Now onto the positives! Some couples seem to have that “special thing” mere mortals dream of – the special spark that keeps two people enchanted with each other even after 20 years of marriage.

Who seem to live in an eternal honeymoon daze, with deep mutual trust for each other. Couples who share love year after year and seemingly have eyes for no one else but their partner.

No, They’re Not Aliens Or Liars

It’s not a myth – most of us have seen one of these couples, like rare flowers in a desert… Kissing in the supermarket, doting on each other over dinner, gazing into each other’s eyes, holding hands on a park bench… in love even if they’re 80 years old and have been married for over half a century.

In my work, I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes couples like that tick, and what brought them together in the first place. And I promise you: No, they’re not from another planet. No, they’re not lying to us about how in love they are.

The Secret Sauce That Blissful Romance Is Made Of

The real truth is that these people have for some reason internalized all the keys to Love. They’ve had the ideal “factors” line up, often accidentally and because of their own inner makeup.

But the great news is we “mere mortals” can replicate this “recipe”!

Once you know what the “recipe” is, you can begin to implement these things in your own life and dramatically shift your ability to attract and experience satisfying, blissful love. I’d like to share the “magic sauce” with you!

It’s OK If You’re Feeling Skeptical

And OK – I know if you’ve been hurt before you might be scrunching your nose up right now. I get it. No hard feelings. Because I also know there’s a little voice in the back of your head that’s calling to you that you should read further… that it really is possible. That maybe true love isn’t just a myth.

This is your soul speaking. Your own deeper faculties. And you know what? This little voice of hope has been trying to guide you to love for a long time. That’s why you’re here reading this in the first place, why you found this website.

So let your inner critic take a back seat for a minute and read. You’ll thank yourself for it later. What have you got to lose?

#1 Flip Your Perspective – Inside Out

Do you love yourself? The fastest way to attract harmonious, loving relationships is to heal and uplift your own relationship with yourself. The people who seem to have a “magical” ability to attract happiness, appreciation and love in romance – they dwell in a state of inner positivity.

For some reason, in some way, they have built up the internal feeling that they’re “good enough”, that they deserve love, that good things happen to them in life.

Whether they did it deliberately, had wonderfully attentive parents or were just “born that way”. An inner state of self love and appreciation always will always attract back its outer mirror.

#2 Know Thyself. What Are You Really Looking For?

The people who enjoy satisfying, blissful love are those who know their own inner motivations, passions and values well enough to go looking for what will truly make them happy. Being true to themselves also helps them bond with partners based in honesty and trust, instead of ending up with someone who doesn’t truly understand them.

#3 Use Your “Magic”

Know that true, blissful, toe-curling romance and love really can happen for you – but you have to be an active part in making it happen. Your ideal partner is out there – there are nearly 8 billion people on the planet so anything else would be unthinkable. But a key thing here is:

You have the power to affect and influence circumstances – whether you call it wishing, praying, manifesting, the “secret” or intention-setting. And you benefit from using these powers consciously. Successful people (whether it’s regarding love or business) do this.

They might not call it magic or praying or manifesting, but somehow they’ve internalized it – they use their creative faculties to shape and shift circumstances to give them what they desire.

#4 Let Go of The Past

The happiest people, those who enjoy harmony and bliss in their relationships, have made it a habit to forgive and let go of the past. When we hold onto old hurts and fear repeated pain in love, we hold ourselves back from enjoying the here and now.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy, because hurt goes deep, but I’ve discovered with clients that energy healing is a profound help in resolving old wounds and moving beyond past pain.

#5 Be Heart-Lead, Not Just Mind-Lead

Love must be experienced. It’s something we cannot think our way to. Those who are happiest in love are usually less mind-oriented types, either by choice or by nature.

They’re relatively relaxed about their future and have trust that things will work out well – focusing most on the “feeling compass” of their hearts. In this way they avoid the fear and worry of the mind, that so often clogs up and complicates relationships.

#6 Forget About What Friends/Family/Society Think

The happiest people are those who are true to themselves. And people who are unapologetic about who they are, tend to attract partners who appreciate them for who they really are deep down.

They have no doubts whether someone is “right” for them or not, so they don’t end up in relationships where they later discover that they’re not really a match.

This fosters happy, mutually respectful and positive relationships that have a strong foundation to keep happiness for the decades, not just the initial romance.

#7 Cultivate Positive Habits

Some people are seemingly born with positive habits – focusing on the good things in life and being relaxed about negatives. Science shows that happiness is mostly rooted in our habits of thinking and perceiving the world around us and that we can alter our inner workings to become happy even if we’ve had a past of depression and heaviness.

And those who have a positive, optimistic focus tend to attract others who are the same – creating relationships that are harmonious and enjoyable.

Over time we “mere mortals” can internalize these positive habits


#8 They Know Their Strengths And Good Sides

When we know our own talents, strengths, and what makes us the most beautiful inside and out, it makes us positively magnetic to attracting loving interactions with others. Feeling beautiful and confident attracts different, happier interactions with others.

Whether it’s your bright smile and your kind nature, or your mesmerizing eyes and your skill at playing an instrument or other aspects of you – knowing what makes you beautiful in your own way, is a powerful part of attracting love and appreciation back from others. Be-you-tiful!

#9 Policy of Honesty – But Be Nice About It!

When we’re able to be honest with our partner through good and potentially bad, we give the relationship a chance to continually grow. What seems like a challenge often becomes an opportunity to get even closer and for love to grow deeper. Gentle honesty is something that nurtures and builds a strong relationship.

#10 Be Open With Each Other

The happiest relationships tend to be those where people confide in their partner, not with outside friends and family.

If a guy feels more comfortable talking to his buddies than his girlfriend, that relationship will be hard-pressed to ever grow beyond physical intimacy – and the same goes for females.

When both sides unite in the center of a relationship, love becomes the communal ground where happiness and satisfaction grow deeper and stronger with time.

#11 Look For The Light And the Good in Each Other…

… and in everyone and everything. In happy relationships, you’ll find that the two people tend to look for the best in each other. To see each other’s potential and look for the positives.

Not only does this create an environment where both feel understood and loved, but these couples help and support each other to become the best versions of themselves. Allowing each other to blossom.

They grow together. Many couples grow *apart* with time but those who share trust and mutual support grow *together*, no matter the circumstances. Relationships like these are like a sanctuary to the two partners, no matter what is happening on the outside

So now you know the 11 positive keys you might be thinking – sure, this makes sense. But how do I implement it?

How can things actually change in a real life way for me?

I get it. I’ve been there too. And that’s why I do this work – to give you actual solutions!