Deciphering Soul Mates, Twin Flames, Karmic Partners and More…

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Deciphering Soul Mates, Twin Flames, Karmic Partners and More…


How Do You Know If You’ve Met Your Twin Flame Or Soul Mate? What’s The Difference? And What Is A Karmic Partner? What’s The Purpose Of It All? Learn All The Key Info Here…

After being a Twin Flame coach and exploring this connection ever since the beginning of my own spiritual journey 7 years ago, I’m happy to share with you some key info today!

What are Twin Flames really? What’s a Karmic Partner? What’s the difference between a Twin Flame and a Soul Mate? Are Twin Flames fake? Is it just a trendy term?

Twin Flames are becoming a more and more widespread term, with celebrities from J-Lo to Megan Fox describing their partners as their Twin Soul and bringing a lot of attention to the subject!

I often get questions about these subjects – so today I’m giving you a run-down of the key differences and information on Twin Flames, Soul Mates and so-called Karmic Partners.


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Are Twin Flames Even Real?You may notice that there’s skepticism around the term, as if it’s been invented as a new trend (!) but it is truly a unique connection with a deep spiritual purpose.

My work with 10,000s of Twin Flames has confirmed that there are many facets of this connection that cannot be found elsewhere! Over 7 years I’ve heard from so many thousands of people who have shared the same extraordinary experiences, independently of each other – so I am logically certain it’s not just their imagination!

More and more Twin Flames are becoming aware of their connection all over the world in recent years – especially after Neptune returned to Pisces in 2012.

My own spiritual awakening happened after my Twin Flame activated my heart and unleashed dormant spiritual gifts in my system, and I was also lucky to meet a Soul Mate at 17 (via the internet, before that was very common!) so it’s something I’ve both experienced and gained insights on that I’m happy to share.

If you’re drawn to the subject of Twin Flames, you may also want to have a look at my other website which I founded in 2014 to assist Twins on the Ascension journey.

Your Soul Always Knows What’s Going On!

Above all, know that there’s no right or wrong to this process, and there are many beautiful experiences to be had with both a Soul Mate and a Twin Flame!

If you feel unsure what connection you’re in or whether a person is your Soul Mate, Twin Flame or Karmic Partner, remember that your SOUL is never in doubt. It’s just your human mind that gets into confusion about this.

So to find out the “truth”, go within, calm your mind and listen to your intuition. Your soul knows, and it “speaks to you” in the stillness.

Key Twin Flame Soul Mate Questions Answered!

So onto the questions:

#1) What are Twin Flames?

Twin Flames are in essence the closest soul mate connection there is. It’s very intense and magnetic – emotionally, sexually and above all energetically. In this universe, everything is energy in motion, including us deep down. Twin Flames are souls who vibrate at the exact same frequency – the so-called “Twin Flame Soul Song”. That’s why there’s such a magnetic and powerful attraction between Twins.

#2) How do you know if someone is your Twin Flame?

The most key thing is that when you’re with your Twin Flame you feel “home” in a soul-deep way. It’s in essence your “other self” – the “other half” of your soul. The connection FEELS different from anything else we can experience. For this reason, you’ll feel an irresistible urge to get close, to merge with them, as your souls want to reunite. You may have palpable sensations in your chakras, tingling in your heart. You may share dreams or dream that they’re giving you messages, you may feel their feelings, “hear” their voice in your mind or see the awakening sign 11:11 often around the time you meet or get closer.

#3) What is most significant about the Twin Flame journey?

It’s a journey of immense transformative love and awakening unlike any other. It’s the experience of meeting the original “other half” of your soul. In essence, it’s about journeying to true unconditional love. Twin Flames experience an incredibly heightened sexual and emotional connection that is so powerful that it truly is unlike anything else.

#4) Does everyone have a Twin Flame?

Everyone has Soul Mates but not everyone has a Twin Flame. They can sometimes feel similar but the Twin Flame connection is extra heightened and transformative. There’s a very unique reason why a soul chooses the Twin Flame path – to journey and experience the nature of separation versus oneness, and to reunite in unconditional love.

#5) What is the difference between a Twin Flame vs a Soul Mate?

Soul Mates vibrate at a similar frequency to us, deep down, whereas Twin Flames share an exact identical core soul frequency. The so-called “Twin Flame Soul Song”. It means the true Twin Flame connection is incredibly heightened and transformative, even more so than a “regular” soul mate connection. There are most often otherworldly and uncanny experiences and synchronicities between Twins, also called our “mirror soul”. (I have a video with further details on this here)

#6) What is a karmic partner?

It’s in essence a soul we attract to go through learning experiences and heal with. As we go through existence, we often experience pain, wounding, challenges and trauma, and it becomes unhealed “karma” in our being. Material and complexes that block us from living our best lives. In order to address and heal the wounds, to learn and evolve, many of us attract a so-called “karmic partner” who is in essence in our life to show up our wounds so we can learn to heal. They’re often very challenging connections.

#7) Why do karmic partners and Twin Flames often get confused?

Because our inner wounds also tend to be brought to the surface in the Twin Flame connection, as our system begins to open to unconditional love. The karmic connection also has a strong pull, as your souls want to come together to heal.

#8) What are some common misconceptions about Twin Flames?

The biggest misconception I see, and it’s super widespread, is the belief that it has to be difficult or full of drama. Or that there are set times for certain phases, like the idea that separation lasts for a certain amount of years. That’s not true at all! It’s such a common belief, and it, unfortunately, tends to attract that exact experience – drama, struggle and a lot of waiting. The truth is, it’s meant to be a journey of love. Difficulties between Twins are always due to energy blocks and negativity the two have taken on in their human life. Deep down the connection is all love.

#9) Are all Twin Flames destined to unite?

Yes, in essence. But so many get in their own way by getting caught up in the drama, not listening to their intuition and waiting to be rescued by some outside person or force… Instead of embracing their soul’s truth and the love they share deep down with their Twin Flame.

#10) How do you know if you HAVE a Twin Flame?

If you’re drawn to the subject, if you feel called to discover more about it, it usually means you’re being guided in that direction.

#11) What is my biggest piece of advice for those who are on the Twin Flame journey?

Remember it’s all about love. It’s not a test to endure. If it feels like it, something has gone off course along the way. It means blocks are working to show themselves to you. Once you “listen” and resolve them, the journey will open as it’s supposed to. You can get started with the Free Resources here.

#12) What do terms like runner and chaser mean? What is the divine feminine and masculine? Who embodies those traits? What is significant about being a DF and DM?

Since the beginning of my work with Twin Flames, I’ve been guided to avoid labels like “runner”, “chaser”, “DM” and “DF”. I know they’re incredibly popular in the Twin Flame scene but unfortunately, they tend to cause more drama and blocks. Using labels means we put limits and identity distortions on ourselves and it only attracts more struggle. I would advise all Twin Flames to pull back from the “standard rule book” and return to the inner knowing that above all, it’s a journey of love. And everyone’s journey is slightly different, so using rigid terms only causes problems. It’s about energy and love, and those are both fluid. When we try to control and label, we block love from flowing.

#13) What is the purpose of Twin Flames on earth?

To be teachers of unconditional love, for ourselves and others. It’s a spiritual journey of such intense magnetic attraction that it’s meant to bring the two counterparts together over and over until their hearts are fully open to the “divine union” of love.

For more on Twin Flames, have a look at my Twin Flame Oracle Card App here, and my “other” website Twin Flames 11:11.

#14) Isn’t it bad for people to be looking for their Twin Flame? Shouldn’t they just focus on being happy?

The Twin Flame experience is deep down a helpful and positive thing for people to understand –  provided we get the right spiritually attuned info and not the “drama version”. Because in essence the Twin Flame path about meeting ourselves and others in love, compassion and forgiveness. It’s a journey of becoming more whole within and to elevate how we function in relationships. That’s something I think every person on the planet would benefit from!

Summary about Twin Flames, Soul Mates and Karmic Partners…

Whatever you’re experiencing there are gifts and learning experiences to be gained. Remember there’s no “wrong way” to approach it, except to NOT listen to your intuition and your soul’s wisdom!

Whether you’ve met your Twin Flame, your Soul Mate or Karmic Partner, I wish you the most light filled experience for your path.

To check-in with your Soul and get more clarity on your journey, including calling in your Twin Flame or Soul partner, have a look here.

I hope you got some clarity from this article – please let me know in the comments what experiences YOU have had with these connections!

As always, I’m sending you love and light x


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