“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”

C. G. Jung




What childhood imprinting did you pick up from parents and other caregivers?


– Human beings form a core “attachment template” during infancy, which impacts all our adult relationships – illuminating damaging attachment issues so we can shift into healthier relationships

– Which parent figure or old lover could you be unconsciously chasing after as an adult – for completion, for acceptance, for forgiveness?

– Downloading love directly from source and the earth to replace lacking parental love – strengthening you and preparing fertile ground for your ideal romantic relationship

– What past relationship experiences are stuck in your system, holding you back?

– Shining the light on your automatic relationship patterns and unresolved past connections – clearing the root of dysfunction and freeing you up to CHOOSE what serves you better

– What self worth related life experiences are blocking you from truly attracting the love and relationships you desire?

– Re-framing your self perception to make you magnetic to love and acceptance from others

– Did you know we carry energy attachments to everyone we have been physically or emotionally intimate with?

– We clear old attachments to previous lovers and caretakers – so you are energetically free to enter into your ideal romantic relationship!



You have probably heard of chakras, the idea of energy centers in our body, that connect to our non-physical self. Chakras are a word from sanskrit and is something the sages of the “Ayurvedic” discipline of wholeness in mind and body dealt with.

There are 7 main chakras in the human body -and in physical examinations there are actual nerve
collections at these 7 points.

In my own work with clients I recognize the chakras and they can be perceived when reading someone’s energy.

I like to describe them in modern day terms – chakras are a lot like hard drives we keep “stored files” and “software” on.

Someone’s chakras are like a storage place of their experiences, perceptions, hopes and fears and often also their ancestors’ experiences and trauma.



Clearing Negativity to Open Up To Love

This content in the chakras – which is often negative and fear based – is powerful in steering our lives and our physical experience of living as a human being in a body.

Many ailments and recurring life problems stem from imbalances in the chakras, which are creating limitations for the person.

As you remember from class 1, energy is like a radio. If we want love we have to be “tuned into it”. To be in fear or resentment and expect love is a bit like tuning into Metal FM and expecting to hear classical music. It doesn’t work!

We have to “tune into” what we wish to connect with.

When we are in the vibration of fear, we are blocked off from to love. So to live in love and harmony and attract this from others, we must uplift our vibration into the range of love and harmony.

When we clear energy blocks and negative programming out of our chakras, we remove the “anchors” that have weighed your vibration down.

We remove the “old outdated” programming to be cleansed away from our system so we’re no longer operating off a “recipe” that’s causing problems for us.

We can then function more fully, our energy flows in a healthy way and we find it much easier to manifest our true desires into reality.



Chakras Hold Energy Programs That Create Your Love Blueprint
– Good or Bad

You’d be surprised how many people’s love lives run a crooked course because they were witness to their parents’ painful divorce during childhood and took on this energy that love ends in conflict, or how many people find it difficult to earn a full wage because they took on their elders’ belief that “money is the root of all evil”.

Throughout this Love Blueprint Transformation process we’ll be clearing away so much of the common negative programming from your chakra system – truly opening you up to your deeper potential for a full, happy, healthy life and love relationship.

When your chakras are free from blockages, your energy flows smoothly and you begin to attract more harmonious experiences into your life – including love.

I’ve included a map of the chakra system and a brief description of each chakra’s focal points above, so you can familiarize yourself with this.

Throughout The Love Blueprint process, you’ll notice particular outworn or damaging programming being brought up by your system so you can release this and begin lifting into what benefits you more. At the end of this program, you’ll likely be familiar enough with your own chakra system enough to pinpoint where a particular issue might be coming from.

For example, an issue of feeling like there’s never enough safety or money, tends to be a Root Chakra program “inherited” from family in childhood.

An issue of feeling shy and unable to speak up for yourself, is nearly always a Throat Chakra program.

Feeling afraid of loved ones abandoning you, is always relating to the Heart Chakra.

When you become familiar with the chakra system, you’ll find that energy work becomes much more “logical” – you’ll see connections where there used to be confusion.

And importantly, you’ll understand not only where holdbacks stem from but how to permanently clear negative, limiting programs and uplift into a higher state.





For this week I’d like to share with you a wonderful tool I learned from a dear friend of mine:

Any time a challenge arises, any time something triggers you to feel angered or sad or negative –

Ask this:
What is a higher thought or perspective I can choose right now?
How can I look at this in a more constructive light?

For example, if someone is unfriendly to you at the checkout in your local supermarket, it’s human instinct to get defensive, lash out or take on the feeling of negativity. So, instead of getting angry back – think that you’re happy you don’t have to speak to this person anymore.

Think that you wish her well and that she might be cheered up some way. Think that it’s a beautiful day outside and bring your attention to that instead. Choose something different.

I love this tool because it’s so simple we can use it any time! It’s just one small thing. Our brains love “easy fixes” – and although a negative situation isn’t always easy to fix, it is relatively simple to re-frame that one thought about it.

So, any time negativity shows up, ask:
What is a higher thought or perspective I can choose right now?




During this 5 week process you will notice some old memories resurfacing to give you a chance to let go of old negativity. A wonderful way to move out of this not only on the energetic level but in your thoughts and self perception, is to re-conceptualize and re-frame old memories that come up.

Our instinct is most often emotional. We see a flash of the house we grew up in or a person we used to date and feel a familiar lurch of the stomach as we feel how we don’t want to go back, or that we had a rough time there…

Try to take control of yourself if something like this comes up.
State: “Everything this is, clear and transmute it.”

Your soul always wants you to benefit from every experience.

So to help you turn a past challenge into something positive, ask:
What did I learn? What were the “hidden gifts” in the hardship?

In psychology we call this re-framing the past to make it less damaging and hurtful – in physical terms we are helping your brain to re-wire certain aspects of your identity, creating new neural pathways that help you in a constructive way, weakening those that have kept you locked in pain, shame, sadness or anger.

So what might you have learned from past hurts? Did the negative experience help you pinpoint what will truly serve you, by showing up what *doesn’t* feel right or good?



Lastly, I know that dealing with childhood and past love can feel heavy. If this week feels like a struggle for you, I want you to know it’s going to be worth it and I’ve been there too – what we’re doing is like a “detox” for your emotions and your heart.

It might feel a bit yucky to start with as we begin to dig up the wounds you had tried so hard to bury, but as the days and weeks go by you’ll feel lighter and lighter in mind, body and heart.

We are truly opening you up to a more incandescent love and way of life than you might have believed possible – I’ve seen it happen time and time again. For now, try to be patient and gentle with yourself.

When and if old memories come up, try to detach, clear the energy and use the above questions to re-frame.

My personal advice is surround yourself with laughter and lightness as much as you can in this period – sing, watch your favourite sit-coms, dance, exercise, spend some time on a hobby, create and express yourself! This all helps. Soon, you’ll be in a light and happy place – and I’m with you every step of the way.

Until next time!


P.S If you for any reason experience heaviness or triggering after a clearing session, know that this simply means you have begun to shift old negativity and that a block is moving out of your system – what you’re feeling is the old stagnant negativity moving out, which is great! Know 100% that it gets easier and easier along the way, and there are simple ways to address any discomfort if it should occur.

To remedy: If you feel any discomfort, make sure you connect to the light 300 feet up and down to the center of the planet – visualize yourself standing in a pillar of light, and allow the light to vacuum out of you any of the negativity that’s being released, until you feel a shift. Allow yourself to stay connected to the light at all times so that it supports you and helps you shift out of negativity by vacuuming it out on an ongoing basis. Allow the light to fill your entire being with a feeling of safety, warmth, comfort. Know that any discomfort is temporary.

To help your system integrate the new upgrades and changes and shifts, it is highly beneficial to drink a lot of water (8 big glasses a day is recommended) in order to oxygenate your physical cells and help flush out any toxins from the physical plane of your being. Getting plenty of rest, and making sure you do some mild exercise regularly also helps you shift out of the “baggage” with more ease. Showers are also very healing, and you might want to visualize showers of divine light “cleaning” your energetic being while the water rinses your body.

You can always call on your higher self to help make the process of shifting out of negativity as blissful and
happy and swift as possible. Lastly, please know that triggering and heaviness is not common after energy clearings, and do not fear that you’ll suffer “side effects”. For the most part, it is completely hassle free.

Remember that you’re an infinite being and any negativity is simply “dust bunnies” you’re clearing out of your being – it’s not dangerous in any way! You’re of course allowed to have a break if you feel like you need some time to integrate the changes and upgrades. Use your intuition to guide you, and know that over time your vibration will be rising and rising, bringing you into alignment with more and more positivity!