What you will need:

  • Pen and paper. (You will be asked to write notes, to get clarity)
  • Some undivided time so you can focus and get the best results.
  • Willingness to release past negativity and move forward
  • An open mind, and willingness to set big goals!

What this will *not* be

  • We are *not* in wishful thinking/spiritual bypassing.
  • We are *not* going to just TALK about what we want or don’t want: We are going to permanently recalibrate into higher
    results, for now and the future, and begin to take action!
  • We are *not* avoiding responsibility. We are going to work with an aligned process that releases old cycles and invites in something better (blame and victimhood keep things stuck).

Creating Your New Beginning

Section 1 – Celebrating positives
Section 2 – Noting and clearing negatives
Section 3 – Aligning and activating your new beginning
Section 4 – Practical steps to apply