You have a damaged love blueprint

The results of this test show that you have what would be termed a damaged love blueprint. I’m fairly certain you knew this on some level already…

What this means is, your childhood experiences and “imprinting” created a state of tension and imbalance for you. You likely don’t feel safe to open up to others as who you naturally are, and it impairs your ability to receive love. It keeps your relationships with others from flowing well. That’s the essence of it.

Not Really “Your” Stuff?

Although I know you’re not feeling very happy right now to hear this, the good news is, it’s actually a unique chance for a brand new beginning! Because now you can begin rectifying and uplifting.

As the influential psychoanalyst C.G. Jung said: “I am not what happened to me, I am who I choose to become.”

If things have been tough for you, know that it’s because of this “baggage” you’ve been carrying. And you may have inherited, it may not have been “yours”. If you have had difficult experiences, it means you are a very brave soul. And I’m glad to say, there is light ahead.


What Your Soul Has Been Waiting For

Now you’re more aware of the factors that have blocked you from the true radiance of your soul. It’s been waiting for you to change this, to rise up into your higher potential to enjoy what life really has to offer.

I know it might seem hard right now, but you really can shift this inner “setpoint” and unconscious programming in a surprisingly short amount of time.

I myself grew up with a dysfunctional love blueprint and it took some work, but the good news is I learned how to shift it for the better – and now I get to share that with others!

To help you start shifting out of the deeper programming that’s caused issues for you, and begin lifting into a higher state, I’ve created a FREE SESSION for you.

In the session, I explain how this all works and take you through some powerful energy healing work to recalibrate into a higher state for you. Because it truly is possible to change your love blueprint – you just have to know how.

Click the image below to take the Free Heart Activation Energy Healing right now:



Although you might feel low to find out that your system has been out of alignment with love, with this Heart Activation Energy Healing I would encourage you to think of it as a new beginning opening up – because now you know, we can change things around for the better!


I’ve seen it time and time again on my own journey and with clients – this really works! Go ahead and click the image to get the session and I’ll help you through it all.


All you have to do is listen and go along with my expert guidance based on years of working with clients. Once you start doing the work, you’ll feel the shifts and begin to reap major benefits!



A New Beginning?


Every single day I get DMs, emails, comments and messages from people about their positive experiences with the Free Session and the other resources I share. People who are feeling much better, and are starting to experience big positive shifts in their world!

If I can help you get to that point, it would truly make me so happy – to know I’d made a difference for you. Have a look at the session above. Just take that first step. I’ve got you. I’ve been there. There really are better things ahead. I believe that’s why you were guided here today.

Remember: Although you can’t go back and change the past, you can have a whole new beginning starting now.

I’ll “see you” inside the session <3


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