“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close.”

– Pablo Neruda




Your Love Blueprint transformation – your energy and state will settle in more and more over the next few weeks. Over the coming weeks and months, physical reality changes will begin to show up more and more noticeably…!

Continuing your positive work long term: connecting to the light, accessing your inner child, sowing seeds of manifestation.

Checking in with your love situation – comparing to your results from module 1 at the beginning of the program.

What if you could live your Honeymoon every day?

The nature of “happy hormones” and being in love – why so many relationships begin to dwindle after 18-24 months when the “in love” hormones stop being released in the body.

(Plus a secret method to trigger these any time – even if you’ve been together for 20 years!)

How is the coupling side of your Love Blueprint wired? Understanding your power to “create” and influence the future of your ideal relationship

A relationship is a creation made day by day by two people. Every thought, feeling and focus you and your partner choose affects it. You always have a choice what to cultivate with your mindset and intentions.

Common couples’ mistakes that push relationships downhill – things to avoid. The “diminishing returns” trap. Shifting out of avoidance, and into nurturing your desires and happiness *together*.

Do you have an energetic limit to how long your relationships can last or be happy? We clear this, opening you up to long term bliss.

Why romance is a verb, not an object. It won’t happen on its own. Feeding the flames: The art of creating romance rituals to enjoy an amazing relationship for decades.

What relationship rituals would you like to have with your partner? Trying a new activity together every week? Kissing each other good morning every single day? Trying something new in the bedroom every single week?

Stepping out of the ancient conflict pattern in relationships: How to deal with negativity if it arises.

Remember: All negativity and conflict are based in energy and can be cleared with the tools you’ve learned in this program!

Other powerful methods for harmony: Choosing to see the innocence in someone. Why conflict is usually to do with inner child issues unresolved. Forgiveness exercises for increased love and bliss.

How to activate your partner’s heart to fall in love with you over and over again. A powerful bonding exercise from ancient Tantra teachings.





Focus on what rituals and activities and choices you can make for a happy long-term relationship. Write down 10 things you could do daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly to maintain an atmosphere of romance and that “honeymoon” experience in your relationship.

Let me give you a few examples to get started:

1) Once a week we reconnect in an intimate setting: We shower or take a bath with essential oils together where we enjoy sensual pleasures and talk about our experiences

2) We never watch TV in the bedroom

3) We both only wear sexy underwear, as a symbol that romance is always a part of our relationship

4) Once a month, we go on a romantic date no matter what. We dress up, book a table at a nice restaurant or cook in, get a babysitter and spend the evening focusing only on each other. No talk about work or everyday stuff.

And now it’s your turn!


















How to activate your partner’s heart to fall in love with you over and over again. A powerful bonding exercise from ancient Tantra teachings.

Ideally, find a quiet place with your partner. Sit, lie or stand facing each other, holding hands. Now synchronize your breaths. Breathe in sync while gazing into each other’s eyes.

Do it for a full five minutes.

Do it while you’re making love, or meditating or embracing.

This is a ritual that powers passion and fuels the flames.

It creates a unity of mind, body and emotions that the ancients recognized as a spiritual union that activates a couple’s hearts to love.

In modern-day terms it kick-starts those magic in love hormones that the body releases in the beginning of a relationship. But it doesn’t matter if you’ve been together 2 years or 20.

This exercise WILL do it. And it gets stronger every time you do it.

Any time you feel your partner distracted, or disconnected, take a moment to look into each other’s eyes and hold your right hand on their heart, and they with yours – intend that you are anchoring each other into love again, reactivating your sacred relationship space.

This anchors you back into love and allows the stresses of everyday living to slip away.


This is one of my favourite methods. It’s about consciously calling in your desires from the universe.




Connect to the light, and then ask:

“Universe, What Would It Take for XYZ to happen?” “Everything in the way of it, clear and transmute it across all time space dimensions and realities”

This calls in new energy connections from the universe and helps you blast through blocks.

I’ve heard of people manifesting amazing things this way – vacations, new jobs, more romantic attention from their partner and a ton of other things… This powerfully shifts energy to make way for your desires.

So, say you’d gotten into a funk in your relationship you’d ask a few times a day:

“WWIT for my relationship to be juicy, happy, exciting and full of romance NOW and always? Everything in the way of that, clear and transmute it across all time space dimensions and realities”

Or if you were looking for a new partner, you’d ask something like this a few times a day:

“WWIT for my perfect happy ideal partner to show up in my life, instantly and with bliss? Everything in the way of that, clear and transmute it all!”

You might want to focus on one or two “what would it takes” per week, do them 5-10 times daily, and watch how quickly things begin to show up!






This is a new beginning!

At the end of the program, set an intention for what are you going to do differently for this next part of your life. Cultivate your new higher state with the positive tools and exercises I’ve shown you.

So how will you nurture love and stay in this positive process over the next period? Right now write down a few simple things you can do regularly to maintain positivity. For example, you could listen to the creative visualization audio weekly, pamper yourself once a week, you could keep a gratitude diary, make a playlist of romantic music, go on a few dates…

I’m really excited for you to see more and more tangible shifts showing up in your life! You have been through an amazing once in a lifetime transformation that you will begin to see more and more physical evidence of!

I am so happy you wanted to come on this journey with me!

And give yourself a huge high five for taking action for yourself! You have permanently changed your love blueprint and the way you attract and experience love.

Things will never be the same as before. You have done such a stellar job!

If you want to stay in touch with me, come over to my blog at


You’ll also be kept up to date with new free resources and events I’m working on, and be able to connect with others who have been taking this journey! I would love to hear from you about your experiences with this program and further.

There is so much good in store for you. I believe in you!



P.S If you for any reason experience heaviness or triggering after a clearing session, know that this simply means you have begun to shift old negativity and that a block is moving out of your system – what you’re feeling is the old stagnant negativity moving out, which is great! Know 100% that it gets easier and easier along the way, and there are simple ways to address any discomfort if it should occur.

To remedy: If you feel any discomfort, make sure you connect to the light 300 feet up and down to the center of the planet – visualize yourself standing in a pillar of light, and allow the light to vacuum out of you any of the negativity that’s being released, until you feel a shift. Allow yourself to stay connected to the light at all times so that it supports you and helps you shift out of negativity by vacuuming it out on an ongoing basis. Allow the light to fill your entire being with a feeling of safety, warmth, comfort. Know that any discomfort is temporary.

To help your system integrate the new upgrades and changes and shifts, it is highly beneficial to drink a lot of water (8 big glasses a day is recommended) in order to oxygenate your physical cells and help flush out any toxins from the physical plane of your being. Getting plenty of rest, and making sure you do some mild exercise regularly also helps you shift out of the “baggage” with more ease. Showers are also very healing, and you might want to visualize showers of divine light “cleaning” your energetic being while the water rinses your body.

You can always call on your higher self to help make the process of shifting out of negativity as blissful and

happy and swift as possible. Lastly, please know that triggering and heaviness is not common after energy clearings, and do not fear that you’ll suffer “side effects”. For the most part, it is completely hassle free.

Remember that you’re an infinite being and any negativity is simply “dust bunnies” you’re clearing out of your being – it’s not dangerous in any way! You’re of course allowed to have a break if you feel like you need some time to integrate the changes and upgrades. Use your intuition to guide you, and know that over time your vibration will be rising and rising, bringing you into alignment with more and more positivity!