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What Would Your Eternal Soul Want You To Know Right Now? Unlock Your Divine Path Through Love With Guidance From A Higher Perspective…

The internet is full of advice on love and relationships from people all over the world… But did you know the best and most illuminating insights I’ve had on my own journey have come from a completely different source?

Well, the most transformative insights I’ve ever found for love and relationships come from a higher perspective than the here and now – they deal with the bigger picture, and somehow they seem to see exactly what’s going on beneath the surface…

So here are 5 of my favorite spiritual insights and words of wisdom for love and relationships:


In most articles on love and relationships we’re being told to change, to do something, to become different in order to have the love we want. You may have seen the websites and products with “tricks” to get men to love you, conversational hypnosis to attract the right person or spells to secure a great relationship…
But what the universe teaches us is in many ways the opposite. Namely, that all you need to do to have your most amazing love relationship, is to be YOU!

The spiritual truth is you are MADE for the love that is perfect for you! You are the way you are for a reason. Your likes, your dislikes, your passions, your strengths, your seeming weaknesses… Together they all make up one very unique love partner for someone (a few to choose from, according to the universe) who is perfect for you!

In universal law, there is always a corresponding point to each polarity. So the very fact that YOU exist as you are, means the perfect partner for you exists too! So paradoxically, honoring your uniqueness and centering into your own truth is the “magic” that will attract that ideal love to you.

Know that you’re on the track to being your most amazing self. Simply by chiseling away the extraneous – the outside stories and demands. Think of yourself as Michelangelo, freeing yourself from the marble. Revealing the work of art, the angel that was always there!

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When seeking our ideal relationship, looking for a partner or working on a current partnership, it can be challenging to stay positive all the time. Especially if you’ve had your heart broken and are struggling to stay positive about love…

Well, I have a secret weapon for you that can uplift you, help your heart heal and invite in love from a place of feeling safe and good… No pushing yourself to dive in the deep end before you feel ready!

This tool is so easy and enjoyable and the best thing is, it raises your vibration and activates your heart without you needing to be with a partner. It paves a positive path for love ahead.

The simple and wonderful tool is gratitude: Research has shown that people who keep a gratitude for just 3 weeks are 20% happier than those who don’t – and in spiritual terms it invites in more and more to be grateful for!

It’s also really simple: You just spend a few minutes writing a gratitude list daily. It can be small things or big things. From your cute pet to your well-paid job, from a cup of delicious coffee to a wonderful friend you have… It doesn’t matter how small or big the things are, the key is nurturing gratitude.

This can be a warp speed entry to a powerful positive shift – inviting in love! and attracting the love you truly deserve – including with an existing partner).



This is another deep and wonderful insight I keep getting for clients.

The truth is: You are exactly where you are supposed to be for your journey.

Sometimes the biggest thing that needs to happen is just to get you to a certain location or acquainted with a particular connector person or into a particular state of mind – so that you are a match to what you’ve asked to show up.

Sometimes you’ll feel like ‘nothing is happening’ but behind the scenes things are still lining up. Trust that when you set your intention, things begin to move around, shift, prepare. People are brought to you, information shows up, new paths become visible that haven’t seemed to exist before…<

If you look back you’ll see examples of this in your life already – that when you thought nothing would change, something amazing was in fact right around the corner. Keep your eyes open, and know it will happen. You are exactly where you need to be.



Another amazing insight is the power of opposites. What do I mean by this? When done correctly, you can ‘cure’ things and adjust things to more positivity by applying its polar opposite.

For example, if you’re feeling jealous of someone’s good fortune or worried about the future…

Imagine the situation to be the opposite of your fear. Picture yourself with those things you desire. Picture everything going well. Swap the situation around mentally.

This can be so powerful! It not only makes you feel better there and then, but aligns you with more and more positive developments and experiences down the line.


The following is something that has helped me relax into my own journey and enjoy life so much more.

On your journey when something appears to fall away, or it feels like things are changing uncomfortably, do not fear. Because these things are happening in order to make room for what you have asked the universe for, the prayers you have made, the intentions you have set.

Your path might not seem clear right now, but in order to make room for the new, the old must first shift.

Have trust that things are working out for the best, because this aligns your energy with it happening more smoothly and quickly.

There is always a reason why something is happening. Have you perhaps experienced this yourself in the past?

Say your teenage boyfriend broke up with you and you were devastated at the time, but it turned out your soul mate was right around the corner and you’d never have met them if you were still with that old boyfriend?

Or, you lost your job and thought it was the worst thing that ever happened to you, but in the long run you ended up starting your own business because of it… and now you earn more and enjoy life more than you ever did at your old job?

Do comment below about your experiences with this, I’d love to hear from you!

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