A Guide To Lunar Cycles, Part 3 – Shadow Signs To Beware

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What If You Knew What Few Others Did? Discover How To Navigate The Moon Cycles To Smooth Your Path, Avoid Toxic Situations And Connections…

The moon can be a powerful ally in manifesting and living your “best life”.

In short, there’s a “right” and “wrong” time for everything in astrological terms.

Today I’m sharing with you the shadow traits of each sign, the potential negatives of each cycle… Because although there are benefits, there are also common downsides to each sign!

Just like the moon has an illuminated and a dark side, each cycle brings a double edged potential for good or bad.

Be aware, and you’ll reap major rewards!

First, some basics: Why should you care about the Moon and its cycles? How does this even work?

Well, although Western Science in modern times has dismissed astrology, it’s actually an ancient form of gaining information from the universe, time important events, and it was for millennia considered a genuine “science”.

It does makes logical sense from a scientific standpoint, even if no one has scientifically proven that it works (yet) – let me explain why:

Since the dawn of time, people have observed how the Moon controls the tides on earth, that an outside planetary force shifts the tides in and out. The human body is largely composed of water… So it’s logical to say the Moon and its cycles impact us profoundly.

Everything Is Energy, Everything Is In Flux, And We Are Affected…

Although astrology is considered unproven, it IS scientific fact that we live in a universe of energy in motion. Have a look here for some more info

The scientific fact is that we humans are not solid, but atoms vibrating at particular frequencies in particular formations. We just APPEAR solid. And all the planets in our solar system, earth included, are ALSO atoms vibrating at particular frequencies.

And each planet has a unique energetic frequency and gravitational field.

So when the planets move in their orbits around the Sun, their impact on each other and earth shifts!

To the logical mind, there’s little doubt that the planetary movements impact us here on earth.

We can gain benefits from working WITH these “cosmic energies” to flow our manifestations and creations more smoothly into reality.

And we can use them to boost our own lives, well-being, happiness, relationships and more.

So I’ll be sharing a number of resources on how to use the Moon’s cycles, placements and more to benefit you – and common issues to avoid.

Once you have this info, it’ll be like you have a superpower compared to “regular” people operating without it!

Using The Moon’s Sign And Movements To Boost Your Life

Today’s article is on how to use the Moon’s SIGN placement to adjust, navigate more easily and get MORE out of your activities in life.

Because again, we can either work WITH the energies, or struggle against them.

And today we’re talking about SHADOWS, the negative tendencies of each sign.

In short, the zodiac is divided into 12 signs and houses, where each one has a specific archetypal energy and vibration.

Every two days, the Moon changes signs. This shifts the “energy atmosphere”. It’s a little like casting a different hue of light on everything.

Or the wind changing direction. It means we flow more easily in that direction, and other things may involve more resistance or a feeling of “swimming upstream”.

For example, socializing will tend to flow better during Moon in Libra than Moon in Capricorn or Scorpio. Doing your taxes will tend to flow more easily during moon in Virgo than in Moon in Sagittarius or Moon in Pisces.

Over each 28 day period the Moon travels through each sign/house of the Zodiac, bringing different emotional “themes” to our journey.

Weird Experiences Of Lunar Cycles Affecting Everyday Life!

You’ll notice people are in general moods from day to day.

I’ve literally had experiences of walking around extra triggered or heavy on some days, or would encounter people who were in a state of stress and conflict, and began to ask myself if there might be an astrological correlation.

Sure enough, I would find that the Moon would be in Scorpio, or interacting with Saturn (indications of heaviness).

Or I’d had a day full of stress and irritation from others, and looked it up and saw that the moon was in Aries (indication of potential conflict and aggravation).


Want To Know The Best Time To Reach Out To That Special Someone?

The amazing thing is, because EVERYONE is reacting on some level to these energies, it will make others much easier to handle when you’re aware of this.

If you want to ask your boss for a raise, or ask someone on a date, or negotiate a deal or go on a road trip…

There are all ideal times for this – so being aware of the Moon cycles is a HUGE help!

You don’t want to splurge on a weekend trip to paradise with your new beau only to find yourself feeling triggered and edgy, because you didn’t realize there would be a Full Moon in Cancer while you were there!

If you’re already interested in astrology you may be laughing to yourself right now, especially as you may have experienced this yourself! (I’ve been there too!)

A Secret Ally In Your Life

I personally have benefited so much from working with the Moon’s cycles, and I think you’ll enjoy seeing how this works in your life too. The Moon’s energy and placements are truly noticeable when you begin to pay attention.

And to have this “superpower” on our side, can make life that extra bit special!

Above all, the info I share on astrology is meant to uplift and empower you, so of COURSE you can still do your taxes even if it’s not Moon in Virgo or Capricorn days.

And of COURSE you CAN have a great date even if the Moon isn’t in Libra or Taurus! But knowing the below info will help you so much…

Do let me know in the comments any experiences YOU have had with this, and any other astrology questions you’d like me to cover!

(PS: The info in these Moon articles apply to your natal moon too, so take note!)

(Check here to see where the moon is currently at)


Moon in Aries – irritation, impatience, conflict issues due to the excess energy and tendency to aggression, not seeing the details and missing pieces of information, turning on people, aggravation over minor details

Moon in Taurus – stubbornness, laziness (taking comfort a little too far), not seeing others’ perspectives, getting stuck in a rut, avoiding change, being lead by pleasure/comfort, avoiding taking action

Moon in Gemini – indecisiveness, getting distracted easily, getting caught in gossip and social talk that doesn’t really lead you anywhere, lack of loyalty

Moon in Cancer – moodiness, victimhood, staying overly attached to the past, judging the world based on “us vs them” (seeing everything through a subjective lens), taking things too personally, shying away from putting yourself out there

Moon in Leo – drama, focusing on yourself too much, not seeing others’ perspective, splurging on frivolous things and the “high life” (keep your eye on your wallet during Moon in Leo because you’ll notice covetable items everywhere you go)

Moon in Virgo – being too perfectionistic and judgy with others, being too hard on yourself, not taking time to relax, rest, not having compassion for others, getting caught up in details that don’t really matter (but if you’re on a diet or budget, this is the time to go out or head to the stores as you’ll be much more selective than usual!)

Moon in Libra – being so diplomatic you don’t stand up for yourself, focusing on group consensus too much, indecisiveness, focusing on appearance over content/function, being afraid of voicing your true opinion

Moon in Scorpio – moodiness, vindictiveness, depression, getting too involved with your emotions… paranoia, jealousy and power games, keeping secrets or becoming obsessed with figuring out others, if you dabble with witchcraft or energy be very careful at these times because this is a time you may ignore free will and push negative intentions onto others

Moon in Sagittarius – not paying attention to details, being too idealistic with ideas and projects – you may forget necessary “real world” facets of what you’re dealing with, feeling constrained and lashing out to cut yourself free from people/places, you may be insensitive to others’ emotions and perspectives, you may end up being too hard to pin down or be paranoid that others are trying to control you

Moon in Capricorn – pessimism, heaviness, seeing the problems in everything, feeling like nothing will work out, getting too focused on the problem over the solutions, walling yourself away from others

Moon in Aquarius – being so removed from “reality” in your focus and thinking that others don’t relate to you, being critical of tradition and “regular” people/habits/views, feeling like others don’t understand you, paranoia and conspiracy tendencies, not being sensitive to others’ emotions

Moon in Pisces – being so floaty and dreamy you don’t get anything done, getting into confusion and daydreaming more than is good for you, addiction patterns, escapism, victimhood, trying to avoid responsibility, absorbing others’ emotions and being weighed down by the state of the world

Now, you know more about the shadow potentials of each moon cycle! I really hope you found this eye-opening!

Make sure to take a look at the other moon cycle articles as well, to deepen your understanding and gain the “magical advantage” in navigating daily life!



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