A Complete Guide to the 7 Chakra System

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Discover The Secrets Of The Chakras, And How To Unlock Their Power To Live A More Fulfilling And Happy Life!

Today, let’s embark on a mystical journey into the spiritual legacy of ancient India, exploring the age-old concept of chakras…

Originating over 2,500 years ago in the ancient Vedas, the term ‘chakra’ translates to ‘wheel’ in Sanskrit, referring to spinning wheels of energy within us that define our emotions, thoughts, and very soul.

This spiritual concept resonated across cultures, finding a home within Buddhist practices and eventually modern spirituality, evolving into essential elements of meditation, yoga, and healing therapies.

You’re innately linked to this timeless wisdom!


What Happens When Chakras Get Blocked…

Because your chakras function as communication points between your spiritual self and the physical world. When you wish to manifest something into reality, this process also flows through your chakra system, from your crown into your root chakra and the physical world. 

Therefore, it is crucial to ensure the chakras are clear and open, as otherwise the flow of energy can get blocked along the way.

When this happens, due to stuck emotions, lower patterns of fear, insecurity or old trauma, our manifestations and the flow of light and love gets hampered. 

This is why clearing your chakras is one of the most fast and dramatically effective ways to manifest! (Because likely, your manifestation IS on its way to you, it’s just been held back by blockages on the way). 

So let’s discover more about each chakra and their role in your life!


Starting from the base of your spine:

THE ROOT CHAKRA (Muladhara) is like your life’s anchor, offering stability and grounding. Just as a sturdy tree requires care to flourish, this chakra too needs nurturing through calming walks or moments of reflection to keep it balanced and harmonious. 

Blockages in the root chakra deal with survival, finances and safety.

Often, we carry fears and limits around these subjects from our ancestors, or it can be absorbed via society’s fear focus. If you wish to manifest something into physical reality, it is essential to make sure your root chakra is clear and vibrating in a high enough frequency to receive the manifestation tangibly. 

For example, if you wish to manifest abundance, but are carrying a lot of fear around scarcity and even poverty, it is essential to clear out these lower patterns in order to open you up to your desire for ease with money and prosperity. 

THE SACRAL CHAKRA (Svadhishthana), radiating a vivid orange from below the belly button, encourages creativity, emotional expression, and sexual energy. It’s like the soul’s art studio, aiding in colorizing your life. To stimulate this chakra, consider a dance, a romantic dinner, or delving into a beloved hobby.

Blockages in the sacral chakra deal with sexuality, creativity and power. 

Often, we carry primal unconscious emotions in this chakra, which prevent us from feeling safe to express our truth openly and to flow potential into the physical. Sexual blocks – whether under-activity or over-activity – always deal with the sacral chakra. 

In order to fully shine as your authentic self, it’s key to cleanse and uplift your sacral chakra from a state of primal fear and contraction, into feeling safe to be open and relaxed. 

THE SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA (Manipura) rests in your upper abdomen, embodying personal power and confidence like a radiant yellow sun. It’s the captain steering your spiritual ship. Recharge it with positive affirmations, uplifting music, or a brisk walk when you find yourself wavering.

Blockages in the solar plexus chakra deal with either over-or-under-activity, and it is common for conflict patterns and feeling opposed by others to be located here.

If you feel tired a lot or as if your effort doesn’t make a difference, look to the solar plexus to figure out what is going on in this deeper aspect of self. 

The Solar plexus is where we process the energy of “self vs other”, so if we are experiencing problems with other people, this is where to look. A healthy way to process energy in the solar plexus, is through action, physical activities, inventiveness and exercise.

THE HEART CHAKRA (Anahata), lies at the center of your chest, symbolizing love and compassion. This chakra, in shades of fresh spring green, manages not only romantic love but also the affection you hold for friends, family, pets, and most importantly, yourself.

Blockages in the heart chakra deal with wounding in love, which have made us shut our heart in self-protection. These blockages are not necessarily romantically related, but can deal with feeling unloved or unappreciated as a child. 

The heart chakra is meant to radiate the energy of love, so if we are feeling lacklustre, unexcited by life, or as if we don’t fully connect with others, these are sure signs that there are issues we need to address in the heart chakra.

When the heart chakra is clear and radiating light and love, we feel brimming with positivity and enthusiasm, and life tends to flow with ease. Above all, our relationships with ourselves and others – including strangers, colleagues and society in general – tend to feel harmonious and we attract positive responses and experiences. 

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THE THROAT CHAKRA, or Vishuddha, is a vibrant blue center of communication located at the throat, serving as a conduit between the heart and mind. It emphasizes both self-expression and the importance of listening, ensuring clarity, understanding, and genuine relationships. Representing one’s voice in the world, it encompasses verbal and artistic avenues of expression. If you ever feel misunderstood or stifled, tending to this chakra can restore balance, ensuring authentic expression and deep connection with others.

Blockages in the throat chakra deal with self expression, so if we have felt ignored, shut down or ridiculed in the past, or other communication wounds… They are stuck in the throat chakra, preventing the full flow of light and positivity. 

Someone who has throat chakra blockages is often on edge when it comes to communicating their truth with others and the world, find themselves being misunderstood a lot or as if no one really listens to them. These wounds often stem from childhood. 

It is essential to clear and resolve these old wounds and blocks in the throat chakra, as this energy center is all about expressing our true light and speaking and writing our desires into fruition. 

THE THIRD EYE/BROW CHAKRA (Ajna), an indigo energy center between your eyes, is your inner wisdom’s repository. It provides insight and intuition, guiding you beyond the ordinary. Reconnecting with this chakra through meditation or journaling can aid in clarity when confusion arises.

Blockages in the brow chakra/third eye deal with visioning and perceiving potential. When there are blockages here, we often feel like we cannot “see” how our desire can possibly come to fruition, or we only perceive problems and limits. In short, we tend to feel hopeless and weighed down when this chakra is blocked. 

The third eye can often get congested by lower energies from society, such as social media “static”, or watching the news and being affected by fearful perceptions of danger in society. 

In order to live joyously and manifest our true desires, it is crucial to become aware of blockages in the brow chakra and cleanse them so we can perceive true divine potential. 

A person whose third eye is clear and open, is enthusiastic and can perceive wonderful possibilities ahead. They are also easily guided and perceive intuitive solutions and steps to take to make their dreams a reality.

THE CROWN CHAKRA (Sahasrara), sitting atop your head, represents your connection to the cosmos, glowing in a celestial white or violet. This chakra is your spiritual hotline, fostering a sense of unity with the universe and promoting a deeper understanding of existence. A quiet moment of meditation or a serene walk can rekindle this connection when needed.

Blockages in the crown chakra deal with our connection with the universe and our higher selves (our spiritual essence). 

When the crown chakra is blocked, it tends to cause a feeling of being unsupported by the divine,
or as if all is hopeless in the world. This chakra often carries inherited blocks from ancestry, based in shame and guilt from religion and feeling as if the divine will punish us or is angry or demanding. 

Having blocks in the crown chakra tends to mean we feel cut off from spiritual guidance and support, so it is essential to resolve these limitations and stuck energies.

Someone whose crown chakra is clear, open and luminous is effortlessly in touch with their higher wisdom. They are at peace and easily able to stay in forgiveness and see others and themselves through the eyes of unconditional love.

True enlightenment means living with a clear and open crown chakra, the “thousand petalled lotus sun” which connects us to the divine cosmos every moment. 


Now you know a bit more about your chakra system, and where there may be some work needed for you to lift into your highest potential and path ahead. 

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Ultimately, chakras are universal, not just reserved for yogis or mystics. They offer keys to unlock aspects of yourself yet undiscovered.

This guide merely scratches the surface. Your journey with chakras may continue through meditation, yoga, or simply living consciously.

Embrace your chakras; they’ve been waiting for you.

With love and light,


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