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After a sudden spiritual awakening which unleashed latent intuitive gifts, Cassady started her blog sharing high vibrational channeled messages and resources with others in Ascension – helping people connect with their inner divinity and their soul’s purpose.


” Life is a dance, you are constantly in movement, from one place to the next, from one project to the next.”

Be Like a Ballerina

From “101 Messages Of Love From The Universe”

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7 Things To Give Up For A Happier Love Life

Posted By Cassady CayneCassady Cayne - May 12, 2020

What if the Most Powerful Thing Was to Let Go? Find out more here…

Our Instincts Usually Tell us to Seek More and More Insights, Answers and Explanations to Make Everything OK… But it can lead us into complication, confusion and entrenched issues. So today I’m taking you a different route to a happier and smoother journey…

Sometimes shifting our perspective can release and open up to new shifts. Moving around any resistance we’ve built in.

Giving Up These 7 Things Can Dramatically Improve Your Love Life


– Would you rather be happy or would you rather be right?

Everyone’s journey unfolds at their own pace. If your partner or desired lover isn’t getting your perspective, don’t be mad at them – help them understand. Explain things calmly and be open to different perspectives.

We live in a society that teaches us that the world is divided into clear “right” and “wrong” but the truth is everyone sees the world through their unique lens based on their experiences and background. In relationships, fighting to be “right” will only create more and more conflict.

I grew up with parents who focused on this and they were constantly arguing, still I hear them debating silly things like who was to blame for buying the wrong kind of potatoes at the grocery store. Conflict is a foundational pattern that affects our relationships so much.

For a happy love connection, be willing to allow for different perspectives. It’s OK to disagree sometimes. And when we allow others space for their opinions, they tend to be a lot more open to adjusting and finding the best SHARED ways of doing things. Be a team, not opponents.

Complaints and blame only serve to reinforce more negativity. 

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Dr Wayne Dyer


The Now Moment is the only truth – past and future are constructs, they only truly exist in the mind.

Many people unwittingly keep negative love and relationship cycles around by thinking about the past, holding onto old grudges, old hurt and staying in outdated modes of thinking. Letting go of the past allows you to step into new joy.

Holding onto the past lowers your vibration and holds you back from the happy harmonious love and romance you desire. Forgiveness and moving away from focusing on the past can powerfully change things for the better.

I know that it’s not always easy, but have a look at this article on forgiveness for some helpful perspectives on how to let go of old hurt in a way that serves you. Remember that you don’t have to let hurt happen again, but release yourself from the past events and feelings so you don’t unwittingly keep that negative energy around.

Clearing cords and attachments can free up your journey so much and makes it easier to step into forgiveness.

In the Free Heart Activation session I take you through we go through clearing negative attachments and healing old wounds in order to remove any negative pull on your energies and emotions.


You are here to live your unique journey, not to repeat other people’s experiences

We are all here uniquely make a new story, to evolve the human experience and conception of love. Other people’s previous experiences and opinions mostly get in the way of this – releasing beliefs around love and relationships can create huge shifts for the better.

Through family/friends, popular culture and hearsay most of us have been told things like: “Men are only after one thing”, “Marriages don’t last”, “Men always cheat”, “Women only love you for your money” and so on and so forth. Our culture is full of limiting and hurtful belief structures around love.

We are all here with a unique soul signature, where our heart’s “wiring” to a particular form of love makes us an ideal fit with another person whose signature resonates with ours – a “soul mate”. Inside, you have a perfect “recipe” for your “perfect” unique journey and relationship. Go within and tune into your soul’s knowing.

I take you through activating your heart and connecting you energetically with your ideal partner in the Free Heart Activation Session here – whether or not you’ve already met them!

Energy management tools are an amazing way to eradicate limiting belief structures, align you with your higher faculties and open up to your soul’s insights.

This is why all my work focuses on Energy – energy tools and management can be adapted to any situation, so you have methods to make your unique situation work for you no matter what. Have a look at my flagship coaching and energy healing program here, where I take you through it all.


– Don’t believe everything you think/read/see/hear

Human beings have an innate need to find elaborate reasons and intricate explanations for how things are. Ever since the stone age people have been painting, telling stories and explaining with mythology why things are the way they are – from African stories of roaring lions in the sky creating thunder to the vikings with Thor’s hammer…

We seek explanations everywhere, but often all we come up with is an elaborate story that just makes things even more complicated. Look at any ancient myth and it provides a very good “reason” why things are the way they are – without it being accurate or helpful.

Our journey through life and with love is much, much simpler than we tend to make out. It’s all about energy.

What determines whether your love life is harmonious or chaotic and fraught with problems, is your energy vibration and your core beliefs. The actual hows and whats of your journey actually make very little difference.

Unfortunately, if you’re heavy with congestion, limiting belief structures and negative karma, this will keep you out of alignment with the love and happiness you desire. (Read more about this here)

This is why you can have read all the self help books info in the world, use crystals, do yoga, follow a healthy diet, pray every night still be stuck in problems!

In order to experience harmony, your energy must be aligned with it. This means clearing out all the stuff that’s been keeping you weighed down in a low vibration. Energy attracts its like. Like with a radio, it’s like being tuned into Metal FM and expecting classical music. It won’t happen, unfortunately.

You have to change the channel. In energy terms – you have to raise your vibration and clear out the old baggage that has been weighing it down.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter what’s come before or what we call it – when your energy shifts, your love connection and your life situation begin to shift positively as well! (Have a look here for some other people’s experiences)

#5) LIMITING BELIEFS (about love/life/yourself)

Again, most of us grow up with the habit of looking outside of ourselves for advice and guidance and reinforcement. We’re taught to look to teachers, parents, gurus, religious leaders, even god or the universe to help us, to fix things, to show us the way…

In the new energy shift on planet earth things are changing – we and the Earth are in Ascension. We are evolving emotionally, spiritually, energetically. Our souls are pushing us away from the old. We are being asked to move away from seeking outside of ourselves, and instead embrace our inner power.

    “Stop acting so small, you are the universe in ecstatic motion” – Rumi

We are infinite beings living an earth experience. The old pattern was to look outside for answers, perpetuating the cycle of seeking and searching and needing to be saved, for divine intervention to make things right.

The new pattern is self empowerment, embracing our own divinity – to not look to outsiders to connect us to a higher power but to know that we are always connected to that infinite consciousness from the “inside out”. To know that we are the ones creating our experience, and then to adjust accordingly. To know that we are our own “saviors”.

When we begin to shift our approach, our reality shifts along with it. Warning: This may cause “miracles.”


– Stepping out of the deadlock of judgment means being free to flow with love

Most human beings have an energy program running which is to hold onto facts, labels and judgments – things we “know” are right versus what’s wrong. Rigid definitions.

But unfortunately, labels and preconceptions become unconscious recipes for manifestation. For example, when we know that conflict between men and women is very common, or we have accepted the idea that men often cheat, our unconscious faculties take this in and make it a part of our reality.

The unconscious mind doesn’t “understand” the difference between true and false or damaging and helpful – it just absorbs what we are exposed to.

Energy and love are by nature free flowing. So holding onto judgments and definitions blocks us from being open to flow with love, new insights and new developments.

Clearing the energy behind our limiting beliefs can powerfully transform our journey for the better.

Most of the damaging beliefs that trip us up are deeply unconscious – but we can trace them through reading our current experiences. As an example: Believing that Life is Hard translates to constant struggle, and feeling like nothing ever changes for the better in life. ..

Try to find new ways of talking and thinking about your life. Focus on the positives. It will help you to avoid blocking your energy and to not tap into other people and society’s limitations.

Words are incredibly powerful – not only do we create and manifest with our voice (“in the beginning was the word”) but when we use certain words, we tune into the energy others have put into it as well.

Redefining your journey with new words helps free you from experiencing negativity. And it above all opens you to fully experiencing your joys and your journey – not observing through a filter of others’ judgment and collective stories.


Look deeper: the surface is a masquerade

One of humanity’s greatest sources of suffering is separation. To always be apart from others, from the universe. As some people love to say: “We’re born alone and we die alone.”

Energetically this is completely untrue! Energy has no limits, when we love someone we are connecting no matter how far away they are geographically. On the energy planes, we are all made of the same substance. The perceived separation of the physical body is only a tiny part of reality.

When we shift our perspective to focus on the inner truth that when we love someone we are always connected, we know that there is no danger after all. We will never be abandoned, we will never be rejected, we will never be broken apart. We are energy. We are all consciousness, living in human bodies. And consciousness knows no bounds.

Humanity’s focus on the limited body causes so many fears. Really, all of life, all of earth is energy.

Like physicists have known for decades – energy shifts but it never dies.



    “We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness.” —Thich Nhat Hanh


I hope you found this article insightful and inspiring – when we shift our perspectives, it affects our whole being and opens to a higher state of existence.

Do comment below – what will YOU be letting go of for a happier journey moving forward?


And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey

– I believe in you! <3





PS: Remember to download the Free Heart Activation Session and my eBook on 11 Keys to Attracting and Keeping True Love, which gives you a powerful boost into a higher state!

Or, to go deeper, enroll in my full Love Blueprint program where I take you through it step by step – all you have to do is listen along with my voice.

(Take a look here for others’ experiences with my work to see what kind of results you can expect)

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Reclaiming Inner Peace – Fuelling Up With Nourishing Golden Light (New Session)

Posted By Cassady CayneCassady Cayne - May 2, 2020


What If A Higher State Was At Your Fingertips All Along? Golden Light Infusion And Activation – New Energy Journey…

As you already know, we’re in the middle of a challenging time as a society. Even those of us who aren’t especially sensitive, are feeling the tension and fear around. There’s worry about the future.

Negative scenarios, news and social media posts about lockdown, virus and financial problems are coming at us from every angle…

Even if we’re healthy and safe, most of us are feeling drained on a deeper level. Tired of feeling trapped and like there’s no light ahead. Most of us are tense and out of sorts in body, mind and emotions.

It’s a time when we may need a little extra help, a little more self love and care to feel like ourselves again. To feel good in our own space. 

So to help you fuel up with support, love and strength at this time of turmoil, I’ve created an immersive energy journey to help you step into calm, inner peace and fuel up with light and energetic support for your system.

What I was guided to create, is a Golden Light Infusion and Activation.


A powerful energy journey to above all fill up with the experience of being completely loved, cherished, safe and held by the universe.

In this session I also take you through clearing out fear (which you may be tapping into unconsciously via news, social media, people around you and the “collective fields”) through multiple activations of your system, shielding and protection, opening to the “new era” higher consciousness of love and unity.

In addition to the powerful energy work I take you through, this new channeled session is set to 432hz music, which is often called “Nature’s Healing Frequency”…

Known to ease anxiety, bring down heart rate and blood pressure, and generally have a soothing effect, promoting a sense of peace and well being.

It is said to assist the body and our energy flow to harmonize and function better, even assisting the release and transmutation of negativity.

Have a look at some of the feedback that’s been coming in:

“I did your Golden Light Infusion meditation several hours ago and immediately felt calmer” – Moira

“This new session is exactly what I have been hoping for, as a help and support.” – Jessica

“As an empath I’ve been feeling the collective fear and negative energy daily and it’s been so strong! Since doing this meditation I’ve felt so much at peace. I’m already feeling that guidance is incoming” – Wendy

“Just wanted to add my experiences with the new session – it’s amazing! I did it twice so far. The day after the first time I could feel and see the golden, glowing crown above me the whole day long, and I felt a strong, loving presence of my own Higher self, kind of like, right behind me, and above me, lifting me up. I instantly felt stronger and calmer.  Thank you so much, again, for this, Cassady! This is really powerful. ” – Mein Stern

If you’ve been longing for a return to peace and inner wellness, this is for you. If you’ve been worried about the future, stressed or feeling out of sorts emotionally, mentally or physically since this virus outbreak began – you’ll gain deep solace and healing from this.

To learn more and download, click here.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

PS: If you haven’t already, you can also download my Free Heart Activation Session here!

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the universe speaks are you listening

“The Universe Speaks, Are You Listening?” Book Launch! (Plus Free Bonus Gift)

Posted By Cassady CayneCassady Cayne - April 22, 2020

111 High Vibrational Oracle Messages On Love, Healing And Existence to Unlock Your Inner Light… Plus, Get A Special Gift From Me When You Order!


I’m thrilled to be sharing exciting news with you today:

In the middle of this challenging time in our world, I have something to bring you love, light and positivity.

My book “The Universe Speaks, Are You Listening?” is out on Hay House today!

In the book I share loving messages from the Universe, including Soul Exercises, Powerful Perspective Changers and insights on Energy, Eternity, Self and Relationships to help you Anchor into a Higher State in your daily life…

To Stay Connected with Light, and Turn Hardship into Seeds of Transformation and Growth.

To Understand the Deeper Reasons why your Journey has been the way it has, and how to Alchemize your Path, Activating your Divinity from Within…



What if you could access the source of all knowledge and use it to silence self-doubt, calm inner conflict, and direct decisions? This book will show you the way…

Whenever you need urgent guidance, you can tap into the wisdom you seek by opening the book at whatever page you feel called to. Or read it from cover to cover to saturate your soul in the infinite intelligence at hand.

The Universe’s unconditional love and support is available to everyone—including you. Let this book kindle the fire inside you, light you up, and speak directly to your heart. All you need do is ask.”

“Cassady Cayne is a pure soul whose connection to spirit conveys heart-warming wisdom” – Matt Kahn, empathic medium, YouTube sensation and author of ‘Everything Is Here To Help You’

“Cassady is an old soul born with strong gifts of the spirit, a natural born intuitive healer, multitalented when it comes to working in the spirit realm.” – Hans Christian King, award-winning psychic and author


So many of you have been asking me for a physical oracle and book for a long time now, and you’ll finally be able to get that! Order here to anywhere in the world, and you also get a Free Bonus Gift from me as a thank you!

This book has been in the work for years and in the book I share with you my own background and story… And I take you through the ups and downs and spiritual awakening which took me by COMPLETE surprise and has lead me to where I am talking to you here today!

I’m so excited to be sharing this offering of love and light with you! 111 High-Vibrational Channeled Messages On Love, Healing And Existence To Unlock Your Inner Light. An oracle. A friend. A direct link to guidance…

Take a look at this video for more on the book and my story behind it.

Again, when you order the book here, you also get a bonus offering from me as a special thank you!


I can’t wait to hear what you think!

And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey! x <3


(PS: How to get Oracle messages from the eBook or while you wait for your physical copy;
Scroll until you feel guided to stop, or ask for a number between 1-111 for which message is most pertinent for you right now! Then notice what visual or heard number shows up in your mind, and look it up! This method is great because it also strengthens your intuitive channel!)

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hay house you can heal your life summit 2020

Join Me For Hay House’s “You Can Heal Your Life” Summit! (Free)

Posted By Cassady CayneCassady Cayne - April 21, 2020

Powerful Online Workshops, Sessions And Interviews With Leading Authors And Teachers… To Uplift, Transform And Heal


I’m so excited to share that I’m speaking at this year’s “You Can Heal Your Life” summit by Hay House alongside incredible authors and teachers such as Gabrielle Bernstein, Deepak Chopra, Dr Christiane Northrup and more!

It’s such an honor to be in this lineup with the world’s top thought leaders in spirituality, mindfulness and wellness, and I can’t wait to share my session with you!

The summit is Free to attend, and offers hours of amazing content, sessions, workshops and transformations. Light-filled wisdom and extraordinary tools for living your best life.

Click here to sign up now for Free!

Beginning April 30, you can begin watching and listening to all 90 lessons from the comfort of your own home – including my session on how to co-create your ideal journey with the help of the Universe.


Some feedback from previous You Can Heal Your Life Summits… 

“I can’t quantify the joy this has brought me.”  Sheryl R. 
 “What a precious gift. It’s bringing back my happiness!” Constance Z. 
 “The most powerful healing I’ve ever had!” Davina K. 
 “Absolutely brilliant! I was hanging on every word.” Beth R.

I can’t wait to “see” you on the summit!

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3



PS: If you want more spiritual advice and inspiration for your path, do sign up to my newsletter to be notified when I have new articles up on the blog!

You also get my Free Love Transformation Pack – 10 Days To A Higher State Of Love:

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How To Live Your Most Blissful Life – Even In Times Of Struggle (Free Session)

Posted By Cassady CayneCassady Cayne - April 20, 2020

Join Me At Hay House’s “You Can Heal Your Life Summit” And Learn How To Begin Receiving The Immense Support Of Universal Love, In My Special Session And Immersive Energy Journey…


As you may know, I’m speaking at Hay House’s “You Can Heal Your Life” Summit this week!

I’m thrilled to speaking alongside leading authors and healers including Deepak Chopra, Gabrielle Bernstein, Dr Christiane Northrup and more! And I know this will be a wonderful and transformative resource for many – in the middle of such a challenging time.

hay house you can heal your life summit 2020

My session will be live on May 2nd and is called “Partnering with the Universe to Create a Truly Blissful Life”.

In the session, I take you through how to open to the support and love the Universe is working to bring you…

And I explain what holds most people back from allowing that kind of bliss into their lives. Things like karmic wounds and the collective struggles humanity we are all tapped into via the physical, that prevent people from even being able to receive those blessings.

I also guide you in an immersive energy journey where I take you through releasing blocks, receiving new positivity and aligning with your unique bliss! So you’re able and open to fully, tangibly and physically receive and experience YOUR blissful life.

Because that’s truly what you’re here for!

The “You Can Heal Your Life” Summit is completely Free to attend, and my session will be available on May 2nd for 48 hours.

Other speakers in the “Consciousness – Igniting The Power Of Awareness” include Dr Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Dr Bruce Lipton, Rebecca Campbell, Dr David Hawkins, and more. I’m thrilled to be in such amazing company.

Click here to sign up now and be notified when the sessions are live!

cassady cayne* If you could use some guidance on tapping into higher meaning, shifting your path into feeling more fulfillment, this is for you…

* If you’ve been feeling heavy, hopeless or like life is always hard no matter what you do, this will break you out of density and lift you into a higher state of feeling supported and cared for!

* If you’ve been experiencing repeated cycles of frustration, like nothing seems to change including with love, I’ll show you how to open to a bright new chapter!

*If you feel OK but you want to reach the “next level”, to tangibly experience more light and positivity in your life, this is for you!


I can’t wait to see you on the call x


And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey! x <3

PS: There is also an option to buy the entire summit for download so you can own all of the content on your own devices to listen to for years to come (if so click here), but it is completely optional.

Some people like to buy the entire summit to enjoy for years to come – in which case you get over 30 video lessons, workshops and more… Some people enjoy the entire set of workshops and sessions for free while they air! Whatever works best for you, I can’t wait to see you on the call.

you can heal your life summit

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Important Reminder: It’s OK (Even Healthy) To Do “Nothing” Right Now

Posted By Cassady CayneCassady Cayne - April 10, 2020

3 Major Reasons Why It Will Actually Help You… Fight Or Flight Response, The Body’s Priorities And How To Benefit From The Paradox Of “Nothing”

If you’re anything like me, your inbox, social media feed and habitual websites have been buzzing with even more info and content than usual since the outbreak of COVID-19…

There is no lack of authors, coaches, journalists, TV presenters and various companies trying to help right now. To inspire you, to give you tips, webinars and all kinds of resources for how to make the most of this time with virus lock-downs.

You’re likely being inundated with messages about self improvement, webinars, courses, newspaper articles on how to fill your time and take up hobbies right now… Constant messages.

But there’s an issue with all this. Above all it creates pressure to “fix ourselves” and stay happy and positive, in a situation where many are struggling just to manage.

It’s OK to not be OK right now. In fact, it’s NORMAL!

If you don’t feel very inspired, productive or happy right now, that means your system is doing its job. Because we’re in a really ABNORMAL time!

Honestly, a lot of the content going around is a little like suggesting someone with a sprained ankle start training for a marathon.

And yes, I promise I’ll get to the positives soon! This is a high vibration blog and I promise this won’t be a negative article – but to get to the point, I’m unravelling what you’ve likely been presented with for weeks now.

The “Human Herd” And Trauma Processing…

Here is the thing – we’re all experiencing some form of trauma right now. The fight or flight response has been triggered in us – as a “herd” of humans. We don’t feel quite safe. And that’s not a situation in which taking on new projects, hobbies and other expressions is particularly easy.

Will it help and be healing? Sure, it will, in some ways. But it’s also completely against what the human system is working for right now. Safety.

When the body feels unsafe its priorities are survival, survival, survival!
And when we’re in that mode, we tend to feel blocked from the spiritual higher faculties of creativity, fun and light. We’re on a different wavelength…

It’s natural. The body senses that now is the time for survival, so it takes over the reins in many ways.

That’s why you may feel fearful on such a palpable level you’re not able to simply relax and feel better right now, or you may feel unable to really focus on anything, or you may have trouble sleeping…

It’s your body, deliberately keeping you in that state of… If the worst happens, we’re going to put up our best fight. And so your system is diverted into survival.

To help the body and your whole self deal with this, it’s great when we can stop fighting this process. Recognize what’s going on. Maybe send your body a thank you for working to take care of you. And work to relax but understand there’s a good reason why you may not be able to.

It’s helpful to journal about your feelings and the sensations in your body, what you dream about at night or worries you have. Journaling is a powerful way to process trauma. When we bottle it up, it tends to create problems. Writing externalizes it and gives you a feeling of relief.

The Healing Magic Of “Doing Nothing”

But another major way to get through this, is to do “nothing”. Allowing your body and system to process often happens on an UN-conscious level. So when you take time off from the conscious push push push to move forward… It happens more easily.

You can flow with the experience instead of fighting it. It allows your emotions, your unconscious faculties to process what’s going on, on a deeper level. (I teach you more about how to work WITH the body to open to higher states of consciousness, in the Love Blueprint Coaching program here)

Again, it’s natural and completely OK to NOT feel right in a time like this.

It’s natural and OK to be doing “nothing. Your mind body and emotions need to process big experiences… this can mean more sleep, journaling, meditating, going for walks… doing “nothing”.

If we’re trying to force ourselves to push when our system has been through trauma it can cause more problems. It’s healthy to take time to unwind, to allow ourselves to experience the experience – good or bad.

NB! Doing nothing does not mean bingeing TV shows or getting caught in addictions… It means being gentle with ourselves… Allowing time to BE, rather than DO all the time. We humans have gotten so used to being busy, we find it hard to slow down.

The Power Of Breath…

Right now it’s as if the universe is calling out to us to go within and hit the reset button. To relax into ourselves. To begin to listen to our inner voice again. To begin to be who we really are deep down, not chasing for societal ideas of achievement and perfection…

Since ancient times, spiritual teachers have known that the connection to our soul, our deeper self, goes through the breath. Breath is life.

So take a few moments now to just breathe…

Breathe in to the count of three… Hold a beat… Then release for a count of three… And again, in, all the way down into your lungs… Refreshing you… Hold a breath… Then release all the way… AHHHHHHH

This can be more healing than you ever realized. Breath is the essence of life.

When you center in breath, your system responds. Oxygen travels through your blood, to your brain, helping to carry relaxation to your whole being… Your body begins to unwind… Your adrenals respond and begin to understand and reduce the “fight or flight” response that can keep us in stress…

Just breathe, while you look at these gorgeous high vibrational images of nature for a minute:



Secret Benefits To “Doing Nothing”

Now, I’m sure you feel less tense, less tangled up, more… like your real self…

Really, there are so many secret benefits to “doing nothing”. When we are BE-ing in the present moment, we completely shift our alignment into a higher state. We become available to ourselves.

The stillness of doing nothing can – with time – open to major breakthroughs in perspective, intuition steps forth, inspiration, ideas… a bigger vision of life, we allow in more light, nourishment from the universe.

It’s actually also healthy for you physically! Meditation – which is in essence, doing “nothing”, and instead BE-ing – has been scientifically proven to strengthen the immune system, promote better sleep and slowing down the ageing process, and more.

When we flow with our system, we open to healing. When we push against the current, when we try to dominate a difficult situation with our will and suppress our natural emotions and physical reactions, we often end up creating issues – psychosomatic problems which stem from not processing trauma properly.

Recharging Your Batteries For The Long Run

So many of us would benefit from taking time to do “nothing” right now. Resting for the future, recharging our batteries… physical restoration.

So again, I’m here to remind you it’s OK and even beneficial to do “nothing” right now. In fact, it can help you more in the long run than you know.

(Having said this, I understand you may have demands of work and finance to deal with – of course, follow what is needed for your unique life situation… If you are in need of help with your income, have a look at this article where I give you tips on how to pivot your “offline” work “online”.)

If you are feeling fearful and unable to really relax, use this FREE session to cleanse your system of collective stress and infuse with positivity.

And if you genuinely feel inspired and excited to learn and improve, have a look here for my 5 week program where I’ll keep you company, take you through shifting into a higher vibration and bringing more love into your life. Importantly, I’ll gently help you feel motivated and inspire you in this difficult time.

Above all, follow your system’s unique guidance. We are all different for a reason.

I honour you for being here. Stay well. Stay safe. Stay in your light.

As always, I’m sending you love for your journey


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The High Vibration Guide To Dealing With Virus Shut-Down…

Posted By Cassady CayneCassady Cayne - March 16, 2020

Practical Advice, What To Do And NOT To Do To Get Through These Weeks With Your Sanity Intact And Your Vibration High… Including Tips For Income Boosters.


First, let me say this is NOT a guide to healing or treating a disease. This is a guide to deal with the situation of being stuck at home or feeling worried, being in quarantine or isolation for a prolonged period.

If you are sick, please seek the appropriate source of help. The Red Cross has a lot of good information and advice.

Whatever your life situation, this time has become destabilizing for most.

So today I wanted to reach out with some helpful tips and advice on how to get through this period with more ease and positivity.

Do let me know in the comments if you have suggestions, tips, helpful advice and recommendations so we can make this a hub of positivity for those who may be needing guidance.

Remember above all, you’re a soul living a physical life and that means “all is well” always in SPIRITUAL truth, but let’s honor our physical body and humanity’s well-being as a collective in this time. Let’s make this a valuable time, that hopefully paves the way for positive developments long term.


DO journal, it helps clear your mind of worry and works to keep you constructive and more positive

DO keep a routine – write out a little schedule if you can, it can be simple like breakfast, read a book for a few hours, eat lunch, journal, exercise, then watch a fun film, then bed… Something structured will help you feel “sane” and like life is a little more like normal

DO work on yourself, heal and release fear, uplift your emotions (start with my Free Heart Activation Healing Session here)

DO create, express yourself, make something

DO exercise – a little at least, to keep your system active

DO Use humor to stay positive – watch cute pet videos or funny babies online, it can help you feel better. (Personal tip: Raccoons are super cute and funny and there’s a video of dogs and cats “talking”).

DO read books, listen to music, watch great films

DO go within, meditate – this helps you stay calm and research has proven it helps boost your immunity over time (click here to read).

DO talk to friends in a group hang or watch something together on Facebook (strongly recommend Joseph Campbell’s PBS series on mythology, and especially if you’re a Twin Flame, “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind”)

DO stay in touch with people through social media or phone to let them know how much they mean to you

DO abide by the advice in your country, it’s for a reason

DO learn something new – take a virtual class, watch a webinar, do an online class, take a course to grow and improve (you’ll find mine here)

DO stay positive – there are good news on the way most likely. A vaccine by Seskatchewan University is going into human testing this April… And there is a LOT of research going into finding a vaccine elsewhere too.

DO stay connected with the divine – it will help you focus on the higher perspective and brings you directly in touch with soothing, guidance and love which can often be hard to perceive in the middle of so much collective static. You can get started with a free trial for my Oracle Card app here

DO remember this virus is not an “enemy” but a “malfunction” – it’s a part of nature that’s become dangerous to OUR systems (also a part of nature) and this malfunction can ultimately be fixed… But until the fix arrives tangibly, let’s be sensible and respectful to each other to limit the spread.


DON’T get addicted to reading the news – and if you do, shield yourself first so you don’t take on panic and fear energy. Set a time of day to check in, instead of following continually. Preferably, not as soon as you wake up or just before sleep. This will help you get all the necessary info without getting dragged down by high levels of fear.

DON’T veg out completely – watching trashy tv shows will make you feel worse in the long run…

DON’T dive into numbing yourself with alcohol or drugs – although it can seem like an escape it will cause more issues, with depression and paranoia (read more here).

DON’T be too hard on yourself. You’re OK to take it easy and spend time processing this by not doing much, that’s a natural response to trauma.

DON’T feel you always have to be strong for others’ sake. You’re allowed to feel afraid – it’s the body’s survival instinct

DON’T get into a state of conflict with others, or perceive the virus as an “enemy” – it simply IS. It’s not malicious, not deliberate. It’s an expression of nature that happens to have become dangerous to us humans. We are all expressions of nature, so let’s see it as an IMBALANCE or MALFUNCTION because that takes out much of the negative emotions. And that in turn helps us heal and lift our perspective to solutions.

DON’T lecture others who are afraid, this is not a time to impose our belief systems on others. We are all human and deal with things in different ways.

DON’T be arrogant in the face of an unknown factor like this – be respectful of nature. Like you wouldn’t head out in the face of a tornado, know that this is a potential killer, and deserves to be treated with respect.

DON’T be “virtually” alone – there are many places and ways you can stay in touch! (Comment below or come hang on Insta, and we’ll cheer each other up!)

DON’T assume your regular habits and lifestyle is completely shut down – there are online alternatives for so many things. You can find exercise classes online, you can find videos on how to do your own manicures or haircuts (which can yield interesting results), there are online hangouts, you can see a virtual concert with independent musicians, you can start talking to a therapist over the internet/skype/the phone instead of in person, many health services are offering remote prescription fills/advice hotlines and so on…

DON’T despair if your income seems at risk – I know it can be scary but these days there are luckily so many online hubs where you can turn your expertise into an extra stream of income.

If you have a skill, whether it’s being good with pets, or knowing how to keep kids entertained (do you know how many people have kids at home right now and have no idea how to keep them occupied in a healthy way?!?!), or being great at singing or painting, or even, being good at motivating people or writing… Any expertise or experience you have, people are willing to pay for.

Here are a few sites to get you started:

Patreon for artists, singers, musicians.
Upwork – for freelancers in design, graphics, computer programming, copywriting, voiceovers, customer service and more…
Fiverr Same as upwork but works a little differently
Etsy – marketplace for anything from homemade crafts to tarot card readings and personal advice
udemy.com – website for creating and selling your course (which again, can be on anything from pet training to at home education/play exercises for kids)

Gofundme – where people can donate to your cause if needed

Shutterstock – you can sell high quality digital illustrations, photos and videos for stock use
Creative Market
market for illustrations, book templates, wedding invitation templates for download

There are also survey sites that let you earn points for things like Amazon gift cards (which can be used on household goods and so on). I’m not very familiar with this but do Google it.

There are many Facebook groups where you can post your remote services to be seen by people who may be interested – groups for health and exercise, groups for coaching, for food recipes, for pet care and many other subjects… Have a look around and listen to your intuition – there are opportunities if you keep your eyes open.

The best thing is, when your regular job goes back to normal, you’ll still have this to fall back on. If you create something now it could be out there helping people and providing extra income for you, for YEARS.

You could, for example, write an eBook with 50 fun educational things to do with your kids at home, or 50 healthy recipes made from easy stock items (pasta, tomato sauce, canned fruit etc), 50 fun exercises to keep fit while stuck at home, 30 tricks to teach your dog in 2 weeks, or pretty much any other thing you can think of!

It’s easier if you find a field where 1) you have expertise, 2) there aren’t too many others clogging up the marketplace… Especially when you’re just getting started.

Again, I hope you found this article helpful! Do comment below with any advice you have, recommendations, a-ha moments and any helpful tips for this time. 

And if you’d like to enlist me as a personal guide on your journey to bring more sparkle and fulfillment to your path and uplift for when things go back to “normal” in society – click here – I explain more in the video how it works.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey!


(PS: Don’t forget to download my Free Heart Activation Session and other Free Resources here!)


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5 Secret Reasons Why Most People’s Dreams And Manifestations Don’t Show Up…

Posted By Cassady CayneCassady Cayne - February 25, 2020

Feel Like The Universe Has Forgotten About You? There Are Hidden Factors At Play – Discover Why Your Manifestations May Not be Happening, And How You Can Fix It


Do you feel like manifestation work, visualization, prayers and intention setting isn’t working? Like it’s not yet “divine time” for your desire?

This is an issue many readers come to me with every single week, so I felt it was time to address this once and for all!

Many people work for years to to manifest their dream career, abundance or love connection – or to reunite with a soul partner… But so many never experience the arrival of those desires.

So what’s really going on, when someone seems to be doing all the “right” things like praying, vision boarding and meditating, and things still don’t happen the way they want?

The Secret Reasons Why Some Things Stay Out Of Reach

First of all, let me say it’s not something the Universe is doing to test you or to teach you patience. It’s all about energy and alignment. In this universe everything is made up of energy, tiny micro particles vibrating at particular frequencies.

Nothing is really solid. We are energy in motion, no matter how solid we look. And our goals and desired manifestations all have a particular frequency. (To learn more about what this really means, have a look at this article)

So in order to fully receive our wishes, goals and desires manifest in our lives, we have to be able to align with those things. If we want happy things, we have to be able to match that. “As within, so without”.

The bad news is, if your desires don’t seem to be showing up, it means you’re not (yet) aligned with them. You’re not fully able to receive them. There is heaviness in your system weighing you down in some way.

But the good news is, there are simple and fast ways to raise your vibration into a higher state to get into alignment!

(The best results come when you can re-calibrate into a LASTING high vibration, not just to try to “stay up” by thinking positively and working hard – people who do that tend to sink back down).

Alignment And Why Some People Block Their Own Desires

Once your energy is in alignment, things can happen almost overnight!

And the truth about “divine time” is, it’s when your energy is aligned with it happening! When you are a match. The Universe would never block our desires from us! It’s always our OWN system deflecting things on some deeper underlying level!

Often, we are unwittingly blocking the help, love, positivity and “miracles” our guidance and the universe are working to bring us.

Here’s how it works: When we send out the intention that we want something, this is energetically transmitted to the universe and the universe sends us the response – the fulfillment of our wish or desire.

But what happens more often than not is that although the answer is returned and the “gift” is on its way – once it reaches our energy field it CAN’T GET THROUGH! It’s being sent but we are incapable of receiving it.

Your Invisible Block to Love and Miracles

Let me explain. Imagine there’s an energetic screen door between you and the universe. You yourself have unconsciously set up this door to protect yourself from hurt.

But that screen door actually keeps out the good things when we do that: we wire ourselves out of miracles, solutions to problems, love, energy gifts, synchronicities…

WE, our beliefs, emotions and energetic “hardwiring” are often the hidden reason why our wishes for love or abundance just aren’t happening. We might be unconsciously blocking the very things we’re asking for…

Opening Up to Miracles

In spiritual truth, we are meant to live in love and abundance and to be connected in positivity in order to lift the energy vibrations on earth, but often we don’t experience life that way. So it’s time to rewire our energy filters to finally allow in the good stuff!

Imagine all the things you’ve been working on manifesting, all the intentions and wishes you’ve sent out. The results and answers are out there in the ether, waiting to reach through once you open up. So let’s open you up once and for all so miracles can finally reach you.

.To get started, download the Free Heart Activation where I take you through raising your vibration, clearing old blocks and inviting in positivity from the universe


#1) There Are Secret Underlying Blocks To Receiving In Their System

Again, the truth is that the Universe is working to bring us the things we’re asking for – but in so many cases those very things are being blocked by default by our energy field, and we never receive.

Notorious blocks to receiving are things like lack of self love and lack of self acceptance (if you’re in a vibration of self doubt and shame, you’re on the opposite end of the scale to accepting someone appreciating and loving you).

Most of us also have our energy field wired with varying degrees of disbelief, fear issues, skepticism, cynicism and fear of disappointment, and these things keep us out of receiving the positive things we’re asking for.

This is why our soul often answers our prayers and wishes by bringing up the negative blocks so we can clear them and thereby receive our answers and our gifts. For us, though, this just feels like negativity coming up for no reason and often it’s incredibly disheartening to us. The soul’s logic is: you want this, great, let me help you get rid of what’s blocking it so you can have it.

(I help you with this process without the struggle here – to finally begin receiving your desires. And have a look at these testimonials for other people’s experiences with my work)

#2) Their Reality is Literally Wired to Block Their Wishes

As mentioned, our energy is like a filter around us, like a screen door shield around our “reality field”, which only will allow in a certain range of frequency to our space.

This is often something that’s “wired” into us from patterning the reality fields of people around us growing up. We match our parents energy fields because living closely with others means unless our energy fields match, there’s dissonance.

People automatically do this through sympathy and interacting emotionally – we match each other’s energies and form cords and attachments.

So if your parents were worried about money and didn’t feel loved by people around them, if they felt that their dreams would never come true, this is something you’d have copied unconsciously into your energy. If they operated mainly from the lower energies of conflict, fear and survival modes, you would have matched yourself to fit into their “reality field” – the shared energy field around them and you.

Now when you’re an adult yourself you might believe differently and have done your inner work to realize you can manifest your desires and that your life can be wonderful – but this deeply engrained patterning can still be causing blocks to you receiving those wonderful things you’re asking for.

This is deep stuff that was formed before we were old enough to realize what was going on and that this wouldn’t serve us in life, but the great news is we can shift and alter our reality fields with energy tools. (Watch a video on this here)

#3) They’re Not in a High Enough Vibration (yet)

In order to make something happen energetically (and remember the whole world is energy in motion) we have to match our energy to it. The most basic laws of energy work in a simple and predictable way. If you want something, you have to be able to match your energy to it.

So when it comes to attracting, manifesting and receiving those dreams we have – reuniting with an ex, being happy together, landing the dream job, losing weight – our biggest problem is that we’re often not in a high enough vibration to really attract the results we want. Often we don’t really believe deep down it can happen.

But once you start facing your inner wounds and healing the “shadows”, your vibration begins to rise. In other words, it’s just a question of time before you come into alignment. And often, you just have to tip the scales 1% in the “right” direction.

If your system is just 51% tipped in the direction of a mutually loving relationship, for example, it must show up. So in many cases, you don’t have to completely change your system, it’s a question of tipping things in the right direction.

If you keep doing your inner work and lifting and clearing your energy regularly – eventually you will get into alignment with what you’re desiring. Anything else would be impossible.

(Again, get started for free with my Heart Activation Session here)

#4) They’ve Got Hidden Counter-intentions Working Against Them

When we send out a conscious intention or a wish into the Universe, the signal gets transmitted and starts the process of attracting what’s a match to this. Sounds simple, right? Know what you want, place the “order” and receive your “gift”.

The issue for human beings on earth is that we don’t just operate on a CONSCIOUS level. Our psychology is so multifaceted and complex that we can have a multitude of different and opposing intentions working and sending out signals to the Universe at the same time.

This means we’re subconsciously sending out mixed signals – and you guessed it, this means we get mixed results. It’s like pressing play and pause at the same time. It doesn’t work!

Fear, doubt, disbelief, skepticism are notorious counter-intentions that mess up our plans.

What happens is that, say you want to come back with your ex for a long time. You’re sending out the intention and wish to the Universe to reunite with your ex. However, underneath the surface there are a number of counter-intentions brewing.

Subconsciously, you fear that he will never really change, and you’re worried about what hurt might be waiting for you if you do come together, plus you’re concerned with what made your ex leave in the first place and whether it had something to do with you not being enough or you acting in a way that made him leave, and deep, deep down at the pit of your being there’s a core fear of the ultimate terror of no one loving you…

This sounds extreme, but once you start looking at people’s energy and get insight into the subconscious material, there are always some potentially illogical yet pervasive counter-intentions present.

On this journey, therefore, it’s helpful to get to know ourselves and our innermost feelings because this is how we’ll get to weed out those patterns and beliefs that are working against us.

Try writing down your desires and “listen” to the objections that come up in the way. These objections are what’s been blocking you. Once you find out what they are, you can clear them with energy tools.

(I know this can be a tiring process, to self-analyze and do deep inner work, so I have taken everything I’ve learned from working with coaching clients as an energy healer and spiritual intuitive, into a fun, uplifting audio and workbook program where you get the maximum transformation for the better, with ease – just listen along to my voice.

In the Love Blueprint Program you get a major, lasting vibrational transformation it would take years of “real life” lesson learning and fumbling around in the dark to achieve otherwise. Have a look at the modules here for more info and to sign up)

#5) Other People’s Energies and Intentions are Getting in the Way

Because we’re energetic beings, when we interact with others we inevitably take on their energies and patterns and they ours (unless we protect ourselves and clear our energy regularly).

This means that well-meaning friends and family members who’ve been hurt in love could be unconsciously sending out intentions into your future field, with their beliefs and blueprints that True Love is Impossible or that Love Hurts or Miracles Don’t Happen.

Needless to say, this doesn’t help your own hard work to stay positive and have faith.

A few ways to remedy this is: Clear your energy regularly and cut cords to others, spend more time around positive people (or read books or listen to audio tapes by people whose positive outlook you’d like to emulate), and work on recognizing limiting beliefs at work in your life.

And tune into your intuition, which is always working to lead you to your most blissful life possible.

I really hope you enjoyed this article – do go ahead and comment below, what manifestations have YOU successfully showed up in your life?

And if something seems blocked from showing up, what underlying issue do you think might be causing it? Let me know, and I’ll give you my tips, spiritual insights and answers.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

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Did You Forget Something? Forgiving Yourself As A Powerful Path To Love

Posted By Cassady CayneCassady Cayne - February 7, 2020

Are You Holding Yourself “Hostage” Somewhere Inside? Discover The Instant Shift That Can Powerfully Open Your Path And Attract Love And Positivity…

One of the most instant things you can do to raise your vibration, open up to love and more positivity in your life is to forgive yourself. I know, it’s almost “too obvious” – we often think big changes have to happen through drama…

So I completely get it if you think the effects of this simple shift “to good to be true” – but forgiveness is in so many ways a miracle worker, as it releases negativity and opens to a new state almost immediately.

It has the power to change your whole world from the “inside out”! Most of us don’t fully realize how much hurt and negative energy we direct at ourselves every day that blocks us from our true happiness and from moving forward.

How Forgiving YOURSELF Can Completely Change Your Life

Unfortunately, holding negativity inside prevents us from opening up to others and fully be AVAILABLE to and present with love…

Think about it: It’s a habit most of us have, to keep an internal directory of all the mistakes we’ve made throughout life and all the things we should have done differently…

Maybe we believed someone who turned out to be lying to us and we ‘should’ have known better, maybe someone gave us a chance and we didn’t make the most of it when it mattered, maybe we feel that we won’t measure up to the ideals we hold for ourselves, and maybe deep inside we just plain don’t like ourselves very much…

And unfortunately this keeps us stuck in a low vibration, constricting our path and our true potential – in love, at work, with friends… When we hold ourselves “hostage” with negativity, it impacts everything in our lives.

What Are You Hiding From Yourself?

Rarely do we think about this consciously; these issues tend to come in the form of the proverbial skeletons in the closet, the invisible list of wrongs and lacks and flaws that stay in the background most of the time – the problem is we don’t tend to realize how much this inner score-board of negativity actually affects us.

In reality this kind of pattern will hold us in a self-made emotional prison until we decide to break free once and for all – realize that you held the key all this time. You are who you choose to be, not who you’ve been told you are or what the past dictates. Every moment is a fresh start, so make the most of it.

Holding onto past hurts and a self-image based in lack, guilt or shame prevents us from moving forward, and above all it’s notorious for messing up our relationships because we end up projecting negativity onto the other person, subconsciously expecting them to reject us for any or all of the “proven reasons” on our list of self-judgments.

And unfortunately, it often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. As pioneer of psychoanalysis, Carl Jung, said: “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Keeping The Past Around

So the most important and loving thing you’ll ever do for yourself is to let it go. Forgive yourself.  The past is gone. And any mistake you ever made taught you valuable lessons that enabled you to grow as a person.

In this moment, you are who you are now, not who you were then. And another thing: who among us keeps an internal score of all the good things we’ve done? Maybe we should!

(I help you with this process of self discovery, healing and transformation in the Love Blueprint Program here. And make sure you download my Free Heart Activation Session as an introduction to my methods.)

One of the challenges of forgiveness comes when our negative emotions and judgments are so entrenched in our system that it feels “impossible” to let go.

That’s when energy clearing methods make a massive difference – when we go in and clear and re-calibrate your frequency, you’ll be freed from the “baggage” that’s kept negativity in place.

(Watch this video for more on that – and have a look at these people’s experiences with energy clearing and how it really works in “real life terms”).

Floodgates Open

When you come together with a love partner (especially a soul connection) all barriers are torn down: if you do what you can to be content with yourself and happy on the inside even when you’re all alone, you will align yourself with positivity and bring out unconditional love in your relationship.

If you hold yourself in lack and negativity, that’s what you’ll bring out around others – your unconscious patterns of negativity will keep being triggered and brought up until you face and resolve them.

So, are you willing to forgive yourself? Comment below with any insights and experiences you have with this so we can share and inspire each other.

You are here to experience amazing things! Remember how worthy you are. I believe in you!

For more step by step guidance, powerful light activations and energy work with me as your coach and support on the way, click here.

I really hope you found this article helpful – do let me know in the comments below if you have questions on how to apply the steps, or any other issues you need insights on.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey!





PS: If you’d like to enlist me as a personal guide on your journey to bring more love, sparkle and fulfillment to your path – click here for my flagship program The Love Blueprint!


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7 Ways Your Lifestyle Impacts Your Vibration – 7 Ways To Uplift Into A Higher State Of Being

Posted By Cassady CayneCassady Cayne - January 31, 2020

Secret Factors That Impact Your Manifestations, Your Alignment, Your Love Life And Happiness Levels. Discover The Sneaky Common Habits That Lower Your State – Plus 7 Boosters For A High Vibration Life!

I’ve for a while been guided to write an article on a subject that is not much discussed – the role of our lifestyle and physical habits.

Your lifestyle can make more of a difference to your love life, your manifestations, happiness and ability to reach your goals than you might ever have realized.

So today I’m sharing 7 common habits that lowers people’s vibration, and 7 positive lifestyle choices and habits that will actually help you raise your vibration and align with more happiness, love and abundance.

Remember that your physical body is your “vehicle of Ascension” or “temple” in this lifetime – when we want to manifest and attract something, if our physical body is out of balance and in a funk, it will impact the results we get and can make it a lot harder to reach those goals and desires…

When we show the body care and respect, and collaborate with it on our life’s journey we find the path much more enjoyable!

7 Damaging Lifestyle Habits That Lower Your Vibration

The following habits can disrupt our manifestations, cause blockages, cycles of struggle and feelings of disconnectedness… They lower our energy vibration, bringing us out of alignment with attracting positive manifestations, including love, abundance and happiness.



#1) Alcohol/Drug Use

Alcohol and drugs temporarily lift our energy vibration, which is why they feel good. They lift us up and help us relax our inhibitions so we feel more free. But there is a comedown. The comedown significantly lowers our energy vibration, and alcohol is a depressant and has been shown to actually increase anxiety and stress.

Aside from this, as we tend to lose our inhibitions with alcohol or drugs, we become energetically vulnerable to influence. Places with drug and alcohol use are full of edgy energy and it’s common to pick up negativity and chaotic energy from others while in this state.

Many healers describe damage to the aura as coming from alcohol and drug abuse as well as smoking. Which brings us to the next point.

Many spiritual people like to talk about marijuana as “good for you because it’s natural”.

The paradox is, many ultimately damaging substances are “natural”. Many substances can be medicinal yet become toxic in large doses or when used inappropriately.

Opium is made from the poppy flower’s seeds. In other words, it’s just as natural as marijuana. But would you feel that it’s OK or even natural to intake heroin every day? Most people would call a big no to that.

In other words, our perceptions and cultural customs affect us more than we tend to think.

Nature is full of potent mind altering substances. But in traditional societies these were utilized in carefully managed spiritual ceremonies by shamans trained to deal with the effects – in a spiritual journey to heal sickness and explore consciousness. Not for unwinding and watching Netflix.

In spiritual truth the human body is created to be able to heal itself, and that we can assist it in functioning perfectly – not even feeling the need to rely on drugs or alcohol to feel good.

The number one way to do this is to connect to the light, dwell in light, dwell in love, give and receive love. To get a free energy cleanse audio to tap into the light – go here.

Every high has a comedown – except the high of love and joy. When your heart is activated and you live from love, life can feel like one long bliss!

We are our own “medicine”. Love is the most potent “drug”.


#2) Not Getting Enough Sleep

Your physical body is your vehicle in this lifetime. You cannot go anywhere in the physical world without it.

The body is like a hyper-advanced bio computer that’s constantly interpreting and sending out electromagnetic signals between you and other people and beings.

As well as maintaining your vital organs and the processes that need to run flawlessly in order for your blood to keep pumping, for hormone secretion to function properly and so on.

The body is your spirit’s bridge into the physical reality. When you’re tired your vibration is lowered and it impacts everything you experience.

This means if you’re not getting sufficient sleep it’s harder to connect with guidance and your intuition, your mood drops, you function less optimally, and you become more vulnerable to negativity. Often, lack of sleep has deeper causes and we can “unlock” those knots when we go looking. There are always solutions.


#3) Dieting

Dieting has a similar impact to your energy and body as lack of sleep. It’s like trying to run a car without enough gas. Dieting causes uneven blood sugar and this directly impacts your body’s capability to maintain a high and stable energy vibration.

And it makes you vulnerable to negativity. Have you ever heard the joke word “Hangry”? It’s referring to the common irritability and anger that comes from hunger. As in, “I’m sorry for how I spoke to you when I was hangry”.

When we’re in that state, arguments happen much more easily, and our whole perspective on life and others is skewed.

The body is crying out for nourishment, and as a result nonessential processes are blocked. Try doing an IQ test while you’re starving … You probably won’t do so well.

Your body is the vehicle you are living in as an energetic being. Everything happens with the body as the anchor into how you experience it in the physical reality.

If you desire a happy life and harmonious love connection you must consider your body as the vehicle this will happen with. Respecting and caring for your body is not just for your physical health, it’s a spiritual practice.

If the body isn’t given enough fuel, it cannot run the physical programming of happiness – because things like endorphin release is affected. Dieting doesn’t just affect the body, it powerfully affects your moods and state of mind.

Everyone’s body is different and therefore requirements for food intake varies. Listen to your own body. It will be sending you signals of what it needs. If you’re hungry all the time, look into adjusting your diet.

Vitamins and minerals assist the body in doing its job well and helping you function fully – experiment with what foods and/or supplements work best for you.

Energy healing can be a powerful path to weight loss – as the body often holds onto excess weight to protect itself energetically. Go here to try my Heart Activation session here (use it daily for at least two weeks for maximum impact for weight loss).


#4) Stress

Like with all the above, stress lowers your vibration. Really, stress is based in the feeling of overwhelm in the face of too much going on. Fear that you can’t handle it. Worry that something bad is going to happen.

Clearing your energy regularly helps you remove the cause of stress. You cleanse out all the excess negative, chaotic energy and emotions of overwhelm. Opening up to peace again, to calm.

You can start right now with the Free Energy Session here, or go deeper into removing deeper love blocks in the Love Blueprint.

So many people report back to me that not only does energy clearing help them with their love connection, it uplifts so many other areas of their lives too. Have look here for testimonials of their experiences and improvements .


#5) Job/Life Dissatisfaction

When you’re in a job or life situation you hate, it’s lowering your vibration and causing emotions of irritation, frustration, shame, self loathing…

And when these energies and emotions are in your field, they don’t just impact your job. They impact all other areas of your life – including your love connection.

Have you ever noticed how relationships tend to break down when people have job problems? Someone who hates their job isn’t in a state of love, they’re not just able to flip from one to the other. Having a negative job situation impacts every area of life.

We know it’s not always easy or simple to find a new job or change things around. However, know that if you’re in a job situation you’re unhappy with, it will benefit you to make a change. Chances are you’ve been guided to address this already.

Ask your soul to help you find something where you earn more than enough and can do something you love. You’ll also find the Free Heart Activation session helpful for releasing those heavy feelings of frustration and stagnation – uplifting and re-aligning you with new opportunities and connections.


#6) Sexual Dysfunction

Sexuality is a flow of energy. When we become imbalanced we veer into overactivity (addiction due to trying to fill a void or numb a bad feeling) or underactivity (due to feeling afraid or inhibited, often due to negative beliefs around sex) – we move out of our natural healthy state as souls in bodies.

Whether you are imbalanced sexually, is up to you to judge. Is sexuality a source of happiness for you? Are you able to feel pleasure? If not, there are adjustments that might need to be made. Love relationships of course include sexual compatibility and interactions, so this is important.

If there’s dysfunction here (sacral chakra), it’s reflected as emotional and “real world” struggle in love connections.

If your issue is with underactivity… Begin exploring what makes you feel good. Mentally, emotionally, physically. We deal with sexual blocks and uplifting your functioning in-depth in the Love Blueprint program here.


#7) People Pleasing

If you’re focused on helping everyone else and living for others all the time you’ll end up feeling drained. It lowers your vibration and entrenches receiving blocks.

On our journey we are being pushed back to ourselves all along – to self love, self acceptance, self respect. Because it is as our true natural self we are magnetic to our ideal partner and our divine purpose.

Many people – above all females – are taught that they have to help and love everyone else while never taking time for themselves. This is a huge block to true lasting love.

We go through how to address this and uplift your heart’s programming in the Free Heart Activation Session.

7 Lifestyle Habits To Help Uplift Your System And Alignment!

Now onto what positive habits can actually help and uplift you:

#1) Regular Eating Habits, Getting Vitamins and Enough Water

Again, the body is the vehicle you operate in, and that receives and transmits electromagnetic signals. Imagine trying to drive a regular car on vegetable oil, or jet fuel… its system would go haywire.

Regular eating and getting enough nutrients will help your body sustain a high energy vibration. Again, to read about what this means, have a look here


#2) Regular, Sufficient Sleep

This will help your body function optimally. We’re reminded that during spiritual awakening we are often dealing with transmuting old patterning and anchoring in new light codes during sleep (DNA activation) so the body periodically needs extra sleep during Ascension.

Sleep is such a boost to our system that many businesses are now introducing “nap pods” in their offices. If you find it hard to get enough sleep – look into solutions. Try naps, and make sure you look into helpful things like avoiding blue light screens and not eating heavy meals late at night (or going to bed hungry!).

#3) Meditation

There are countless benefits to meditation! Aside from the spiritual benefits, Science shows it boosts your immune system, decreases pain, increases happiness levels, makes you feel less lonely, boosts your intelligence, and much much more!

If you find meditation tricky, you can try my Guided Meditations in The Love Blueprint to start with…

#4) Living Your Passion

The old paradigm taught us that work has to be hard but if you have a skill or expertise, the new information realm enables you to begin working for yourself more than ever before.

Are you great with children? You can help others with theirs – via the internet! Are you an animal lover? Maybe you can supplement your income by pet sitting, or blogging about pets!

There are many options out there and the insight I’m getting is that every single person reading this – the universe and your soul will always work to help you making a living from what you’re passionate about. Ask them to assist you in shifting into a job you will love AND that brings in enough money for you to feel comfortable.

Living your passion centers you into your soul’s truth, making you magnetic to your ideal love partner and a happy, fulfilling life.

#5) Exercise

Even if it’s just going for a little walk, exercising helps oxygenate your cells and bring vitality to your brain and energy system.

This helps you feel better, makes your body release “feel good” hormones and helps you receive guidance and align with love and abundance more easily.

The important thing is to find something you’re at least mildly excited by or find interesting to some degree. Vary your routine. Go for a walk one day, do some yoga with a friend the next. Try something you’ve never tried before.

And a little every day is the best way to go. When starting a new habit you want it to be EASY to stick to, so make it something that’s fun and not too demanding.


#6) Self Love, Self Respect

This is KEY to our journey with love and relationships (read more about that here). So many people forget all about this.

There’s no one way to practice self love, but once you get your personal “recipe” right you’ll notice all areas of life uplifted. You’ll feel more centered, confident, happy for “no reason” – and you’ll attract back respectful, caring, loving interactions from others.

So what little daily actions and habits can contribute to your well-being? Treat yourself like you would treat someone you loved.

Most of us are taught to scrutinize, criticize and berate ourselves through life – body “issues” and feelings of not being good enough characterize most people’s inner monologue.

To get to grips with “not good enough” issues and begin embodying self love to attract love from your ideal partner, have a look at this video


#7) Regular Energy Clearing

When we’re in spiritual awakening our path will tend to bring up old hurts and patterns that have been in the way of love, so we can ascend into your highest potential as a soul.

Instead of letting the “purge” of Ascension build to gargantuan proportions where you have to fight desperately to get back up, leaving you exhausted at the end of it – clear your energy regularly.

Do it like brushing your teeth or showering daily. A little every day makes it an easy habit you benefit from more and more over time – lifting you into a higher state where you’re magnetic to love and harmony with your ideal partner and divine life purpose unfolding smoothly.

Again, have a look here for my full Love Blueprint program where I take you through it step by step – all you have to do is listen along with my voice.

Or, you can download the Free Heart Activation Session and my eBook on 11 Keys to Attracting and Keeping True Love, which gives you a powerful boost and introduces you to my methods.

And take a look here for others’ experiences with my work to see what kind of results you can expect!


Your soul and your system is always signalling to you what’s to your highest good right now. When you begin to listen and take action on that guidance, you’ll notice your life uplifts, from your mood to your health to the experiences you have with other people.

Everyone is different, so make sure you explore and listen to your intuition about what benefits and works for you uniquely.

What is your system asking you to adjust right now – for a high vibration life?

Comment below with your tips and insights so we can inspire and share our wins!

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your ongoing journey! <3

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