7 Things To Give Up For A Happier Love Life

What if the Most Powerful Thing Was to Let Go?

Our Instincts Usually Tell us to Seek More and More Insights, Answers and Explanations to Make Everything OK…

But it can lead us into complication, confusion and entrenched issues. So today I’m taking you a different route to a happier and smoother journey…

Sometimes shifting our perspective can release and open up to new shifts. Moving around any resistance we’ve built in.

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Giving Up These 7 Things Can Dramatically Improve Your Love Life


Everyone’s journey unfolds at their own pace. If your partner or desired lover isn’t getting your perspective, don’t be mad at them – help them understand. Explain things calmly and be open to different perspectives.

We live in a society that teaches us that the world is divided into clear “right” and “wrong” but the truth is everyone sees the world through their unique lens based on their experiences and background. In relationships, fighting to be “right” will only create more and more conflict.

I grew up with parents who focused on this and they were constantly arguing, still I hear them debating silly things like who was to blame for buying the wrong kind of potatoes at the grocery store. Conflict is a foundational pattern that affects our relationships so much.

For a happy love connection, be willing to allow for different perspectives. It’s OK to disagree sometimes. And when we allow others space for their opinions, they tend to be a lot more open to adjusting and finding the best SHARED ways of doing things. Be a team, not opponents.

Complaints and blame only serve to reinforce more negativity.

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“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”- Dr Wayne Dyer


The Now Moment is the only truth – past and future are constructs, they only truly exist in the mind.

Many people unwittingly keep negative love and relationship cycles around by thinking about the past, holding onto old grudges, old hurt and staying in outdated modes of thinking.

Letting go of the past allows you to step into new joy.

Holding onto the past lowers your vibration and holds you back from the happy harmonious love and romance you desire. Forgiveness and moving away from focusing on the past can powerfully change things for the better.

I know that it’s not always easy, but have a look at this article on forgiveness for some helpful perspectives on how to let go of old hurt in a way that serves you. Remember that you don’t have to let hurt happen again, but release yourself from the past events and feelings so you don’t unwittingly keep that negative energy around.

Clearing cords and attachments can free up your journey so much and makes it easier to step into forgiveness.

In the Free Heart Activation session I take you through we go through clearing negative attachments and healing old wounds in order to remove any negative pull on your energies and emotions.


You are here to live your unique journey, not to repeat other people’s experiences

We are all here uniquely make a new story, to evolve the human experience and conception of love.

Other people’s previous experiences and opinions mostly get in the way of this – releasing beliefs around love and relationships can create huge shifts for the better.

Through family/friends, popular culture and hearsay most of us have been told things like: “Men are only after one thing”, “Marriages don’t last”, “Men always cheat”, “Women only love you for your money” and so on and so forth. Our culture is full of limiting and hurtful belief structures around love.

We are all here with a unique soul signature, where our heart’s “wiring” to a particular form of love makes us an ideal fit with another person whose signature resonates with ours – a “soul mate”. Inside, you have a perfect “recipe” for your “perfect” unique journey and relationship. Go within and tune into your soul’s knowing.

I take you through activating your heart and connecting you energetically with your ideal partner in the Free Heart Activation Session here – whether or not you’ve already met them!

Energy management tools are an amazing way to eradicate limiting belief structures, align you with your higher faculties and open up to your soul’s insights.

This is why all my work focuses on Energy – energy tools and management can be adapted to any situation, so you have methods to make your unique situation work for you no matter what. Have a look at my flagship coaching and energy healing program here, where I take you through it all.


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