How To Map Out Your Love Path Using Astrology

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Discover my astrological “secrets” to love and relationships…! Decoding your ideal match and how to know your ideal partner

Love is in so many ways the center of our life here on earth. So many of us would love to get more clarity on this.

Because approaching it the “regular” way seems to bring frustrations for so many of us.

What if I told you there already WAS a map for your love path in life? What if I told you there’s a way to get clarity and work WITH your soul’s blueprint in this?

The “Magic” of Love Astrology

In general, what can your birth chart tell you about marriage/long-term partnership? Can it tell you what kind you’ll have?

We always have free will choice, but our birth chart is a really helpful indication of the tendencies present in our life.

So yes, it can absolutely give some important indications for the future and for relationships…

And remember that if there are challenges, you can work with them and learn from them.

The Key Things To Look For

In traditional astrology, your ideal partner is the sign of your 7th house. To find this out, you have to know your birth time.

The 7th house is the opposite to your Ascendant, so it indicates your “other half”.

It isn’t always the case that they’re the sign you’ll end up with but they embody your “needed complement traits” in so many ways. And there can be a major attraction.

It can be an interesting thing to be aware of, as a tendency and pointer.

A Combination Lock

Remember astrology is a lot like a combination lock, there are always many factors involved, plus our own free will choices.

A key thing I look for to map out love tendencies, is where is Venus placed in your chart?

The sign and house it’s in, will tell you a lot about the kind of people you’re attracted to and your “love language”, your attachment style.

One sign may love to play the field, whereas another wants to commit and not mess around, for example.

cassady cayne venus signs

You can get my eBook on Venus signs here with the Love Blueprint Program – which includes messages on the soul path of your sign, and what relationship experiences you’ll likely have on your journey.


What is Venus “Doing” In Your Chart?


Another key to look out for is, what interactions are there between your Venus and other planets?

Is it conjunct, trine, opposite or in a square to other planets? This can indicate challenges or positive “supportive” energy tendencies.

For emotions and emotional compatibility, look at these things for your Moon.

Sexual Compatibility, Soul Mate Connections

A third key thing for relationships is to look at your Mars placement, as this indicates your “style in the bedroom” and your sexual connection!

I always look to the North Node as well, as this often indicates soul mate connections.

If you have North Node in Gemini, you may have a Gemini soul mate or a soul mate with significant Gemini energy, such as their Ascendant, Moon or Mars there.

In general there are so many fascinating things you can find out from your birth chart. I encourage you to get familiar with it, as there are important clues to your soul’s gifts and life purpose.

(To unlock more of your “divine gifts” and call in a soul mate connection or Twin Soul, have a look at this session The Soul Code Activation)

Comment with anything you would like to know about love astrology!

As always, I’m sending you light for your connection!

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