How Do You Know If You’re Awakening Spiritually? 7 Keys

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Embracing Spiritual Awakening: 7 Signs You’re on the Path of Self-Discovery

Do you feel like something strange is stirring in you, and are you wondering if there is a purpose to it?

Do you feel like there must be more to life, and that you are in a period of deep change – without fully understanding what’s happening?

Most likely you are awakening spiritually, and entering a chapter called “Ascension” into your higher self… Or, entering into a higher cycle of awakening, even if you already feel that you DID awaken…

Sometimes it can even bring feelings of depression and anxiety, as our soul rattles us to release the past limits we have taken on. So let’s go through 7 key signs, to get you clarity:


7 Key Signs Of Spiritual (Re)Awakening

#1 Questioning Established Beliefs:

Have you noticed a growing curiosity within yourself, questioning long-held beliefs and societal norms? This introspective process is a clear sign that you’re on the path of spiritual awakening.
Embrace this newfound curiosity and where inspiration guides you. It will lead you far, and open you to your soul’s guidance and what it wishes to bring for your next higher chapter.


#2 Dissatisfaction with the Status Quo:

Feeling dissatisfied with the conventional way of life, is a telltale sign of spiritual awakening. You sense that there must be more to life than external validations and the “old way” of approaching existence. Embrace this yearning for something more meaningful, as it marks the beginning of your journey towards a purpose-driven life.


#3 Identity Crisis and Self-Discovery:

In the midst of your awakening, you may experience an identity crisis—feeling unsure about who you truly are. Don’t worry, this is a natural part of self-discovery and awakening. It really means that you are opening beyond your old limits – into your true spiritual self. Allow yourself the space to explore and shed the layers of conditioning, unveiling the authentic self that lies beneath.


#4 Heightened Emotional Sensitivity:

As you progress on your spiritual journey, you may find yourself becoming more emotionally sensitive. You feel deeply connected to the emotions of others and the world around you. Embrace this heightened sensitivity; it’s a sign that your heart is expanding, opening the way for greater compassion and understanding.

(A lot of what triggers you at this time is old wounding from childhood and early life. To get to grips with it so you can lift into the higher aspects of awakening, have a look at this test and following solutions)


#5 Desire for Inner Fulfillment:

A longing for inner fulfillment is a pivotal sign of your spiritual awakening. The pursuit of what “regular society” advocates, and outer approval/fitting in is no longer enough for you. Embrace this yearning, as it leads you to discover the true source of happiness within yourself and fuels your desire for a more purposeful existence.


#6 Seeking Meaningful Connections:

On this journey, you’ll find yourself drawn to like-minded individuals and communities that share your values and aspirations. Embrace these meaningful connections; they serve as a support system and provide inspiration, assuring you that you’re not alone in your pursuit of growth and self-discovery.


#7 Embracing Solitude and Stillness:

In the midst of the awakening, you’ll seek solace in moments of solitude and stillness. Embrace these precious moments, as they allow you to connect with your inner wisdom and the vastness of the universe. Through practices like meditation and mindfulness, you’ll nurture a deeper understanding of your true essence.


Embrace these seven signs of spiritual awakening, as they guide you towards a transformative and beautiful path of self-discovery and expanding into more of your highest purpose!

Trust in the process, allow yourself to question what used to be, and be open to the wisdom that unfolds within you and around you.

Remember, you’re not alone—many have walked this path before, and I am here to walk alongside you, supporting and celebrating your profound journey of awakening.

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