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” Life is a dance, you are constantly in movement, from one place to the next, from one project to the next.”

Be Like a Ballerina

From “101 Messages Of Love From The Universe”

Latest Posts From My Blog


How To Handle A Dark Night Of The Soul, Spiritual Awakening

Posted By Cassady CayneCassady Cayne - August 10, 2020


Spirals Of The Collective And Individual Healing Journey. When Things Feel Lost, It Means You’re Building For A Breakthrough…


So many of us across the planet are going through a spiritual awakening in this day and age – and likely that’s why you’re here reading… Because you have already experienced that there is something beyond the “normal”.

Some higher awareness or signs that have worked to reach you. But although spiritual AWAKENING is often elated, bright and exciting, it can involve periods of darkness, despair and doubt.

Often, our awakening is preceded and interspersed by chapters of hopelessness, “darkness”, akin to a spiritual feeling of there being no point to anything. Also called “dark nights of the soul”.

Shadows and light are all part of the process of releasing and healing old hurt and human limitations, and rising into our highest selves in the spiritual awakening process.

2020 And Our Collective Healing Journey

In 2020 we’re going through a time of the “dark night of the soul” as a society, humanity as a collective.

We’re facing severe challenges and many are feeling like, what is the purpose of this? Many are asking why it is happening? What is the path forward?

I did a live session in collaboration with my publisher Hay House, where I spoke about this, and:

  • How the Universe is always working to support us
  • How we can open to receiving that support – and what may have blocked us from receiving it
  • What is really going on in the world right now from a spiritual perspective
  • Why shadows come up to be healed collectively and individually
  • How challenges are designed as divine catalysts of change
  • We talk about how to decipher signs of awakening
  • How to deal with a dark night of the soul...
  • Our true divine purpose, and much more…

In the session I also take you through a powerful energy healing exercise to help you release any fear and heaviness you may have been feeling – to help you open up to more support, positivity and light.

Click play here to watch the session:

Do let me know below what you got from this, if you have any questions. And to get my Hay House book “The Universe Speaks, Are You Listening?” with a free bonus session – click here.

(This was my first ever Facebook live, so thank you for bearing with me as I got familiarized with the format…!)

And in the future, what would YOU like me to do a Facebook live session on?

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3



PS: Remember to download the Free Heart Activation Session and my eBook on 11 Keys to Attracting and Keeping True Love, which gives you a powerful boost into a higher state!

Or, to go deeper, enroll in my full Love Blueprint program where I take you through it step by step – all you have to do is listen along with my voice. (Take a look here for others’ experiences with my work to see what kind of results you can expect)

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Manifesting With The Moon – 5 Keys To Amplifying Your Results

Posted By Cassady CayneCassady Cayne - August 5, 2020


Working With The Lunar Cycles To Create Powerful Results In Your Life. Plus, The Major Mistakes To Avoid That Block So Many From Fully Reaping The Rewards…

When we want to create, attract or manifest something (or someone) into our lives, did you know there are ways of working WITH the lunar energies to create powerful results?

Today I’m going to talk more about how we can use the Moon’s cycles as a “booster” to amplify our results, and importantly, what KIND of manifestation work to do at what time in the Moon’s path.

Because there’s a definite approach that benefits your results massively. Using this process “wrong” often creates delays, frustrations and blocks…

Astrology, History – Why Should You Even Care About The Moon And Its Cycles?

Of course, I can’t provide every detail in this one article, but over the next few months I’ll shed light on further parts of this process.

But today, before I share 5 Key Hows For Manifesting Using The Moon’s Cycles, let’s talk about some basics.

Why should you care about the Moon and its cycles? How does this even work? Isn’t it just superstition?

Well, although Western Science in modern times has dismissed the scientific merits of astrology,  it is an ancient form of gaining information from the universe, time important events, and it was for millennia considered a genuine “science”. To me, it’s all about whether it works for you and resonates with you or not – and  there are huge benefits to be gained.

In addition, it makes logical sense from a scientific standpoint, even if no one has scientifically proven that it works (yet).

Since the dawn of time, people have observed how the Moon controls the tides on earth, that an outside planetary force shifts the tides in and out. The human body is largely composed of water… So the Moon and its cycles impact us profoundly.

Everything Is Energy, Everything Is In Flux, And We Are Affected…

And although astrology is considered unproven, it IS scientific fact that we live in a universe of energy in motion. You can Google this for more info if you want. The scientific fact is that we humans are not solid, but atoms vibrating at particular frequencies. And all the planets in our solar system, earth included, are ALSO atoms vibrating at particular frequencies. This is also a scientific fact.

And each planet has a unique energetic frequency and gravitational field. So when the planets move in their orbits around the sun, their impact on each other and earth shifts!

To the logical mind, there’s little doubt that the planetary movements impact us here on earth.

In this way, we can gain benefits from working WITH these “cosmic energies” to flow our manifestations and creations more smoothly into reality. And we can use them to boost our own lives, wellbeing, happiness, relationships and more.

So over the coming months I’ll be sharing a number of clear, easy to understand resources on how to use the Moon’s cycles, placements and more to benefit you – and common issues to avoid. Once you have this info, it’ll be like you have a superpower compared to “regular” people operating without it!

5 Foundational Keys To Manifesting With The Moon:

#1) Use the New Moon to set intentions and plant seeds of desires, set new goals

The new moon is the “restart” part of the lunar cycle. When the moon is the least lit up. In spiritual terms, we sow seeds of new creations in the “dark”. This is when matter is the most fertile.

So each New Moon, it’s powerful to have a ritual where you write down your desires and intentions for the coming 28 day period. A common way to write it is: “I now invite in, to the highest good, the following:” with your desires. Then end with “this or something better, and so it is. Thank you, thank you, thank you”.

You don’t need crystals, herbs, special items or anything except yourself and your intentions to do this. As a soul, your intentions are immensely powerful. The outer items are used to focus your intentions, so are completely optional!

Now here’s the crucial step SO MANY miss out on. As you write your intentions, pay attention to where you may have SKEPTICISM, DISBELIEF, DISAPPOINTMENT and other NEGATIVITY triggering! Because these are your blocks.

yoga-3966038_640#2) The Moon doesn’t do the work FOR you, it flows WITH you

Now here’s something many people misunderstand. This isn’t magic, in the sense that we pray to the Moon and it zaps into our lives all of our wishes come to fruition. No, the Moon is like a battery, a spiritual energetic amplifier.

It flows WITH our desires and builds the energy WITH us. So it will help us amplify our results.

So during the 28 days and more following your intention setting, you will notice a few things begin to happen:

i) You may feel inspired, excited about your goals, receive ideas for solutions and steps to take

ii) You may be guided to take those actions – that’s always a necessary part of the process, so when inspired, act on it!

iii) Again, you may notice blocks and heaviness coming up. Now this is where most people miss the biggest power of manifesting with the moon. Because when heaviness and blocks rise up, they are being shown to you so you can clear them. See it like this. You write your desires and invite them in with the help of the moon.

Next, the energies show you what’s been blocking those desires. And when that happens, it’s imperative to clear those blocks. We can’t just hope they will go away – if we want those intentions to come to fruition. (I take you through it for free here)

#3) The Moon “wants” to show up your deepest desires, your heart’s truth

In order to fully manifest with the Moon’s cycles, we often have to reconsider our approach. Because the Moon’s power is to illuminate our heart’s true desires.

The universe is always flowing to create balance and harmony, even if it means breaking what is out of harmony. So when we work with the Moon it will often show up the very things we have been keeping hidden from ourselves.

Because in cosmic terms, what would be the point in us gaining desires that didn’t truly fulfill us or weren’t in alignment with our truth. So pay attention as you go along with this process – are you REALLY being HONEST about what you’re working to manifest?

The longer you work with the Moon’s energies the more it will begin to steer you in the direction not only of manifesting, reaching goals and gaining desires – but it will push you to refine those goals and desires. To awaken in you, your soul’s truth. To realign you with your divine path. Not the human ego ideas of what we “should” want.

sleep-2603545_640#4) Dreams and emotions are key when we work with the Moon

Because the moon resonates and flows with the element of water – the ruler of emotion, in astrology – it affects us in unconscious ways.

So when we work with the Moon it’s highly common to experience our dreams intensifying, to feel unconscious emotions rising to the surface – good or bad.

Do your best to take a neutral perspective, and whatever comes up ask yourself, what is this trying to tell me? How could this relate to my manifestations? Is it a block? A secret desire? Something or someone you’d given up on, that the Moon is working to get you to invite in – because it will be truly deeply happy for you?

#5) The Full Moon is a time of reaping, a completion phase

This is the time when the seeds and intentions you “sowed” at the New Moon have grown to completion somehow. So at the Full Moon, it is highly auspicious to check in with what has developed in the last 28 days.

Whether or not your desires have come to fruition, it can be wonderful to thank the moon for “her” collaboration – because in spiritual truth “she” is always helping you.

It’s just a matter of how open and aligned you are on your part. “She” will keep flowing with your desires until you are able to receive, and there is no rush for the moon.

During the Full Moon, energy is running high. Emotions reach a level of intensity and our general state of mind and being is amplified. This means, you can feel awful or amazing at the time of the Full Moon. It mostly depends on what state YOU are in.

So during Full Moons it can be very helpful to have a ritual of releasing negativity that may be surfacing, and allowing the positive amplification to fill you and lift you with positive energy. One common way of releasing, is to write out all the heaviness and negativity you’re feeling on a piece of paper, and burning it or tearing it up.

This is an ancient way of working with the Moon’s energies. However, after almost a decade of working with spiritual methods and energy clearing – I have to say nothing rivals the power and fast shifts we gain from energy work! We bypass the time, processing and long 

This is something I’ve seen with thousands of others too. Have a look here.

To get some help with the release process and learn the most powerful energy methods I’ve discovered, get my Free Heart Activation Energy Healing Session here.

Amplification Of Your Power And Process

Again, when working with the moon, use “her” amplification to lift you and your desires higher.

And when “she” brings negativity to the surface, make sure you clear and release it – because if you just let it be, it will be deflecting you from actually receiving those manifestations you want to invite in!

So if you have been working on manifesting something that just isn’t showing up, there is a block in the way.

Whenever we DON’T receive our desires, there is a block, or a misalignment. So pay attention to this. Don’t try to use wishful thinking that it will work anyway if you’ve struggled with the same point over and over.

If you’ve been struggling, it’s time to start clearing and recalibrating your frequency – so you’re actually a match with RECEIVING that desire. To begin clearing and uplifting your energy, go here.

Do this work now, and notice how things begin to shift for the better. Keep your intention list, and notice that by the next Lunar cycle, things will have showed up in the physical to a higher degree.

In the next article we’ll be talking about how to use the Moon’s placements – which sign it’s in – for increased wellbeing, success, love and flow in your life.

Later, we’ll discuss how to use Eclipses to massively uplevel your state and superpower your creation! Can’t wait to share more.

Until then, I’m sending you love and light for your journey! <3



PS: Remember to download the Free Heart Activation Session and my eBook on 11 Keys to Attracting and Keeping True Love, which gives you a powerful boost into a higher state!

Or, to go deeper, enroll in my full Love Blueprint program where I take you through upgrading your system to attract positivity – all you have to do is listen along with my voice. (Take a look here for others’ experiences with my work to see what kind of results you can expect)

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1111 angel numbers

A Guide To Angel Numbers – Full List Of Answers From 000-11:11!

Posted By Cassady CayneCassady Cayne - July 31, 2020


Are You Seeing 222, 444, 888 Or Other Repeating Sequences? Find Out What The Universe Is Trying To Tell You! Angel Numbers, A Full Key To The Code…

I often get questions about how to interpret the signs the Universe sends us, so today I want to share with you a guide to interpreting so-called Angel Numbers.

“Angel numbers” are repeating number sequences, such as 444, 555, 11:11 and more. This type of sign is used as a method of communication by the universe and our guidance, in order to bypass our analytical mind.

What Is The Universe Really “Trying To Say” To You?

So, when you see angel numbers you already know the Universe is working to communicate something with you!

But what? Well, now you’ll have access to the list of meanings so you can begin to more regularly and accurately receive the full information and guidance!

In this video I give you an outline of what each number means, from 000 to 11:11. So you can now begin to know, not only that you’re seeing 777, for example – but that each time you see 777 your guidance is saying “we are supporting you, you are never alone”!

When we begin to understand the messages the Universe sends, our journey opens up to a whole new level of light and support! (For more on this, have a look at my Hay House book “The Universe Speaks, Are You Listening?”)

To get my Free eBook with more info on this – called “10 Ways The Universe Talks To You”, click here.

The Free eBook includes a handy guide to angel numbers which you can take a photo of and keep on your phone so you can always easily look up what message you’re being given!

In the book I also outline 9 other common ways the Universe communicates with us, and how to interpret and benefit from that guidance. Again, just click here to download.

And do let me know in the comments, what angel number(s) do you most often see?

Feel free to list any untraditional numbers, such as 69, birthdays and other things – and I’ll share what the universe is trying to tell you!


And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey

– I believe in you! <3





PS: Remember to download the Free Heart Activation Session and my eBook on 11 Keys to Attracting and Keeping True Love, which gives you a powerful boost into a higher state!

Or, to go deeper, enroll in my full Love Blueprint program where I take you through it step by step – all you have to do is listen along with my voice.

(Take a look here for others’ experiences with my work to see what kind of results you can expect)

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Fear Vs Intuition – 4 Keys To Knowing The Difference

Posted By Cassady CayneCassady Cayne - July 7, 2020

Discover The 4 Simple Keys To Discerning True Intuition! Knowing This Helps Avoid Chaos, Mistakes, Struggle… And Lifts You Into A State Of Guided Choices, Calm And Improved Wellbeing

We’re in the middle of an unprecedented time as a society, and are facing instability and increased risk both in our personal lives and in business and work. As an intuitive coach and mind-body-spirit author, I am often asked:

“How do we genuinely tell what our true intuition feels like?” How do we know if it’s true intuition or ego, imagination or even fear?

In a time like this, it’s something we can all benefit from honing in on. So in today’s article I’ll be giving you some key info and 4 simple keys to discerning between true intuition and fear.

And before we get started, make sure you download my Free Heart Activation Coaching Session where I take you through a helpful process of cleansing out stress, worry, fear and the things that most often cloud up our intuitive abilities. Click here to learn more and download.

The Power Of True Intuition

True intuition can guide us to amazing places. It can help us make decisions no one else would have thought of, it gives us brilliant ideas and inspirations for creations, strategies and plans.

Fear, however, can get us tangled up and make mistakes. It can create stumbling blocks, self-sabotage and have us make the wrong move at the wrong time.

The art of discerning true intuition can be the difference between a major success and mediocrity. It is the stuff that separates genius from madness. And it can cause major losses and detours when we don’t get it right!

So let’s establish the main differences and similarities and pinpoint how to truly tune into genuine guidance and how to filter out fear when it’s not needed.

What is fear really, and what is its purpose?

Well, the simple answer is it’s a biological survival mechanism. As humans, we have actually hardly changed since the stone-age in terms of body and neurology.

Our ancestors relied on fear to keep them safe from predators and other dangers. At that point in history and beyond, it was a crucial part of our system. Without fear, our ancestors wouldn’t have survived to pass on their genes to us, in essence.

And then, what is intuition?

It’s often called our “sixth sense”, a sense of knowing that goes beyond our physical senses. A feeling of being guided by a higher power, our own soul or something beyond what we can put our finger on factually. Often, people describe it as a gut feeling. In essence, it’s often a very subtle sensation and we can’t quite explain it.

And that’s where the trouble with fear vs intuition comes in. Because both happen on the feeling level. This is why it can be so hard to know whether or not we truly are being intuitively guided to a choice, a change, a risk or opportunity…

So to discern between fear and intuition, we have to gain clarity first of all.

To start with, what can we do to find the glimmer of gold in a room full of clutter? Well, tidying sure makes it easier.

When we can calm our mind, when we can take a little time daily to sit quietly and breathe, we begin to experience wonderful things. And it is a powerful helper in tapping into more of that elusive power of intuition!

One of the first things we experience when we can take just 5-10 minutes of time to sit still and breathe daily, we begin to realize just how many thoughts and stresses are running riot in our minds! And when we do, we gain a different perspective. Meditation or quiet time also helps our body relax. And this helps us stay calm, and allows intuition to stand out more.

On the physical level, fear is often low-level and chronic. It’s a part of modern life. When we don’t change our body’s chemistry and emotions and thoughts, it’s always stuck in a state of tension. Full of static.

So meditation really helps the body reset itself. To release chronic tension and stress. And when we do this regularly, we begin to notice our emotions and physical reactions more. We become able to feel the fear instead of assuming it to be a normal state.

And then, intuition stands out more. This is a powerful process that may not sound particularly fun but truly delivers major results, especially over time. And from a spiritual perspective, when we meditate or relax, we allow the tense energies of fear and stress to release so we can notice guidance more clearly.

Over time, meditation helps us deal with stress and fear better, and enables us to more clearly perceive those intuitive hunches and make wiser decisions… Even when we’re back in the middle of stressful situations.


4 Key Tips For Differentiating Between Fear And Intuition.

1) What does fear feel like?

Begin to pay attention. Where in your body does it occur? What emotions surround it? Usually fear feels urgent, immediate and edgy. It causes our sweat glands to activate when strong enough. It causes our heart to race uncomfortably. It feels tight and constrictive. Intuition do not cause any of these.

2) What thoughts trigger fear the most in you?

Begin to recognize it. When you do, you reclaim control, and you can choose to take it with a pinch of salt. Usually fear is based in mental “what if” scenarios, even on the unconscious level. Trace your fears to their ultimate conclusion. This can help reveal them for what they are.

3) What does intuition feel like?

Begin to pay attention. Do you get a particular sensation when you feel someone is lying to you? Where in your body? What does that sensation feel like?

It’s usually a firm KNOWING feeling. Often people feel it in their stomach, but not uncomfortably. It feels certain, but it does not feel pressured. Sometimes positive intuition – being nudged to take a guided risk – can come as a fluttering sensation of excitement and light in the body.

4) Knowing vs chasing:

Intuition feels like a deeper level knowing, above all. Intuition does not operate with a “missing out” paradigm. Yes, it can nudge us powerfully, but it doesn’t feel like a chase. It feels most often like being guided firmly and kindly. Fear is like a static on the surface, especially when it’s mentally based. Go deeper, to feel knowing.

Understanding ourselves is a key to this art of discernment. Think of your body and subtle intuition as an instrument, or a thermometer. When you can learn to accurately interpret its messages, you can reap major rewards.

The incredible thing is, that the more we work to release fear and relax our body, the more available we are to “necessary” fear if it should arise. If we have fear inside and around us on a daily basis, it doesn’t stand out. But when we can bring moments of peace into our lives, finding calm in the eye of the storm by going within, we are fully able to feel it if something poses a true threat.

Releasing fear paradoxically makes us more easily able to recognize when a risk is not worth it, when there is a true danger to our life or when a person doesn’t have our highest interests at heart.

Learning to tune into true intuition versus fear, is a skill that positively impacts our lives on all levels. It truly can change our choices, our path and our destiny for the better!

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3






PS: Remember to download the Free Heart Activation Session and my eBook on 11 Keys to Attracting and Keeping True Love, which gives you a powerful boost into a higher state!

Or, to go deeper, enroll in my full Love Blueprint program where I take you through upgrading your system to attract positivity – all you have to do is listen along with my voice.

(Take a look here for others’ experiences with my work to see what kind of results you can expect)

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How To Stop Being So Hard On Yourself – 6 Things You Must Know

Posted By Cassady CayneCassady Cayne - June 18, 2020

When Perfection Becomes Toxic… The Secret Underlying Reasons For Shame, Judgment And Self Hate How To Start Feeling Better And Being Your Own Friend

We’ve all been there. Things have gone wrong and we feel like we should have known better, made different choices, prevented disaster from happening. When we see perfection and just KNOW we’re falling short somehow.

That sinking feeling we get when we “should” have handled some situation, that dread we get when we look in the mirror and wish we looked more like XYZ influencer or supermodel, were more perfect…

Or the feeling of regret that we hurt someone without meaning to… Or even, lying awake at night weighed down by despair about the state of the world. (As many are doing in recent times)

We’ve all done it. And as females, most of us have done it over and over. 

If you’ve been feeling bad about yourself over things you can’t control, whether it’s appearance, health, finances, family, society related or anything else, please put it on hold first of all so we can talk. Let’s explore.

(And I’d strongly recommend going through the Free Heart Activation Session I offer here, as it will help you shift into a more positive space not just now but for the long run)

#1) Picking A Lock – Why There Are Always Solutions

Let me help you out – I’ve had so many clients with these kinds of “impossible” feeling situations. And the biggest thing I’ve learned and I want you to know is, there are always solutions! Sometimes they’re instant, and sometimes they’re more like gradually picking a lock. But there are always solutions.

First of all, know that it’s OK to feel bad about yourself. To feel this way is really normal. There’s nothing wrong with you for being angry or feeling hatred, or being upset. They’re normal human emotions.

So let yourself off the hook for that one. (What a double bind to feel self hate, because you’re feeling self hate? That’s why it’s such a tricky one to shift!) Know that you’re allowed to respond to difficult situations with strong emotions.

Now, knowing this, forgive yourself for feeling this way. This in itself is healing. Know that no one is perfect.

And now, let’s dive deeper. Because this is actually a really common issue. And there are surprisingly “normal” reasons for it.

When you feel bad about yourself or even “hate” yourself, it’s actually a huge signpost that there are other things going on behind the scenes. Hate is like your inner self calling for you to recognize that you have a LOT of judgments against yourself.

#2) You Weren’t Born Being Mean To Yourself

And the big key here is – they come from somewhere! You weren’t born hating yourself, being mean to yourself or anyone else. No one is.

We are TAUGHT to hate things, or rather to judge things as wrong. So to really deal with this let’s go further… In order to not only feel better but actually give yourself room to expand into a better situation.

The pattern of self hate nearly always comes from childhood. Most likely you have very high standards of yourself and you feel like you’re not living up to them – that’s where self hatred, shame and guilt comes from. (I’ve been there too, like so many of us! That’s why I created the Love Blueprint Program here)

Now, first of all, know that those standards are often hidden, so try to figure out in your mind exactly where it is you feel you’ve fallen short. Explain it as if you were saying it to a friend. Often, this reveals judgments so unreasonable that we can breathe more easily when we see that it’s not something we’re to blame for.

#3) The Catch-22 Of Impossible Standards

And now, who gave you those impossibly high standards? They’re often about ideas of “perfection”. Whether it’s to be a “perfect” mother, have a “perfect” body or face, or to be rich, successful or married by a certain age… 

Most of these standards come from society and other people. They’re just ideas people have agreed on. And often they’re pushed onto us by advertising and people who benefit financially from our striving to reach them!

Remember this – that someone somewhere told you or taught you that you weren’t enough! That’s where this pattern of being hard on yourself comes from. Does that feel slightly different? Do you understand your own reaction now a little more? Maybe you can release it a little?

#4) Why Some People Are Able To Face Challenges With A Smile…

So now onto a related point. Not everyone hates themselves because they’re not living up to certain ideals. 
Some people even thrive in the face of it! There’s a difference between people who shrug off the idea of perfection and thrive as who they uniquely are…

Happy, vivacious people of sizes 16 and over… Youthful seeming, exuberant 80 year olds… Uneducated people who somehow manage to excel in business over those who spent years in university… People with severe physical disabilities who inspire and lead others with unstoppable positivity.

Again, we’re back to childhood. Our reactions and how we handle the seemingly impossible, also stem mostly from childhood.

So who may have shown or even told you that being mean to yourself was appropriate? Who around you were mean to themselves or judged others (which tends to mirror an inner state of “not good enough”) when you were growing up?

When we’re children, we don’t just do what our parents tell us, we model their behavior. It can be something as subtle as having a mother who constantly dieted and complained about her weight.

Or a father who insisted on A grades and nothing else was good enough. Love was withheld unless certain conditions were met. The underlying signals to the child would have been – “I’m not good enough because I don’t fit a certain image, and therefore I feel bad about myself.”

#5) It’s Not Your Fault!

As a child you would have picked up on these and modeled them as a behavior, an emotional response.

So in other words, if you feel bad about yourself now – as a child, someone somehow taught you to be mean to yourself. To berate yourself in your inner commentary. It may have been without realizing what they were doing – and remember THEY learned it from someone too!

Above all, it wasn’t your fault. And it isn’t your fault now. Perfection is not natural. Look at nature. Look at how everything in it is “perfectly imperfect”.

The amazing thing is, when you begin to reveal the underlying things that have caused you to feel bad about yourself, for ANY reason… You begin to heal. And you allow more of your inner goodness, your inner essence, inner beauty and gifts to shine forth.

For now, know that you’re allowed to feel this way and it’s likely a very natural reaction to what you’ve been shown and taught. Forgive yourself for being so hard on yourself.

#6) Being Your Own Friend

And now, be your own ally a little more. If one of your friends, family members or even your child felt like this, how would you talk to them? Be your own friend. Try to see yourself from the outside.

Know that this is something you can improve, you can become free from this pattern of being so hard on yourself, but it may take a little time. This is really a hidden childhood wound that’s expressing itself in your adult life.

Embracing Your Uniqueness And Your Inner Light

This is something most of us struggle with but the amazing thing is, awareness is the first step to healing. You really are a unique and valuable person. Think of this, of over 7.5 billion people on this planet, only you exist in this exact way.

The likelihood of you existing has been calculated to be something like 1/14 trillion. That means, mathematically, you are a miracle!

Try to be a little more forgiving of yourself, release your judgments a little. Pay attention to where the judgments and harsh inner commentary and being so hard on yourself may really have come from. And work to see yourself the way you would a friend or a child.

I know you’re here for a reason. Those who have had a difficult path most often have a very special life purpose. I believe in you.

Do comment below – what will YOU be doing to be kinder to yourself moving forward?


And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey

– I believe in you! <3





PS: Remember to download the Free Heart Activation Session and my eBook on 11 Keys to Attracting and Keeping True Love, which gives you a powerful boost into a higher state!

Or, to go deeper, enroll in my full Love Blueprint program where I take you through it step by step all you have to do is listen along with my voice.

(Take a look here for others’ experiences with my work to see what kind of results you can expect)

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“Does The Universe Test Us?” 10 Keys To The Truth Of Spiritual Lessons

Posted By Cassady CayneCassady Cayne - June 3, 2020

“Why Isn’t The Universe Fixing XYZ?” The Mirror Of Reality – Father Figures, The Truth About Divine Timing And The New Era Of Light

We’ve been in such a challenging time as a society this year, and many are asking questions around why this is allowed to happen. If the universe loves us, if there are benevolent guides working to help us, why are they letting this happen?

So today I wanted to explore this further. Because the situation is often very different than how it seems to our human perspective. It is true that the universe loves us, is trying to help us.

But we are not always aligned with and open to that. Just like you can dial someone’s number, it doesn’t guarantee they will pick up!

We are always receiving guidance to be happy, well, loved, harmonious – as a society and as individuals. But we often make choices that cause issues, that go against that guidance…

The Truth About Who Is Testing You

The truth is, WE are the ones who test ourselves and “teach ourselves lessons” more than anything. In essence, the universe is always working to bring us love and support – it doesn’t “bring us” bad things out of an ulterior motive. The universe is pure love consciousness.

However, WE and OUR SYSTEM can be deflecting love and positivity, and therefore we attract challenges and experiences that may seem like “lessons” – because in some way yes, they do show up our inner issues so we can heal.

But it’s not the universe deliberately doing this as if we’re a naughty child in school being made to stop misbehaving… Really, it’s all signal and response. Cause and effect. Both our society and our individual system has a “vibrational signature” which attracts back what is a “match” with it. It’s a “neutral” process.

So today I’m sharing with you:

Spiritual Lessons: 10 Keys To What’s Really Going On When It Feels Like The Universe Is Testing Us!


#1 Ancient Beliefs – Disempowerment

There are so many interesting facets to this question but the most important and noticeable thing is how old this line of thinking is – it is an ancient belief from the monotheistic religions, carried through to otherwise modern spirituality circles.

The belief that there is someone or something out there with lessons for us is something most of us are taught in some way in life. And it is a very common perception among those interested in spirituality.

I notice that in many spiritual and religious traditions and in spiritual communities online we can see a clear line of thinking that personifies the universe (and not always positively), much like the monotheistic religions do.

You can probably see that this is a very human-centric way of looking at the universe. That there is a “great parent” out there ruling the show, while we “children” don’t have responsibility for ourselves or our actions… And that we’re being punished if we don’t “behave well”.

In this era of awakening (11:11 remember who you are) we are rising into a higher state of awareness and empowerment as souls. We’re realizing we are co-creators, and our happiest and “best life” happens when we take responsibility and consciously use our choices and abilities to affect reality and make our dreams come true.

#2 What Divine Timing Really Is

Religion can be positive and helpful for your journey if you believe that the Universe or God is benevolent and helpful and kind. But if you’ve taken on beliefs that God is demanding or the Universe puts you through difficult lessons and suffering in order to learn humility and so on, it can create a lot of pain …

The latter type of belief is where the idea of people being put through tests fits in. Often we read that things will happen in “divine time” and that we’re not yet ready.

This is a highly common misunderstanding – I often read people telling each other “we just have to be patient until the divine timing happens”.

But the truth is, the universe doesn’t hold us back from our desires!

It’s all about energy and alignment. Divine Timing is really the time when the energies are in alignment. When we are a match to it, so it can enter our reality. (Read more about how this works here)

It’s not that someone out there has a schedule for us and we may not be ready because they decide it to be so. It’s the fact that our energy is not yet in alignment with what we desire…That’s what Divine Timing means – it’s that the energies are a match.

The amazing thing is, we don’t have to sit on the sidelines and wait. We can make “divine timing” happen more quickly – and we are being encouraged to do so, to take an active part in our lives to make our dreams happen.

This is the age of self empowerment – where we are all being woken up to our own inner light. Not like times past when people were downtrodden and unable to affect their reality.

In the new energy shift on earth, you yourself can speed up your process by lifting into a higher vibration and clearing blocks that might otherwise get in the way of you having your desires. (I help you with this in the Free Heart Activation Session here)

#3 Nothing Can Stop Us

So really if there is a test on this journey, it is for us to realize that we are the masters of our own existence and that no one else can prevent us from doing, being or having what we desire to create. We are co-creators of our journey.

We are so much more in charge than we tend to think.

Thinking that we’re small tends to be because we identify with our human bodies. But the spirit is unlimited. Energy, consciousness has no bounds.

#4 Universal Laws

The universe predominately operates on energetic laws – it certainly does not have a malicious or demanding series of tests for us to overcome so that our lives are filled with suffering to overcome.

If anyone is making you learn lessons, it is you and your own soul, who desired to evolve and develop as much as possible on your journey, and get over any past negativity you have been carrying around.

#5 Magnetizing Your Desires

There are many energetic laws in operation in the universe, but the biggest and most noticeable one is that “like attracts like”.

Let me explain: We and everything around us are energy, tiny particles making up what we perceive as solid objects. But nothing is actually solid – it consists of microscopic particles and atoms vibrating energetically. This is scientific fact, and you can look up the latest research in quantum physics to check if you want.

So the law of “like attracts like”, or more famously “the law of attraction” means that the energy and expectations you send out (the vibrational frequency you’re in) puts you in alignment with drawing like things and experiences to you.

As within, so without. As above, so below.

So on the metaphysical plane if you have a predominately negative worldview that “life is hard”, that is what you’re shaping your energy to allow in and attract more of.

So what seems like a “lesson” is merely the outer visible noticeable result of your inner alignment.

#6 Using Energy to Our Advantage

Like with an old fashioned radio, you tune into a particular station by being in a particular frame of mind and emotion. So you can actually change your energy to shift the channel from “fear and lack” to “love and joy”.

This is why working on our energy is so important on the spiritual journey. If we have the preset that “love hurts” or that “life is hard”, this is the signal we’re emitting into the universe and will be attracting.

It is really important to know that these laws of energy operate completely “neutrally”, like gravity. There is no one controlling gravity and ensuring you comply with it, it just IS.

As a collective, as society, we also can shift our collective mindset, discourse and organizational structures to step into greater harmony and positivity – and reap amazing outer results.

#7 We Make Our Own Lessons

So when we attract challenges and hard lessons to learn on our journey it is overwhelmingly because our energy is in alignment with it. Often it’s due to core negative beliefs, but it can also be due to unhealed karmic wounds buried deeply in our energy field that keep emitting energies of trauma out into the universe.

In this way, you could describe a challenge as a “lesson” because if you for example have trauma related to abandonment and you keep attracting this over and over, you are given the opportunity to realize what your wound is so you can heal it and move on.

When we heal karmic and energetic wounds, we stop emitting the negative frequency into the universe, and we therefore stop attracting “lessons” over and over.

In some spiritual circles this would be referred to as “releasing the lesson” or “learning the lesson” but truly it’s due to the fact that we’ve stopped emitting the energy frequency that kept us in a loop of attracting negativity over and over.

#8 What About Your Father?

Here on earth, our feelings about the universe and our views of God or source consciousness are very closely linked to our relationship to the father figure in our lives growing up.

This can be an eye-opener to consider: What was your father like when you were little?

Was he involved in your life? Was he dependable and always helped you and made you feel taken care of and safe? Or was he himself emotionally wounded and distant? Was he absent? Was he loving and generous or was he demanding and withholding of love?

Now compare with your view of God or Source or the universe.

(I help you with this in the Love Blueprint Coaching Program here)

Religion can actually be a help for people in this regard, as it can provide a new template for a loving father figure. However we are often presented with ideas of an easily angered and demanding God/collective Father figure.

In reality we are the ones manifesting these traits in our interaction with the universe and the world around us – we keep the energetic realm mirroring back to us any positivity or negativity in accordance with what we expect.

Our reality is always in some way a mirror to our inner state.

 #9 DIY Role Models to Fuel Your Journey

This has been one of the biggest “lessons” on my own journey, to recognize that our childhood patterns and relationships keep us locked in skewed perceptions of the world around us – and thereby attracting what often doesn’t serve us. It’s why I created the Free Heart Activation Session here.

So to open up your journey to increased abundance and love, I would suggest examining this and seeing where there may be buried wounds attracting negativity.

Creating or choosing your own new authority figure role model can be an excellent tool if you can’t find one in life.

Is there a particular author or teacher or public speaker or celebrity who makes you feel positively inspired and safe? I would suggest experimenting with making this your new positive blueprint… As a society, do we have GOALS of what our ideal state would look like, and are we working to create systems to reach that state? Or are we focused mainly on what we want to avoid, and stuck in a state of thinking nothing can change?

Remember that there is always guidance and help around us, to assist us in using the laws of energy to our advantage, stir us to raise our vibrations and help us create our desires. You can always ask for help and support, and you have a team ready to assist you in any way possible.

#10 It’s all Rigged in Our Favor!

It helps to shift your thinking to see the universe as always working in our favor – everything is rigged to your advantage.

1) If wounds come up to be healed, it is so that we can clear the negativity, shift our approach and move on in increased joy.

2) If we encounter challenges, they are showing us that we’re energetically attracting them and would benefit from adjusting our beliefs, energy and karma. It all helps and serves us.

Above all, know that you are powerful and that you have the ability to create the life you desire. There is no destiny that can or will force you to be unhappy or alone for life! I promise.

Adjust your energy, and you can make anything happen!

Remember “as within, so without”. I believe in you!

So what seeming “lessons” can you now see might be caused by your OWN system, childhood experiences and dynamics from the past?

What in SOCIETY can you see, is “us” teaching “ourselves” a lesson so we can learn and grow?

Share in the comments!

And if you’re unsure about something, comment with that too and I’ll give you my intuitive reading and insights on your situation.


As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3


PS: Remember to download the Free Heart Activation Session and my eBook on 11 Keys to Attracting and Keeping True Love, which gives you a powerful boost into a higher state!

Or, to go deeper, enroll in my full Love Blueprint program where I take you through it step by step – all you have to do is listen along with my voice. (And take a look here for others’ experiences with my work to see what kind of results you can expect)


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Join Me For Live Calls On Hay House’s Facebook

Posted By Cassady CayneCassady Cayne - May 30, 2020

Interpreting Signs, Discovering Your “Secret 5D Superpowers”, Ask Me Questions And More… Join Me To Tap Into Universal Support, Light And Love!

I know we’re all going through major changes and challenges as a society and there’s a lot happening energetically… ⛈⚡⚡

So I’m thrilled to be able to share something I hope will bring you positivity and healing:

Every Tuesday this coming month I’ll be going live to share healing messages, spiritual information and answer questions – and I’ll be taking you through energy healing and activations to amplify positivity along the way.

Topics will include:

– The dark night of the soul, 11:11 and spiritual awakening
– How to fully receive the support the Universe is working to bring you
– How to use oracles to uplift your life and journey,
– Opening to spiritual communication,
– Learning more about how to interpret the signs and indications the Universe sends,
– Discovering your “secret 5D superpowers”,
– Your “divine blueprint” and more!

I would love for you to join me – and I’ll be answering questions during the call!

Starts Tuesday 2nd June at 12pm PST x

Click here to sign up for free – you’ll be notified of the calls going live, so you don’t miss it! (Replays will also be available, but I’m only able to answer questions on the call)

PS: In the mean time, make sure you download my Free Heart Activation Session – to cleanse out heaviness and fuel up with light and positivity xx

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Reclaiming Inner Peace – Fuelling Up With Nourishing Golden Light (New Session)

Posted By Cassady CayneCassady Cayne - May 4, 2020


What If A Higher State Was At Your Fingertips All Along? Golden Light Infusion And Activation – New Energy Journey…

As you already know, we’re in the middle of a challenging time as a society. Even those of us who aren’t especially sensitive, are feeling the tension and fear around. There’s worry about the future.

Negative scenarios, news and social media posts about lockdown, virus and financial problems are coming at us from every angle…

Even if we’re healthy and safe, most of us are feeling drained on a deeper level. Tired of feeling trapped and like there’s no light ahead. Most of us are tense and out of sorts in body, mind and emotions.

It’s a time when we may need a little extra help, a little more self love and care to feel like ourselves again. To feel good in our own space. 

So to help you fuel up with support, love and strength at this time of turmoil, I’ve created an immersive energy journey to help you step into calm, inner peace and fuel up with light and energetic support for your system.

What I was guided to create, is a Golden Light Infusion and Activation.


A powerful energy journey to above all fill up with the experience of being completely loved, cherished, safe and held by the universe.

In this session I also take you through clearing out fear (which you may be tapping into unconsciously via news, social media, people around you and the “collective fields”) through multiple activations of your system, shielding and protection, opening to the “new era” higher consciousness of love and unity.

In addition to the powerful energy work I take you through, this new channeled session is set to 432hz music, which is often called “Nature’s Healing Frequency”…

Known to ease anxiety, bring down heart rate and blood pressure, and generally have a soothing effect, promoting a sense of peace and well being.

It is said to assist the body and our energy flow to harmonize and function better, even assisting the release and transmutation of negativity.

Have a look at some of the feedback that’s been coming in:

“I did your Golden Light Infusion meditation several hours ago and immediately felt calmer” – Moira

“This new session is exactly what I have been hoping for, as a help and support.” – Jessica

“As an empath I’ve been feeling the collective fear and negative energy daily and it’s been so strong! Since doing this meditation I’ve felt so much at peace. I’m already feeling that guidance is incoming” – Wendy

“Just wanted to add my experiences with the new session – it’s amazing! I did it twice so far. The day after the first time I could feel and see the golden, glowing crown above me the whole day long, and I felt a strong, loving presence of my own Higher self, kind of like, right behind me, and above me, lifting me up. I instantly felt stronger and calmer.  Thank you so much, again, for this, Cassady! This is really powerful. ” – Mein Stern

If you’ve been longing for a return to peace and inner wellness, this is for you. If you’ve been worried about the future, stressed or feeling out of sorts emotionally, mentally or physically since this virus outbreak began – you’ll gain deep solace and healing from this.

To learn more and download, click here.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

PS: If you haven’t already, you can also download my Free Heart Activation Session here!

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2020 – A Watershed Year For Humanity, And What Lies Ahead… An Astrology Perspective On COVID-19

Posted By Cassady CayneCassady Cayne - May 3, 2020

As 2020 Rolled In, Astrologers Already Knew This Would Be A Watershed Year in History… How? A Combustive Clash Of The Two Most Powerful Forces In The Zodiac. The End Of The “Old World” And Rise Of A “New Reality”…

As Saturn met Pluto head-on in Capricorn, exact on January 12th 2020, it was astrologically spelled out that major destructive change would be happening in 2020 – coloring these next 18 months.

In its classic interpretation, these two planets meeting head on symbolize a powerful death/rebirth process – the end of one reality and the beginning of a new world. The leveling of old structures, so that a new and higher system can grow forth.

Many astrologers predicted issues with a downturn in the world markets, a new recession, political problems… But few foresaw the kind of total breakdown of “modern life” that lay right ahead.

We have been in the breakdown part of this process for months now, and these events have taken the world by complete surprise. The planet is still in panic.

People’s jobs are gone overnight, schools are closed and exams canceled, airports are shut down, cities are in lockdown, many are in isolation, many have loved ones who are sick or at risk, businesses are closing, banks are slashing interest rates in a desperate attempt to slow down the crash… We’ve most recently had riots and clashes between populations and rulers.

When Symbolic Change Becomes Physically Manifest

Astrologers and healers have spoken about the rise of a “new and higher reality” for decades. Until now, it has been discussed in terms of energy and symbolism, but this year it is truly becoming a physical reality. That we as a species are profoundly changing our path forward.

Triggered by the COVID-19 outbreak, we are at a crossroads where it seems collaboration, empathy and solidarity are the only true solutions – because the  virus affects people regardless of stature, finance or fame.

So what does the future look like, astrologically? If Saturn and Pluto’s conjunction was a signpost warning us that this major international crisis was coming, what is next?

Some pointers come in the form of the other planetary interactions happening with this conjunction. A trine to Venus in her home sign Taurus, as well as factors involving Mars, indicates that we are seeing not only a breakdown of the “old reality”…

But that it is specifically the systems built up around the traditional masculine interests of competition, conflict, separation and aggression that are being worn away. We are seeing an increase in the traditional feminine polarity of compassion, collaboration and empathy for others. Unity consciousness.

From Separation-Based Systems To Unity Consciousness

Both Mars and Venus are going retrograde this year (this is highly unusual) signalling a refinement process that’s ongoing. We have powerful eclipses and a solstice-eclipse that coincides – which hasn’t happened in decades. In astrological terms, it means we’re undergoing a major restructuring.

What has become imbalanced is being pushed to restore. Issues of inequality, conflict and battle mentality are making way for a greater vision – we are learning in practical terms that we truly are “in this together”.

Unity consciousness is on the rise, for the long term.In the short term, we deal with mitigation of damage. We deal with saving lives, as much as possible. But in the longer term, we see public debate around the fundamental structures of especially Western society.

Humanitarian, Technological Innovations For The Whole – Aquarian Energies

It is likely that through public demand, safety measures and health benefits will be set in place, where there have been none.

Where countries recently have sought to divide and withdraw from international collaborations, we will likely have a resurgence in a collaborative focus (just like the crises that gave rise to the EU, the UN, NATO and such in the first place).

This time, health based collaborations will likely be key. Cloud based tracking of breakouts and health statistics internationally. Privacy may not be upheld but the public will see the greater value in safety. As Saturn moved into Aquarius this year (returning after his retrograde period in fall 2020), and Pluto joins “him” there in a few years we truly see the astrological events many presaged as “the dawn of the age of Aquarius”.

The Physical Makes Way For A New Kind Of “Togetherness”

So is this the road into a perfect new world? Well, with these major planetary forces bringing a strong Aquarian focus, we’ll see many new forms of solutions, ideas and approaches – especially over this next 18 months onward as the world strives to adapt to a “new normal” after the COVID-19 outbreak settles.

The world may have had a physical crisis, threatening the physical body and our physical world habits and closeness – but the solutions will likely come via the intellect, technology and new innovation.

This includes a likelihood of AI and tech solutions to things like medical personnel getting infected with the virus – a robot nurse can withstand sickness, automatized AI delivery systems can pack and bring items to the door without staff getting infected or being unsafe… 

We will see altruism increase, and the tech industry will likely step up with not only funds but innovations to solve the Covid-19 crisis (and other similar issues of the kind) in the coming years.

We’ll likely see solidarity principles and equality legislation in terms of economic protection, health care and social benefits becoming more and more commonplace across the world.

Because we so strongly see the negative results of their absence. Authoritarian regimes will likely be pushed to open to greater transparency for the sake of health and safety. Populations will demand greater care from governments.

The World Will Never Look Quite The Same After COVID-19

With Aquarius in focus, space travel is also key, and with this outbreak we as a species are being put to the test: How will we manage populations, safety and health on another planet if we cannot adequately achieve it here on earth?

Humanity will likely make major advances in medicine as a result of this crisis – new methods and research being pushed through and democratized to a higher degree.

Our perspective on ourselves and our path forward will fundamentally change as a result of this collective trauma. Over coming years, travel, healthcare and the workplace will never look quite the same.

Embedded health technology will likely become more and more a part of our daily lives. Wearable tech or bio trackers that measure your temperature to let you know if you need to seek medical assistance, distant reporting of wellness stats to your doctor and in-home solutions to medication symptoms are among what we can likely expect…

International collaborative efforts to solve health crises and the economic challenges of this coming time are also likely.

If we look back historically, collective trauma has been instrumental in pushing our species forward. As an example, the aftermath of the black plague in 1300s Europe gave way to several major growth spurts in technology – modern agriculture, capitalism and other staples of recent times had their origin in that time when everything had to be restructured…

The New World Begins Now…

Humanity has overcome severe challenges in the past. In the long run this crisis is set to bring new improvements to the structures of society – for everyone.

Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian, the individualist, the maverick intellectual who works for the betterment of all and treats everyone as an equal.

The new world begins now. Stay safe and know that reality may never look the same after this settles. And that may be just what we needed. Let’s hope this process of recovery is swift and doesn’t involve more loss of life.

And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey

– I believe in you! <3





PS: Remember to download the Free Heart Activation Session and my eBook on 11 Keys to Attracting and Keeping True Love, which gives you a powerful boost into a higher state!

Or, to go deeper, enroll in my full Love Blueprint program where I take you through it step by step – all you have to do is listen along with my voice.

(Take a look here for others’ experiences with my work to see what kind of results you can expect)

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7 Things To Give Up For A Happier Love Life

Posted By Cassady CayneCassady Cayne - May 2, 2020

What if the Most Powerful Thing Was to Let Go? Find out more here…

Our Instincts Usually Tell us to Seek More and More Insights, Answers and Explanations to Make Everything OK… But it can lead us into complication, confusion and entrenched issues. So today I’m taking you a different route to a happier and smoother journey…

Sometimes shifting our perspective can release and open up to new shifts. Moving around any resistance we’ve built in.

Giving Up These 7 Things Can Dramatically Improve Your Love Life


– Would you rather be happy or would you rather be right?

Everyone’s journey unfolds at their own pace. If your partner or desired lover isn’t getting your perspective, don’t be mad at them – help them understand. Explain things calmly and be open to different perspectives.

We live in a society that teaches us that the world is divided into clear “right” and “wrong” but the truth is everyone sees the world through their unique lens based on their experiences and background. In relationships, fighting to be “right” will only create more and more conflict.

I grew up with parents who focused on this and they were constantly arguing, still I hear them debating silly things like who was to blame for buying the wrong kind of potatoes at the grocery store. Conflict is a foundational pattern that affects our relationships so much.

For a happy love connection, be willing to allow for different perspectives. It’s OK to disagree sometimes. And when we allow others space for their opinions, they tend to be a lot more open to adjusting and finding the best SHARED ways of doing things. Be a team, not opponents.

Complaints and blame only serve to reinforce more negativity. 

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Dr Wayne Dyer


The Now Moment is the only truth – past and future are constructs, they only truly exist in the mind.

Many people unwittingly keep negative love and relationship cycles around by thinking about the past, holding onto old grudges, old hurt and staying in outdated modes of thinking. Letting go of the past allows you to step into new joy.

Holding onto the past lowers your vibration and holds you back from the happy harmonious love and romance you desire. Forgiveness and moving away from focusing on the past can powerfully change things for the better.

I know that it’s not always easy, but have a look at this article on forgiveness for some helpful perspectives on how to let go of old hurt in a way that serves you. Remember that you don’t have to let hurt happen again, but release yourself from the past events and feelings so you don’t unwittingly keep that negative energy around.

Clearing cords and attachments can free up your journey so much and makes it easier to step into forgiveness.

In the Free Heart Activation session I take you through we go through clearing negative attachments and healing old wounds in order to remove any negative pull on your energies and emotions.


You are here to live your unique journey, not to repeat other people’s experiences

We are all here uniquely make a new story, to evolve the human experience and conception of love. Other people’s previous experiences and opinions mostly get in the way of this – releasing beliefs around love and relationships can create huge shifts for the better.

Through family/friends, popular culture and hearsay most of us have been told things like: “Men are only after one thing”, “Marriages don’t last”, “Men always cheat”, “Women only love you for your money” and so on and so forth. Our culture is full of limiting and hurtful belief structures around love.

We are all here with a unique soul signature, where our heart’s “wiring” to a particular form of love makes us an ideal fit with another person whose signature resonates with ours – a “soul mate”. Inside, you have a perfect “recipe” for your “perfect” unique journey and relationship. Go within and tune into your soul’s knowing.

I take you through activating your heart and connecting you energetically with your ideal partner in the Free Heart Activation Session here – whether or not you’ve already met them!

Energy management tools are an amazing way to eradicate limiting belief structures, align you with your higher faculties and open up to your soul’s insights.

This is why all my work focuses on Energy – energy tools and management can be adapted to any situation, so you have methods to make your unique situation work for you no matter what. Have a look at my flagship coaching and energy healing program here, where I take you through it all.


– Don’t believe everything you think/read/see/hear

Human beings have an innate need to find elaborate reasons and intricate explanations for how things are. Ever since the stone age people have been painting, telling stories and explaining with mythology why things are the way they are – from African stories of roaring lions in the sky creating thunder to the vikings with Thor’s hammer…

We seek explanations everywhere, but often all we come up with is an elaborate story that just makes things even more complicated. Look at any ancient myth and it provides a very good “reason” why things are the way they are – without it being accurate or helpful.

Our journey through life and with love is much, much simpler than we tend to make out. It’s all about energy.

What determines whether your love life is harmonious or chaotic and fraught with problems, is your energy vibration and your core beliefs. The actual hows and whats of your journey actually make very little difference.

Unfortunately, if you’re heavy with congestion, limiting belief structures and negative karma, this will keep you out of alignment with the love and happiness you desire. (Read more about this here)

This is why you can have read all the self help books info in the world, use crystals, do yoga, follow a healthy diet, pray every night still be stuck in problems!

In order to experience harmony, your energy must be aligned with it. This means clearing out all the stuff that’s been keeping you weighed down in a low vibration. Energy attracts its like. Like with a radio, it’s like being tuned into Metal FM and expecting classical music. It won’t happen, unfortunately.

You have to change the channel. In energy terms – you have to raise your vibration and clear out the old baggage that has been weighing it down.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter what’s come before or what we call it – when your energy shifts, your love connection and your life situation begin to shift positively as well! (Have a look here for some other people’s experiences)

#5) LIMITING BELIEFS (about love/life/yourself)

Again, most of us grow up with the habit of looking outside of ourselves for advice and guidance and reinforcement. We’re taught to look to teachers, parents, gurus, religious leaders, even god or the universe to help us, to fix things, to show us the way…

In the new energy shift on planet earth things are changing – we and the Earth are in Ascension. We are evolving emotionally, spiritually, energetically. Our souls are pushing us away from the old. We are being asked to move away from seeking outside of ourselves, and instead embrace our inner power.

    “Stop acting so small, you are the universe in ecstatic motion” – Rumi

We are infinite beings living an earth experience. The old pattern was to look outside for answers, perpetuating the cycle of seeking and searching and needing to be saved, for divine intervention to make things right.

The new pattern is self empowerment, embracing our own divinity – to not look to outsiders to connect us to a higher power but to know that we are always connected to that infinite consciousness from the “inside out”. To know that we are the ones creating our experience, and then to adjust accordingly. To know that we are our own “saviors”.

When we begin to shift our approach, our reality shifts along with it. Warning: This may cause “miracles.”


– Stepping out of the deadlock of judgment means being free to flow with love

Most human beings have an energy program running which is to hold onto facts, labels and judgments – things we “know” are right versus what’s wrong. Rigid definitions.

But unfortunately, labels and preconceptions become unconscious recipes for manifestation. For example, when we know that conflict between men and women is very common, or we have accepted the idea that men often cheat, our unconscious faculties take this in and make it a part of our reality.

The unconscious mind doesn’t “understand” the difference between true and false or damaging and helpful – it just absorbs what we are exposed to.

Energy and love are by nature free flowing. So holding onto judgments and definitions blocks us from being open to flow with love, new insights and new developments.

Clearing the energy behind our limiting beliefs can powerfully transform our journey for the better.

Most of the damaging beliefs that trip us up are deeply unconscious – but we can trace them through reading our current experiences. As an example: Believing that Life is Hard translates to constant struggle, and feeling like nothing ever changes for the better in life. ..

Try to find new ways of talking and thinking about your life. Focus on the positives. It will help you to avoid blocking your energy and to not tap into other people and society’s limitations.

Words are incredibly powerful – not only do we create and manifest with our voice (“in the beginning was the word”) but when we use certain words, we tune into the energy others have put into it as well.

Redefining your journey with new words helps free you from experiencing negativity. And it above all opens you to fully experiencing your joys and your journey – not observing through a filter of others’ judgment and collective stories.


Look deeper: the surface is a masquerade

One of humanity’s greatest sources of suffering is separation. To always be apart from others, from the universe. As some people love to say: “We’re born alone and we die alone.”

Energetically this is completely untrue! Energy has no limits, when we love someone we are connecting no matter how far away they are geographically. On the energy planes, we are all made of the same substance. The perceived separation of the physical body is only a tiny part of reality.

When we shift our perspective to focus on the inner truth that when we love someone we are always connected, we know that there is no danger after all. We will never be abandoned, we will never be rejected, we will never be broken apart. We are energy. We are all consciousness, living in human bodies. And consciousness knows no bounds.

Humanity’s focus on the limited body causes so many fears. Really, all of life, all of earth is energy.

Like physicists have known for decades – energy shifts but it never dies.



    “We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness.” —Thich Nhat Hanh


I hope you found this article insightful and inspiring – when we shift our perspectives, it affects our whole being and opens to a higher state of existence.

Do comment below – what will YOU be letting go of for a happier journey moving forward?


And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey

– I believe in you! <3





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