What do you WANT to experience this coming period? Let’s set our intentions! KNOW that you have the power.

You HAVE created/manifested a lot, but maybe you weren’t conscious of how and what, so you didn’t get happy results.

Now, we become conscious creators!

Mapping out your intentions


Mapping out your intentions

Consider what you were most happy with in the past How can you amplify this? How can you bring in more of it?

With “new” intentions, being specific helps call it in. F ex. I want to go on 2 x road trips to see natural wonders in the United States this year. Or, I want to generate x amount of revenue per month. or, I want to find 2 x leads this month to get me to my dream job. Or, by next year I want to be living in my ideal home (describe)

Deepening the connection

Feel into the KNOWING that you have the power to make it happen. (You do, as a being of energy in a universe of energy!) It is so!

Visualize yourself at the end of the period, having accomplished everything or the most important things on your
list. Feel yourself there now. Experience yourself having it now.

Deepening the connection

Paving the path of light.

Inviting in your desires. Calling in resources, support, inspiration, people, circumstances, energy, light…

Conquering Fear

Become aware of where YOU are holding back deep down, even if you try to rationalize it. Why may you have avoided or delayed what you SAY to the universe you want?

F ex if you want a new partner, why have you delayed going on dates? Or if you want to write a book, why have you not started? If you want to bring in a new soul group of aligned friends, why have you not looked for activities and/or places where you know they may be?
Write down all the reasons.

Now, what are the fears behind this? F ex: in dating you may be apprehensive because you don’t want to get hurt. In writing a book you may be concerned that it won’t be successful or well received, and so on.
Write this ALL out now. And let’s clear it!