11:11, Awakening And Consciousness – Who Are We Really?

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The Power Of Consciousness: Tapping Into Universal Support To Thrive Even In Difficult Times

Spiritual awakening is happening to so many people all over the planet. Often, it comes through an initial “dark night of the soul”, often, there are synchronicities, seeing repeated numbers 11:11 or other indications that something highly unusual is going on…

But what is it all about, really? Awakening goes beyond what the actual words indicate.

And it’s not always easy, as we begin to become aware that the reality we’ve gotten used to is suddenly constrained, limited… And we begin to open beyond…

(To read my personal story of spiritual awakening, have a look here)

So today I wanted to write about this. To hopefully make sense of things and bring some light on the subject.


The idea of a conscious Universe is known by many names – whether we call it Source, God or the Light…

In Hindu mythology, Brahma dreams the dream of reality. In Christianity, God dwells omniscient, omnipotent and all loving, somewhere high beyond our human reality of strife and struggle.

In Native American cultures, all of nature is a brother or sister. Everything is connected.

These stories all speak of Consciousness – the essence of awareness that flows through everything in existence. And in our day and age, these are not mere myths. Science now testifies to the fact that what we call reality is in fact not solid.

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Everything is energy in motion. We, our world, our computers, phones and all the rest of it. And what makes energy move and shift and change state? Consciousness.



We ourselves are a part of this unified consciousness field. We are, in fact, more than just a body, a name, a vessel of blood and bones and cells.

Science has not been able to pinpoint human consciousness as biology – brain experiments leave researchers stumped even in our age. So who we are is not merely a physical process.

Again, this idea has many names from many different cultures, whether we call it soul, spirit or essence… To the observant eye, the subtle traits that make us US, are not purely a result of biology. Look at siblings with near identical genetics, yet have widely varying personalities. There is an essence of who we are, that dwells beyond the physical.



As beings of consciousness temporarily existing in the human world, there is no disconnect from the greater oneness, the eternal hum of awareness that pulses through existence.

We are never truly alone. 

And we are meant to be supported. Our natural state as consciousness, is one of wellness, of harmony – meaning, absence of problems, absence of tension, absence of struggle. It is in our human world we have created distortions, tangling us up with disharmony.

Our human patterns tend to keep us blocked from receiving the support and guidance that’s meant to be available to us. 

Consider it like a giant pipeline of nourishing water: When the pipeline is filled with rust and rubble, water can’t get through.

And when it does, it comes like a trickle. It comes in bursts here and there, unpredictable and sudden. To the person waiting for water, it seems like there’s not a lot of water. Or, that water only comes sometimes. Some may even say, there is no such thing as water… And all the while, water is trying to get through.



We are now in an era of accelerated spiritual ascension. 11:11, the awakening code, is becoming a global phenomenon.

We are beginning to more than ever go beyond the physical, to search, to remember who we are behind our human lives. To open to our higher states of being.

After an electrifying awakening in 2014, my own life completely transformed as I opened to guidance from the universe. In the space of a few short years I went from complete obscurity to being an internationally bestselling spiritual author, from growing up a strict atheist without any hints of intuitive gifts, to assisting people all over the world on their life’s journey.



The universe is always “speaking” to us, and when we begin to open, we become guided.

Life begins to bloom. When we begin to open to the gentle support of higher consciousness, we shift our alignment, our path, and our lives.

There are always messages working to reach you. Open up, start “listening” and your path will never be the same.

Have you been awakening? Have you been seeing 11:11 or experiencing other signs of spiritual transformation opening up in your life?

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I'm Cassady! Intuitive coach, astrologer and bestselling spiritual author. I'm passionate about sharing the secrets of energy and the universe, to help awaken your highest potential and live YOUR best life YOUR way!

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