“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”

― Rumi



Why people attract the same kind of dysfunction with partners over and over: it’s because they are operating on *un-conscious patterning*.

Lighting up any unconscious stumbling blocks and provide new programming for love – *consciously* mapping out your ideal life and love situation and drawing in the connections, new patterns and energies you need to get your dream life and love with ease and speed.

Reframing past hardship – refining your desires. If you experienced negativity, you can have greater certainty for what you *do* desire moving forward.



Clearing out resistance to change:

The “secret payoffs” involved in staying in negativity. What hidden “benefits” are there to staying stuck even though you say you want change?

For example, a man who attracts chaotic relationships with women whose lives are already tied up with children and/or an ex partner – he could secretly, unconsciously be shielding himself from getting in too deep.

So where might you be doing this kind of game playing?

What could be your “secret payoff” for staying in negativity?

Roots of dysfunction and where they stem from… What old childhood dynamic has been impacting the kind of persons you attract into your life?

What is your new “higher blueprint” partner like? Make some notes right now on your ideal love – What is their personality like? What body build? How do they talk, act? How do they interact with you? What kind of a dynamic do you have together? How will your relationship be?

What are your relationship “deal-breakers” and how can you refine and uplift these to attract a higher expression of love?

Making love a happy adventure! Being willing to hold off on judgment.

Judgments and preconceptions – creators of energetic limitations on what we allow into our lives and our energy field. How and why our desires nearly always show up in unexpected ways.



Checking in with your heart garden again

“Meeting” your ideal lover – tuning into their energy, emotions, personality and attractor factors. Connecting in with their heart to mutually draw you to each other



What have you always been drawn to in others? Are there things that have not worked out in the past? Write down the things you have been drawn to that haven’t been positive in the long run – can you see now with new eyes, a deeper motivation behind this?

Has it served a purpose? Have you learned something new now that allows you to shift into a “higher version” of this?




What are essential qualities in a mate for you? Spend 10 minutes writing out essential traits in detail. Challenge yourself to write down 100 positive qualities in your ideal partner.

It doesn’t have to be all at once, maybe you’d like to start a list and keep adding to it.

To begin with, write in the present tense, as if it has already happened.

Such as: “My ideal love is always there for me, and he knows me better than any other person – he instinctively understands how I’m feeling and he’s always doing little things to make my life happy

and show me his love. He writes me little notes and texts throughout the day and he wakes me up every morning with a kiss. I feel like our souls are meant to be together and he says the same. He’s my best friend and my love of all time…”

How does your ideal lover make you feel? How do they act around you? What do you do together? What’s your dynamic like?

Go in-depth with this, write for 10 minutes or until you have nothing left to write… Then, add to it as you think of things throughout the next few days.

Read through your list regularly. This work magnetically draws these qualities to you. Even if you are already with someone you will be drawing out a different dynamic from your interactions.

Many of my clients are skeptical of “trying to change the hand of fate” this way, but later marvel at how effective this method is and how enjoyable it is for both parties!




Affirmations are a powerful way to focus our energy and attain the state of having our ideal now –

which is what enables us to manifest it physically.

Affirmations have been used since the ancient times in religious and alchemic rituals, as they are a

profound method for “commanding” our energy to create our desired experience.

For the next week, write down the following affirmations 3 times twice a day, preferably when waking up in the morning and before going to sleep at night.

Write the following affirmations down in your own handwriting – pen and paper – as this is the most powerful.

“I AM one with my heart’s desire”

“I AM one with my undivided love”

He/she is one with his/her heart’s desire (use whichever applies)

He/she is one with his/her undivided love (use whichever applies)

They are one with their heart’s desire

They are one with their undivided love

The reason we write it like this is to mobilize and cover all aspects of the mind. As we grow up and live in the world, we hear others talking about us, saying things like “he/she is XYZ”. This is a “recipe” we have in our unconscious mind.

So for a full and complete effect with affirmations this is a wonderful way to work.




Collect images of your ideal relationship. You might want to print them out so you can have them near your bed or someplace you’ll see them often.

Write down a day in your ideal life with your ideal partner. Use all your senses, from seeing to hearing, to smell and touch and movement. This will powerfully activate your attraction and give your deeper mind a new “instruction” for what to draw in and experience.

Visualize you and your partner together in bliss, in a loving embrace – no barriers or negativity between you, completely open and good in unconditional love. Really feel that feeling like you’re right there right now. Good! And if you’re feeling sad because you haven’t experienced it yet or think it might not happen, clear and transmute that right now!

Because in manifestation there is a HUGE important difference between the feeling of HAVING something and of WANTING it. This is a huge stumbling block for so many people. Because we’re often unaware that even though we’re focusing on something we want, we could actually be attracting the OPPOSITE of what we’re after.

Again, it’s all about energy like we talked about in session 1. Let me explain. When we are wanting and longing for something, there is embedded the frequency of NOT having it, so we keep sending out the signal to the universe of not having it. Unfortunately this matches us up with more NOT having it.

So it’s really important to step out of that, and instead get into the joyous feeling of HAVING your dream situation right now. To focus into the feeling energy of how it would be to HAVE AND BE your dream come true in the now moment. This is how you draw it to you most easily and smoothly. It’s what makes you magnetic to it, attracts it, draws it in.

Use the Creative Visualization Audio (Module 10) included with this program for a smooth and immersive experience, where I talk you through it step by step. However, writing it is a very powerful action so I would highly recommend this too!


Have fun with these exercises! See this like a fresh start where you get to choose your new life bit by bit – you don’t have to focus on how or when these things will happen for now (we’ll get to that more and more later, I’ve got your back, promise).

Ask your inner critic to please take a step back while you enjoy these fun exercises, and you will get back to it later with any info it may need. Realism can take a time out for now. In fact it’s essential, as realism blocks new results from showing up (realism actually means we believe it’s only truthful to think things will stay the same! So I’m sure you see that realism will only hamper this process)

If you feel “wrong” for working to create your desired future, this is a clear indication you have some underlying beliefs that are restricting your happiness, love and relationships.



If you feel “wrong” or “bad” for doing this work, make sure you connect to the light and say “everything that is, clear and transmute it across all time space dimensions and realities”.

Life is more open to our creation than most people believe. The truth is, if you can shape your energy to be a match with something you can create/attract/experience it. And that’s what this program is all about – using our free will choices and consciously working with our energy nature to make our desires happen!

I know it can seem daunting, but from my experience with thousands of clients and my own journey, I know it’s not just possible. It will astonish you how profoundly things can and will change over the next few months to a year. Make sure you note down the synchronicities and amazing experiences as they occur!

The key is in taking step by step in enjoyment. There is a famous saying that, you can drive across the United States without ever seeing more than a few hundred feet at a time but you know that if

you keep driving, you’ll get there. Know that we’re working in a similar way in this process. Keep taking your guided actions and

keep your focus positive. Day by day we’ll get there, day by day “magic” begins to happen. I’ve got your back. Keep following the process and you’ll see.

Until next time!




P.S If you for any reason experience heaviness or triggering after a clearing session, know that this simply means you have begun to shift old negativity and that a block is moving out of your system – what you’re feeling is the old stagnant negativity moving out, which is great! Know 100% that it gets easier and easier along the way, and there are simple ways to address any discomfort if it should occur.

To remedy: If you feel any discomfort, make sure you connect to the light 300 feet up and down to the center of the planet – visualize yourself standing in a pillar of light, and allow the light to vacuum out of you any of the negativity that’s being released, until you feel a shift. Allow yourself to stay connected to the light at all times so that it supports you and helps you shift out of negativity by vacuuming it out on an ongoing basis. Allow the light to fill your entire being with a feeling of safety, warmth, comfort. Know that any discomfort is temporary.

To help your system integrate the new upgrades and changes and shifts, it is highly beneficial to drink a lot of water (8 big glasses a day is recommended) in order to oxygenate your physical cells and help flush out any toxins from the physical plane of your being. Getting plenty of rest, and making sure you do some mild exercise regularly also helps you shift out of the “baggage” with more ease. Showers are also very healing, and you might want to visualize showers of divine light “cleaning” your energetic being while the water rinses your body.

You can always call on your higher self to help make the process of shifting out of negativity as blissful and

happy and swift as possible. Lastly, please know that triggering and heaviness is not common after energy clearings, and do not fear that you’ll suffer “side effects”. For the most part, it is completely hassle free.

Remember that you’re an infinite being and any negativity is simply “dust bunnies” you’re clearing out of your being – it’s not dangerous in any way! You’re of course allowed to have a break if you feel like you need some time to integrate the changes and upgrades. Use your intuition to guide you, and know that over time your vibration will be rising and rising, bringing you into alignment with more and more positivity!