Fear Vs Intuition – 4 Keys To Knowing The Difference

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Discover The 4 Simple Keys To Discerning True Intuition! Knowing This Helps Avoid Chaos, Mistakes, Struggle… And Lifts You Into A State Of Guided Choices, Calm And Improved Wellbeing

We’re in the middle of an unprecedented time as a society, and are facing instability and increased risk both in our personal lives and in business and work. As an intuitive coach and mind-body-spirit author, I am often asked:

“How do we genuinely tell what our true intuition feels like?” How do we know if it’s true intuition or ego, imagination or even fear?

In a time like this, it’s something we can all benefit from honing in on. So in today’s article I’ll be giving you some key info and 4 simple keys to discerning between true intuition and fear.


The Power Of True Intuition

True intuition can guide us to amazing places. It can help us make decisions no one else would have thought of, it gives us brilliant ideas and inspirations for creations, strategies and plans.

Fear, however, can get us tangled up and make mistakes. It can create stumbling blocks, self-sabotage and have us make the wrong move at the wrong time.

The art of discerning true intuition can be the difference between a major success and mediocrity. It is the stuff that separates genius from madness. And it can cause major losses and detours when we don’t get it right!

So let’s establish the main differences and similarities and pinpoint how to truly tune into genuine guidance and how to filter out fear when it’s not needed.

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What is fear really, and what is its purpose?

Well, the simple answer is it’s a biological survival mechanism. As humans, we have actually hardly changed since the stone-age in terms of body and neurology.

Our ancestors relied on fear to keep them safe from predators and other dangers. At that point in history and beyond, it was a crucial part of our system. Without fear, our ancestors wouldn’t have survived to pass on their genes to us, in essence.

And then, what is intuition?

It’s often called our “sixth sense”, a sense of knowing that goes beyond our physical senses. A feeling of being guided by a higher power, our own soul or something beyond what we can put our finger on factually. Often, people describe it as a gut feeling. In essence, it’s often a very subtle sensation and we can’t quite explain it.

And that’s where the trouble with fear vs intuition comes in. Because both happen on the feeling level. This is why it can be so hard to know whether or not we truly are being intuitively guided to a choice, a change, a risk or opportunity…


So to discern between fear and intuition, we have to gain clarity first of all.


To start with, what can we do to find the glimmer of gold in a room full of clutter? Well, tidying sure makes it easier.

When we can calm our mind, when we can take a little time daily to sit quietly and breathe, we begin to experience wonderful things. And it is a powerful helper in tapping into more of that elusive power of intuition!

One of the first things we experience when we can take just 5-10 minutes of time to sit still and breathe daily, we begin to realize just how many thoughts and stresses are running riot in our minds! And when we do, we gain a different perspective. Meditation or quiet time also helps our body relax. And this helps us stay calm, and allows intuition to stand out more.

On the physical level, fear is often low-level and chronic. It’s a part of modern life. When we don’t change our body’s chemistry and emotions and thoughts, it’s always stuck in a state of tension. Full of static.

So meditation really helps the body reset itself. To release chronic tension and stress. And when we do this regularly, we begin to notice our emotions and physical reactions more. We become able to feel the fear instead of assuming it to be a normal state.

And then, intuition stands out more. This is a powerful process that may not sound particularly fun but truly delivers major results, especially over time. And from a spiritual perspective, when we meditate or relax, we allow the tense energies of fear and stress to release so we can notice guidance more clearly.

Over time, meditation helps us deal with stress and fear better, and enables us to more clearly perceive those intuitive hunches and make wiser decisions… Even when we’re back in the middle of stressful situations.

4 Key Tips For Differentiating Between Fear And Intuition.


1) What does fear feel like?


Begin to pay attention. Where in your body does it occur? What emotions surround it? Usually fear feels urgent, immediate and edgy. It causes our sweat glands to activate when strong enough. It causes our heart to race uncomfortably. It feels tight and constrictive. Intuition do not cause any of these.


2) What thoughts trigger fear the most in you?


Begin to recognize it. When you do, you reclaim control, and you can choose to take it with a pinch of salt. Usually fear is based in mental “what if” scenarios, even on the unconscious level. Trace your fears to their ultimate conclusion. This can help reveal them for what they are.


3) What does intuition feel like?

Begin to pay attention. Do you get a particular sensation when you feel someone is lying to you? Where in your body? What does that sensation feel like?

It’s usually a firm KNOWING feeling. Often people feel it in their stomach, but not uncomfortably. It feels certain, but it does not feel pressured. Sometimes positive intuition – being nudged to take a guided risk – can come as a fluttering sensation of excitement and light in the body.


4) Knowing vs chasing:

Intuition feels like a deeper level knowing, above all. Intuition does not operate with a “missing out” paradigm. Yes, it can nudge us powerfully, but it doesn’t feel like a chase. It feels most often like being guided firmly and kindly. Fear is like a static on the surface, especially when it’s mentally based. Go deeper, to feel knowing.

Understanding ourselves is a key to this art of discernment. Think of your body and subtle intuition as an instrument, or a thermometer. When you can learn to accurately interpret its messages, you can reap major rewards.

The incredible thing is, that the more we work to release fear and relax our body, the more available we are to “necessary” fear if it should arise. If we have fear inside and around us on a daily basis, it doesn’t stand out. But when we can bring moments of peace into our lives, finding calm in the eye of the storm by going within, we are fully able to feel it if something poses a true threat.


Releasing fear paradoxically makes us more easily able to recognize when a risk is not worth it, when there is a true danger to our life or when a person doesn’t have our highest interests at heart.

Learning to tune into true intuition versus fear, is a skill that positively impacts our lives on all levels. It truly can change our choices, our path and our destiny for the better!

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3


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  1. UnicornGirl

    My thing is, I always feel it in my stomach and the more I listened and it was proved right the more I recognized the feeling. If you pay attention you start to notice it I think. Maybe it’s different for different people but your body/system will always let you know! Blessings to everyone

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1 Comment

  1. UnicornGirl

    My thing is, I always feel it in my stomach and the more I listened and it was proved right the more I recognized the feeling. If you pay attention you start to notice it I think. Maybe it’s different for different people but your body/system will always let you know! Blessings to everyone

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