For High Vibrational Food…

So for high vibrational food – in general, organic food is the best choice, and stay away from too much sugar and fructose overall.

Sugar and fructose/fruit is very sugary if you eat a lot of it, and although it gives an initial high, it can create problems for the body over time if you consume in excess.

If you feel cravings for sugar or sweet fruit, it can be an indication of candida overgrowth, which means you’d benefit from actually limiting fruit in your diet and instead taking  probiotics for balance. Read more here.

20 High Vibrational Food Types:


#1 Coconut – exceptionally high vibrational! You may get benefits from using coconut oil on your body too. But remember to buy environmentally friendly products, as there’s a footprint…

#2 Kale – full of vitamins, minerals and has a grounding and strengthening energy. It’s also great for smoothies, salads and easy to incorporate into foods. (If you’re too busy to use raw kale, have a look at this powder which I often use on the go)

#3 Mango – nourishing and revitalizing, best when fully ripe

#4 Edible flowers – there is a variety of edible flowers out there, their effect is subtle but potent, for best results take your time and focus on enjoyment and appreciation when consuming

#5 Papaya – energizing and great for your digestion (has powerful enzymes)

#6 Green tea (decaffeinated is best) – cleansing, energizing and grounding, helps you focus into your body and your presence, anchoring your energy into your body

#7 Sage – known as a purifier, sage is a grounding and comforting herb to use in cooking

#8 Berries – raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and more are high in antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins. They have a revitalizing and often uplifting energy

#9 Camu camu – full of antioxidants, and supportive energetically

#10 Cacao – Cacao has been used in sacred ceremonies since ancient times, and carries powerful energies of mastery, connecting to self as soul and opening the third eye (of course it won’t randomly do this if you eat some cacao at lunch in the office, but when used consciously it can have powerful effects)

#11 Cinnamon – cinnamon is known for its powerful antioxidant, antibacterial effects and energetically it’s uplifting, helping to anchor your presence into your body

#12 Cardamom – cardamom is another spice used since ancient times in ceremonies and rituals, it has a warming effect and can be felt as heart opening (again, it won’t push this on you when sprinkled on your morning coffee, but when used consciously it assists in this – especially over time)

#13 Olive oil – Since ancient times olive oil has been honored for its numerous uses. Full of antioxidants and healthy fats, it’s also comforting and uplifting energetically.

#14 Fresh citrus fruitsFresh lemons, oranges, limes and grapefruits that have ripened in the sun are refreshing and revitalizing both physically and energetically

#15 Green beans – these healthy sprouts are balancing, grounding and give a feeling of support

#16 Carrots – again, as an earth-grown food, carrot (plus a lot of other root vegetables) are balancing, grounding and very healthy

#17 Honey – it is no accident that honey was known as the nectar of the gods! Full of highly potent nutrients, honey is full of vitality and high vibrational energy (preferably if the bees have been treated well, of course!)

#18 Coffee – Even decaffeinated coffee is full of antioxidants, vitality and health benefits. When drunk in moderation it’s supportive, revitalizing and high vibrational.

#19 Avocado

#20 Basil and other fresh herbs

#21 Organic super Greens including spirulina, wheatgrass, moringa and more… These are packed full of nutrients and vitamins, which gives them their name “super greens”. On the vibrational level they are supportive, encouraging and gentle yet firm. (Here is my favorite organic powdered super green mix – which is ideal for office use, travel and on the go smoothies)

General Tips On High Vibration Diet


In general, most organic fruits are high vibrational when grown naturally – seasonal food is also more high vibrational, as it’s ripened in nature rather than in a warehouse or in a container on its way across an ocean…

Remember your body needs grounding too because it’s in the physical world, so don’t just focus on the lighter foods. Balance is important.

Heavier foods can be needed sometimes, to provide anchoring, comfort and solidity.

Porridge is an easy and healthy way to help your body feel grounded, and can be used with some of the high vibrational food above!

Do remember we are all here to function in the physical world, so listen to your body and your intuition. Food is meant to fuel you to live fully, your life isn’t meant to revolve around diet (unless your path deals with that as a career choice).


My Big Mistake With “One Size Fits All” Food Info


Remember NOT to follow fads – including these foods in the article – if it goes against any allergies or sensitivities you may have.

Everyone is different, and so it can be toxic to force a “standard approach” onto the body.

My worst setbacks in health came when I tried using the standard approach. For examples, I read in health magazines years ago that lots of fruit and flax seeds were amazing – but personally, it made me feel terrible!

Ultimately, health and well-being is available to us all – but the recipe for it is different for everyone!

Listen to YOUR intuition. Diet and lifestyle is a work in progress – and remember, what’s good in one period may change in another. So listen to your body and your system as you go along. THAT’s when you begin to truly reap benefits.

Your own intuition and guidance will help you when you pay attention.

I hope you enjoyed this article, do let me know in the comments what you think, if you have suggestions – or if you have further questions!

PS: craving for sugar or sugary fruit isn’t usually intuition, it’s addiction or Candida. Again, have a look here for more info on Candida. I personally recommend and take probiotics, as well as regular energy work.


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