5 Ways To Attract The Love You Deserve

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Feel Like “Everyone Else” Is Living In Romantic Bliss And You’re Not? The Shift Can Be Simpler Than You Think… Discover My Major Game-Changers For Love

Did you know you already have all the necessary tools required to attract (and keep!) the love you deserve?

It might sound like a tall tale but it’s true. All of us do. (And if you could use some help in attracting your dreamy, ideal partner – or drawing out harmony in an existing relationship, click here for my Free Heart Activation Energy Clearing)

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The trick is not in making yourself over into something new, but anchoring into your uniqueness and understanding that you are already worthy and deserving of healthy, loving relationships and friendships!

Let These Simple Yet Powerful Tips Help You Get Started:


#1) Throw Away Negative Stereotypes!

We’ve all heard the clichés and stereotypes. “Men and women are different and can never truly understand each other. Men only want sex. Women are only interested in shopping, money and having babies”.

Some of these perceptions are cultural and some are societal, but all of them are beliefs many of us have come to accept. But if those are true, if men and women can never truly connect, how does anyone ever fall in love?


Simple. There is no one universal personality attribute, habit or behavior that every person follows. We are all unique; we are all our own selves, and finding your true love connection means finding the person with whom you can be your true self.

By throwing away negative stereotypes, you open yourself up to seeing the other person for who they really are – whoever they are and whether you’ve met them already or are looking for a partner.

Stereotypes and judgments are like deflective shields in our energy and block us from really seeing others who may be an amazing partner for us, and they can block us from being clear on the positives in an existing relationship. When we release stereotypes, we allow a person’s true radiance to be shown to us! 

That’s when we truly know whether we’re a match or not – when we judge we don’t ever truly get to know others, even if they might be the person who’d light our world up the way we’ve been longing for… Embracing the positive means you see others and potential partners, as well as yourself, as being worth loving and worthy of being loved.


#2) Find Your Own Perfect Partner – Not Someone Else’s!

Society has another bad habit — trying to convince us what sort of partner is “best” for us. Like negative stereotypes and clichés, there are lots of opinions about what makes someone worth loving.

Television, movies, advertising, our friends and family — everyone has an idea of what perfection is, but only you can know what is ideal for you.

We’ve gotten so used to being told what the “right” person – The Perfect 10 – is that so many of us haven’t learned to tell what will make US happy… When we rely on what others tell us and what we’re subliminally shown by advertising, movies and magazines, we can never truly find our own joy.

We’ll end up chasing after what we think SHOULD make us happy instead of listening to our hearts and learning what suits US the best.

Similarly, what works for your best friend isn’t necessarily going to work for you. The saying “every pot has its lid” is a quirky, funny little statement, but think about it… We all deserve to be our own, unique human beings. That means we deserve our own, unique partners who fit with us the way the lid fits on its own, special pot. In love, work to release what society has told you and get to know your own deeper self instead.

What if a guy with great hair or big abs, or even who shares your interests isn’t what will make you happy? What if your happiness really lies with someone who truly sees you and appreciates your personality?

Be open to shifting your perspective and you allow an amazing match to reveal itself…

#3) Be Responsible For Your Own Happiness

This is a tough one. A common misconception about love and relationships is that it’s up to partners to “make” each other happy.

That we are responsible, somehow, for “making” our partners happy, and at the same time, it’s their job to “make” us happy, too, and if one of us isn’t happy, the fault lies with the partner who failed.

The truth is, nobody else can “make” you feel anything. We are all the captains of our own emotional ships. Yes, sometimes others can cause the storm that rocks our boat, but it’s up to us, always, to navigate our emotions. We are responsible for making ourselves happy.

Happiness comes from within – and it’s not always easy to get there but that’s why I’m here writing to assist you into reaching into that space.

Ultimately, a relationship thrives when each person is invested in being satisfied, content, and emotionally fulfilled. When we are our own best selves, we can share that happiness with our partner, leading the way to true and blissful, glowing love.

What kind of relationship would you rather have? The sort in which you and your partner are more like opponents, at constant battle? Or lovers who support lift each other up?

By taking responsibility for your happiness, you can be there for a partner who needs support in a downtime. You can accept and move forward in your relationship, rather than stagnating and stewing over all the ways your partner has disappointed you and let you down, by not “making” you happy.

Aren’t you worth that sort of trusting, fulfilling love? (Of course, you are!)


#4) Operate From Love, Not Fear

Like attracts like, but fear and love are opposites. Yet, so many of us operate out of fear. Fear of being alone. Fear of being unloved. Fear of running out of time.

When you act out of fear, you’re more likely to push aside the love you could, and should, be attracting. From fear, you’ll accept less than you deserve, because you’re worried about missing your chance. Fear tells you that if you don’t hold out for what you deserve, you will end up with nothing.

Fear is a liar.

When you learn to act out of love, you’ll begin to attract love (instead of relationships and connections full of “issues”)!



#5) Recognize Your Own Value

Finally, this.

You are SO worthy of loving and being loved!

Let that soak in for a moment. Read it again. Perhaps even say it aloud, if you feel comfortable doing that.

You are SO worthy of loving and being loved!

The reason I say this is it’s not something most of us are taught or shown in life. Families can be so busy with their own issues that they forget to take the time to say or show it, society is full of messages that we MUST look a certain way to get approval and love… The perfect hair, the perfect body, the perfect peppy personality…

It’s not that we decide one day that we don’t deserve love… And it’s not that the world is just full of bad people. Sometimes, we get tangled up negatively on the inside – and it begins to attract negativity with others on our life’s path.

So it’s important to get to grips with this – to clear the underlying feelings of not being loved or worthy…

And create a new foundational belief of deservingness – to have that as your SETPOINT where you FEEL loved and loving on the inside every day and attract that back from others too.

We all know of the beautiful, talented woman who allows her partners to treat her badly, over and over. Or the goodhearted, kind man who ends up with partner after a partner that uses his generosity without giving him anything in return. We see those people and think, with a shake of our heads, “why don’t they just see they deserve better than that?”

What if those men and women are…you?

Recognizing our own value can be the hardest part of attracting the love we deserve. For all the reasons I mentioned above — from society’s stereotypes and expectations, to our own habitual, emotional stumbling blocks, so many of us find ourselves incapable of believing we are valuable. We don’t meet our own expectations, so we can’t attract partners who will meet them, either.

Your energetic alignment will attract a “mirror” to your own inner state. When you don’t recognize your own value, you will, unfortunately, attract partners who, in turn, don’t perceive you as valuable, either. To receive love and appreciation, it helps so much if you can love and appreciate YOURSELF!

I’ll say it once more because we can never hear it enough:

You are SO worthy of loving and being loved!

Are you ready to begin learning how energy factors into relationships and how to activate your heart to attract the love you truly deserve?

Remember, you are SO worthy of loving and being loved!

It’s just about finding the right steps to take to align your inner world and vision so you can perceive it, attract it, experience it! Once you get started, you’ll realize it’s simpler than you might think.

And do let me know what you thought of this post – I can’t wait to hear from you!

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3 x


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  1. Jamie Lawrence

    This really lifted my spirits, thank you!

  2. thirdeyeascended

    I AM worthy. I AM love. Blessings to everyone

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  1. Jamie Lawrence

    This really lifted my spirits, thank you!

  2. thirdeyeascended

    I AM worthy. I AM love. Blessings to everyone

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