Are you truly happy with your current situation?

Is love a joy for you?

Do you feel deeply satisfied, appreciated, blissfully connected and in mutual trust with your partner?

If not, there are steps you can take to uplift your love connection, no matter where you’re at right now. When we transform and upgrade your Love Blueprint, we profoundly shift what you attract back from others.

And this works whether you’re already in a relationship or are looking for a partner (or even if you’ve given up the hope of finding true love).


In my work, I take you through transforming all the deepest core blocks to love:

From negative ancestral programming

To physical body blocks and feelings of unworthiness

To childhood trauma

And past lovers who might still be attached to you and are blocking you from being “available” to love with someone new

And so much more…

And we build up new, positive programming, creating a magnetic state to love – even if you’re already with a partner we’ll draw out a new and higher dynamic between you.


I also know that life is busy, and “self improvement” can be time-consuming and sometimes frankly … kind of boring!

So I was very deliberate in taking everything I learned from coaching and working on energy for thousands of people…


Everything in the universe – us included – is energy! And so energy work is instant and intention-based – and we all can do this work to reap major results.

When you go along with the guidance in the sessions, you(r higher self) and the universe are making the shifts happen!

It’s intention-based, belief-based. Again, the universe and everything in it is not solid but energy in motion. Us included! That’s a scientific fact. Everything is composed of sub-atomic particles vibrating at particular frequencies. They have an “electrical charge”. What we do in the sessions is neutralize and recalibrate the “distorted”, heavy and toxic vibrations that have gotten dense, stuck, or blocked. And we bring in pure high vibrational energy in its stead.

As a being of energy, your intention makes shifts happen instantaneously on that level!

I’ve done research on the most effective, powerful shifts and techniques for years, so the results you get from my work is ultra-powerful and shifts massive amounts of heaviness in a short space of time – without the hard “releasing” and “purging” that so many modalities involve.

I’ve seen so many people take the journey from beaten down and hopeless, to enjoying blossoming blissful love both within themselves and with a partner by clearing their energy!

(Even if it’s the same partner they had as when they began the sessions).

It’s the biggest thrill I experience in my work!




I want you to know you truly can have a satisfying, mutually blissful love relationship no matter what’s happened before. And you can change things more than you ever believed possible.

I’ve seen how incredibly powerful metaphysical energy work and transformative soul coaching is, even across a vast distance! (I’ve coached people from as varied places as the United States to Australia, The UK to Japan to Canada and more!)


Once someone resolves early life wounds, begins working on their energy and their attachment programming – their relationships dramatically change.

They begin attracting new kinds of interactions with others, experience more harmony and lightness in life. And their relationship with THEMSELVES improves so much too!

But I know coaching sessions can be expensive, so I really wanted to create something that’s exactly like working with me one on one, but at a more affordable price! To discover more,


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or Explore My Range Of Single Journey Energy Clearing Sessions



Set the intention that you are open and willing to receive these healings and shift out of anything that has held you back, and that you are ready to start your journey afresh from a new place of positivity.