Guidance From The Universe, Part 7

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Tap Into Gentle Wisdom And Support With 7 Guided High Vibrational Messages From The Universe… Today, A Divine Gift With The Secret To A Happy Life

Over the coming weeks on the blog I’ll be sharing some channeled messages from the Universe!

These have not been shared elsewhere – so if you’ve read my book “The Universe Speaks, Are You Listening?” these will be completely new to you!

Today, discover the Universe’s message on self love, filling up with light and well-being. The secrets to a happy life – joy that shines from the inside and permeates your whole life with positivity.




“Today, give yourself the gift of giving. To yourself. Give yourself the gift of time and attention. What dreams or goals or joys have you put on the back-burner? Take some time to focus on this today.


Do what feels fun – when you enjoy something it’s a sign it’s aligned with your soul and your positive purpose.


Allow yourself to get involved for long enough to forget time and space, to fully engage with your passion, your fun, your happiness. Do something that lights your heart up!


You’re on earth for more than just to work and tend to duties! Don’t let the tasks of everyday living get the upper hand – you deserve to express your talents, have fun, enjoy your passions. Give yourself this gift now.


The reason it’s such an important thing to give back to yourself, is that if you’re “running on empty” it affects everything in your life – including other people. You help others AND yourself best when you’re filled up with your own light, with your own love and positivity.


Self love can truly help your life in so many ways. To love yourself, be generous with YOU, be caring towards YOU, set boundaries for YOU. In short, self love is what makes you feel good and whole inside.


It’s not selfish to take care of yourself, it’s essential for living a happy life. So today, what can you do to love yourself a little more? Even if it means to push yourself to complete a project dear to your heart, or to exercise a little because you know it’s healthy for you?


When you spend time taking care of yourself and replenishing your reserves, it uplifts every single aspect of your life, from relationships with friends and family, to work and career.



The Universe”

the universe speaks are you listening

For more messages from the Universe, have a look at my Hay House book “The Universe Speaks, Are You Listening? 111 High Vibrational Oracle Messages On Love, Healing And Existence” and get a free bonus gift here.

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