Guidance From The Universe, Part 2

Tap Into Gentle Wisdom And Support With 7 Guided High Vibrational Messages From The Universe… Today, Learn A Fast Shift Into “Miracles”

Over the coming weeks on the blog I’ll be sharing some channeled messages from the Universe!

These have not been shared elsewhere – so if you’ve read my book “The Universe Speaks, Are You Listening?” these will be completely new for you!

Today, discover the Universe’s message on manifestation, alignment and attraction. A “recipe” and easy shift you can make RIGHT NOW to invite in more light, positive manifestations and love into your life!



“What is your soul trying to push you into taking a chance on right now? When you feel “inexplicably” drawn to something, whether a person a place or an experience, your soul is trying to tell you something…

To open up to amazingness, I have a little exercise for you.

Just for fun (so that ego doesn’t get involved with cynicism or skepticism), consider this:

IF a miracle were to happen in your life today, what would it be like? What would be happening? How would you feel? What area of your life would be uplifted?

Allowing yourself to play with this is like having a secret superpower – it takes the pressure off and open to possibilities. This fun little exercise helps you open up, lift your alignment, and invite in more “magic”.

This exercise helps you open to receiving good and allowing it into your life. Remember, I’m always “listening” and working to support you!


The Universe”


the universe speaks are you listening

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