“You don’t need someone to complete you, you need someone to accept you completely”

– Maya Angelou





Removing unconscious counter-intentions to streamline and fuel your forward journey to your true desires

I see so many clients struggling with one major thing when it comes to love and relationships: counter-intentions – “Secret blocks”

A counter intention is when we want different things on different levels – all at the same time! Example: Wanting to find love BUT having also been hurt before so being afraid of being hurt again and secretly, unconsciously holding back.

It becomes like trying to drive left and right at the same time – it can’t happen! All that happens is we stop and block ourselves from the very things we desire.

How might you be doing this? How could you be secretly stopping yourself from getting love?


Clearing body and unconscious fears to open up your journey to love

Deep meditation to access the unconscious faculties and your deeper intentions in love.

Discovering what you unconsciously long for in a partner and in a relationship

The levels of motivation that could be complicating your journey



1) The Body.

Main priority: To stay safe, survive. Will kick up a fuss if safety is threatened

2) Unconscious Faculties.

The bridge between our conscious self and the body. Rules all our physical processes and automatized skills like driving/playing an instrument. Main priority: To reduce effort spent, to create habits, to keep things safe, based on old perceptions and experiences. Will also kick up a fuss if safety feels threatened

3) Conscious Mind.

Rationality, problem solving capability. Main Priority: Varies from individual to individual but this is usually where we see desire for growth, achievement, excitement, learning, happiness, experiencing love… To thrive and enjoy life.

4) Higher Faculties.

Our higher faculties where we have a desire for contribution to the world, to make a positive

difference, seeking some deeper truth or higher meaning to life.




What’s the first song that pops into your mind?

This is a secret messenger from your unconscious self about what’s going on with you on a deeper level – pay attention to the songs that “pop up” in your consciousness or that you hear repeatedly

around you.

Ask yourself:

What are the lyrics about? What’s the title? What feeling does it convey?

Does it remind you of a particular person or situation?






Your unconscious mind is always seeking what it has been programmed to. If we believe life is hard, this is what the unconscious mind will scan for evidence of. When we give our unconscious faculties new and healthy instructions, we get a powerful ally for love.

To read more about the science around this, have a look here.

So today, write down at least 10 facets of your ideal partner.

Appearance, personality and behavior. This is a powerful new instruction for your unconscious mind to take and begin to operate from. Write like this “My ideal partner is…”




Write down your beliefs about love and about your future – and replace negative beliefs with

positive new ones.

Get out a pen and paper. Write out your beliefs around love. Write “Love is…” or “love… ”



Without editing yourself, write the first things that pop up – these are from the unconscious, unfiltered part of your mind where most “counter-intentions” come from.

1) Write for at least 5 minutes without stopping – first for your beliefs about love.

2) Then, write about your beliefs about your own future.

When you’re done with both, have a look at the lists.

Next, get out a new empty piece of paper and begin to write a new list of your chosen positive beliefs.

For example, if your original list had “love hurts, relationships always end in pain” you want to write something to counteract this exact belief.

For example “true love is blissful and happy, a shared experience of joy where both parties support one another and respect each other’s emotions – even if things get challenging. As I uplift my energy and my system, I attract more and more happiness and harmony in love, lifting me up above any hurt from the past.”

Finally, when you have both your lists of new beliefs – burn the old belief list in a safe place. Or tear it up, shred it.

This is to symbolize to your deeper mind and energy system that these old beliefs are being left behind. A new paradigm is now at work. Your instructions to your unconscious mind are incredibly powerful.

Research done at Harvard University shows that people who write down their goals are many times more likely to achieve them – this was measured in an experiment that tracked participants for several decades.




You might also want to listen to the Positive Affirmations audio included with the program these next few days, to boost excitement and reinforce your new desired love situation over time.

This audio is perfect for your daily commute, for using at the gym or while jogging, or as a pick-me-up whenever you need a positive focus!


Have fun with these exercises! See this like a fresh start where you get to choose your new life bit by bit – you don’t have to focus on how or when these things will happen for now (we’ll get to that more and more later, I’ve got your back, promise).

Ask your inner critic to please take a step back while you enjoy these fun exercises, and you will get back to it later with any info it may need. Realism can take a time out for now.

In fact it’s essential, as realism blocks new results from showing up (realism actually means we believe it’s only truthful to think things will stay the same! So I’m sure you see that realism will only hamper this process)

For now, skip right to focusing on your dreams and goals themselves as if they’ve already happened and enjoy the excitement of choosing your ideals! This is a superbooster for your

attraction, your love, your bliss.

Until next time! xoxo



P.S If you for any reason experience heaviness or triggering after a clearing session, know that this simply means you have begun to shift old negativity and that a block is moving out of your system – what you’re feeling is the old stagnant negativity moving out, which is great! Know 100% that it gets easier and easier along the way, and there are simple ways to address any discomfort if it should occur.

To remedy: If you feel any discomfort, make sure you connect to the light 300 feet up and down to the center of the planet – visualize yourself standing in a pillar of light, and allow the light to vacuum out of you any of the negativity that’s being released, until you feel a shift. Allow yourself to stay connected to the light at all times so that it supports you and helps you shift out of negativity by vacuuming it out on an ongoing basis. Allow the light to fill your entire being with a feeling of safety, warmth, comfort. Know that any discomfort is temporary.

To help your system integrate the new upgrades and changes and shifts, it is highly beneficial to drink a lot of water (8 big glasses a day is recommended) in order to oxygenate your physical cells and help flush out any toxins from the physical plane of your being. Getting plenty of rest, and making sure you do some mild exercise regularly also helps you shift out of the “baggage” with more ease. Showers are also very healing, and you might want to visualize showers of divine light “cleaning” your energetic being while the water rinses your body.

You can always call on your higher self to help make the process of shifting out of negativity as blissful and

happy and swift as possible. Lastly, please know that triggering and heaviness is not common after energy clearings, and do not fear that you’ll suffer “side effects”. For the most part, it is completely hassle free.

Remember that you’re an infinite being and any negativity is simply “dust bunnies” you’re clearing out of your being – it’s not dangerous in any way! You’re of course allowed to have a break if you feel like you need some time to integrate the changes and upgrades. Use your intuition to guide you, and know that over time your vibration will be rising and rising, bringing you into alignment with more and more positivity!