“No one else is you, and that is your power”

– Dave Grohl




Reworking the innermost part of the Love Blueprint – clearing negatives so you can attract others’ love, attention, compliments, respect and care from the inside out!

How and why self love can “magic” your relationships into more happiness and mutual bliss.

How wanting love from another but not being able to accept or love *ourselves* causes relationship dysfunctions and energetic misalignment

Why self love sounds obvious but can be challenging in real life – if someone doesn’t love themselves *there is always a deeper reason*

Key themes: How have you felt within yourself in life? Especially in your adult life? Brimming with love? Or a sense of inner emptiness or sadness?

What mirror reflection has your inner state been attracting back from others? What relationship dynamic has been revealing secret shadows and fears within you?

Accessing and healing the inner child consciousness so you feel whole and good inside – with or without a partner!

The difference between CONditional and UNconditional Love – how you “learned” love as a child and why it has such a huge impact on your adult relationships

Testing the energy of shame vs love. What childhood wounds of shame or guilt could be blocking

you in love now?

Could someone have “hijacked” your heart in the past and be blocking you from love now? We clear this to open you up again. Healing early life issues

Downloading the energy template of always deserving and being open to receiving love

Creating and nurturing a new, positive self perception that will magnetize your ideal lover to you! How is your ideal self? How do you want to be? How do you want others to see you? How do you

want to feel inside?

Plus, what is your existing Amazingness? Feeding positive reinforcement to boost love





Most of us feel uncomfortable talking ourselves “up” and society often frowns on people “blowing their own trumpet”. But it’s a huge part of how we feel inside and how we function in love – including the kinds of people we attract into our lives!

So today, please start a list here about your positive traits. The things you’re proud of about yourself. What you’re good at, how you’re admirable, in big and small ways.


This is important work! Keep adding to this list as you think of more to add.

Start right now with 10 amazing things about yourself. And you’re not allowed to go until you’ve thought of 10 and have written them down.

For example, you might write “I am an amazing negotiator”, “I have gorgeous hair”, “I am really good at cooking”, “I am great at sports”, “I am very kind to others and find it easy to be compassionate” and any other thing that might apply to you.



Now it’s your turn:













PS: If you feel weird writing these things, make sure you use the clearing statement on that feeling, because that feeling means on some level you feel like you’re not “allowed” to be pleased with yourself.

And that’s a block to love both inside and with others – to truly open your heart and attract love, it’s important to feel good about yourself!




What inspires you? What makes your heart sing?

Write down these things. Collect reminders for the next few days: Make a playlist of music that represents it. Collect images of it. Watch a movie that makes you feel alive, go to a place that stirs your soul, tap into your passions!

If you had enough money to live well for the rest of your life without working for a living, what would you do with your time?

What is your passion in life, your hobby or dream? Go spend some time on this now. This powerfully boosts your inner harmony and

makes you magnetic to your ideal partner.





Find three animals that symbolize your powerful inner self. What animal makes you feel powerful, driven, loveable? What animal have you always resonated with?

Do you love the courage and power of Lion? Do you admire the elegance and beauty of Gazelle? Are you drawn to the wisdom of Elephant? Or do you enjoy the loving, loyal energy of Dog?

Play with this for the next few days. Collect images of your chosen animal. This being’s energy is a powerful guide and support on your journey. Let yourself be inspired, empowered and uplifted.

Are you a powerful tigress or a lioness? Are you an elegant gazelle or a deer? Are you a playful dolphin or a hummingbird? Are you a strong wolf or a bear?

Choose an animal to focus on to reconnect with your deeper power now. If you want, you can meditate on this. Set the intention that “your animal” will show itself to you in a dream or when you close your eyes.

This can be a fun and incredibly inspiring process!




You might also want to listen to the Positive Affirmations audio included with the program these next few days, to boost excitement and reinforce your new desired love situation over time.

This audio is perfect for your daily commute, for using at the gym or while jogging, or as a pickme- up whenever you need a positive focus.



These few days you might discover that old childhood episodes flash up relating to the clearing work we’re doing, or that your dreams revolve around past issues. Don’t worry if this feels intense, because really it’s your system showing you the core issues behind certain negative patterns in your love life.

If and when it happens, when something like this shows up, connect up to the light and say “whatever negativity this is, clear and transmute it!”

And make sure you focus on the fun and empowering play exercises above, as they’ll help you to write your NEW story. Your happy story. The story you’d be proud to tell at the end of this life.

And please don’t feel like that’s a lot of pressure – I’ve got your back. I’ll help you with this bit by bit. For now, please do the exercises in this class, enjoy the fun of it and know that we’re getting there!

Until next time! xoxo



P.S If you for any reason experience heaviness or triggering after a clearing session, know that this simply means you have begun to shift old negativity and that a block is moving out of your system – what you’re feeling is the old stagnant negativity moving out, which is great! Know 100% that it gets easier and easier along the way, and there are simple ways to address any discomfort if it should occur.

To remedy: If you feel any discomfort, make sure you connect to the light 300 feet up and down to the center of the planet – visualize yourself standing in a pillar of light, and allow the light to vacuum out of you any of the negativity that’s being released, until you feel a shift. Allow yourself to stay connected to the light at all times so that it supports you and helps you shift out of negativity by vacuuming it out on an ongoing basis. Allow the light to fill your entire being with a feeling of safety, warmth, comfort. Know that any discomfort is temporary.

To help your system integrate the new upgrades and changes and shifts, it is highly beneficial to drink a lot of water (8 big glasses a day is recommended) in order to oxygenate your physical cells and help flush out any toxins from the physical plane of your being. Getting plenty of rest, and making sure you do some mild exercise regularly also helps you shift out of the “baggage” with more ease. Showers are also very healing, and you might want to visualize showers of divine light “cleaning” your energetic being while the water rinses your body.

You can always call on your higher self to help make the process of shifting out of negativity as blissful and

happy and swift as possible. Lastly, please know that triggering and heaviness is not common after energy clearings, and do not fear that you’ll suffer “side effects”. For the most part, it is completely hassle free.

Remember that you’re an infinite being and any negativity is simply “dust bunnies” you’re clearing out of your being – it’s not dangerous in any way! You’re of course allowed to have a break if you feel like you need some time to integrate the changes and upgrades. Use your intuition to guide you, and know that over time your vibration will be rising and rising, bringing you into alignment with more and more positivity!