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Practical Advice, What To Do And NOT To Do To Get Through These Weeks With Your Sanity Intact And Your Vibration High… Including Tips For Income Boosters.

First, let me say this is NOT a guide to healing or treating a disease. This is a guide to deal with the situation of being stuck at home or feeling worried, being in quarantine or isolation for a prolonged period.

If you are sick, please seek the appropriate source of help. The Red Cross has a lot of good information and advice.

Whatever your life situation, this time has become destabilizing for most.

So today I wanted to reach out with some helpful tips and advice on how to get through this period with more ease and positivity.

Do let me know in the comments if you have suggestions, tips, helpful advice and recommendations so we can make this a hub of positivity for those who may be needing guidance.

Remember above all, you’re a soul living a physical life and that means “all is well” always in SPIRITUAL truth, but let’s honor our physical body and humanity’s well-being as a collective in this time. Let’s make this a valuable time, that hopefully paves the way for positive developments long term.



DO journal, it helps clear your mind of worry and works to keep you constructive and more positive

DO keep a routine – write out a little schedule if you can, it can be simple like breakfast, read a book for a few hours, eat lunch, journal, exercise, then watch a fun film, then bed… Something structured will help you feel “sane” and like life is a little more like normal

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DO work on yourself, heal and release fear, uplift your emotions

DO create, express yourself, make something

DO exercise – a little at least, to keep your system active

DO Use humor to stay positive – watch cute pet videos or funny babies online, it can help you feel better. (Personal tip: Raccoons are super cute and funny and there’s a video of dogs and cats “talking”).

DO read books, listen to music, watch great films

DO go within, meditate – this helps you stay calm and research has proven it helps boost your immunity over time (click here to read).

DO talk to friends in a group hang or watch something together on Facebook (strongly recommend Joseph Campbell’s PBS series on mythology, and especially if you’re a Twin Flame, “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind”)

DO stay in touch with people through social media or phone to let them know how much they mean to you

DO abide by the advice in your country, it’s for a reason

DO learn something new – take a virtual class, watch a webinar, do an online class, take a course to grow and improve

DO stay positive – there are good news on the way most likely. A vaccine by Seskatchewan University is going into human testing this April… And there is a LOT of research going into finding a vaccine elsewhere too.

DO stay connected with the divine – it will help you focus on the higher perspective and brings you directly in touch with soothing, guidance and love which can often be hard to perceive in the middle of so much collective static. You can get started with a free trial for my Oracle Card app here

DO remember this virus is not an “enemy” but a “malfunction” – it’s a part of nature that’s become dangerous to OUR systems (also a part of nature) and this malfunction can ultimately be fixed… But until the fix arrives tangibly, let’s be sensible and respectful to each other to limit the spread.



DON’T get addicted to reading the news – and if you do, shield yourself first so you don’t take on panic and fear energy. Set a time of day to check in, instead of following continually. Preferably, not as soon as you wake up or just before sleep. This will help you get all the necessary info without getting dragged down by high levels of fear.

DON’T veg out completely – watching trashy tv shows will make you feel worse in the long run…

DON’T dive into numbing yourself with alcohol or drugs – although it can seem like an escape it will cause more issues, with depression and paranoia (read more here).

DON’T be too hard on yourself. You’re OK to take it easy and spend time processing this by not doing much, that’s a natural response to trauma.

DON’T feel you always have to be strong for others’ sake. You’re allowed to feel afraid – it’s the body’s survival instinct

DON’T get into a state of conflict with others, or perceive the virus as an “enemy” – it simply IS. It’s not malicious, not deliberate. It’s an expression of nature that happens to have become dangerous to us humans. We are all expressions of nature, so let’s see it as an IMBALANCE or MALFUNCTION because that takes out much of the negative emotions. And that in turn helps us heal and lift our perspective to solutions.

DON’T lecture others who are afraid, this is not a time to impose our belief systems on others. We are all human and deal with things in different ways.

DON’T be arrogant in the face of an unknown factor like this – be respectful of nature. Like you wouldn’t head out in the face of a tornado, know that this is a potential killer, and deserves to be treated with respect.

DON’T be “virtually” alone – there are many places and ways you can stay in touch! (Comment below or come hang on Insta, and we’ll cheer each other up!)

DON’T assume your regular habits and lifestyle is completely shut down – there are online alternatives for so many things. You can find exercise classes online, you can find videos on how to do your own manicures or haircuts (which can yield interesting results), there are online hangouts, you can see a virtual concert with independent musicians, you can start talking to a therapist over the internet/skype/the phone instead of in person, many health services are offering remote prescription fills/advice hotlines and so on…

DON’T despair if your income seems at risk – I know it can be scary but these days there are luckily so many online hubs where you can turn your expertise into an extra stream of income.

If you have a skill, whether it’s being good with pets, or knowing how to keep kids entertained (do you know how many people have kids at home right now and have no idea how to keep them occupied in a healthy way?!?!), or being great at singing or painting, or even, being good at motivating people or writing… Any expertise or experience you have, people are willing to pay for.

Here are a few sites to get you started:

Patreon – for artists, singers, musicians.

Upwork – for freelancers in design, graphics, computer programming, copywriting, voiceovers, customer service and more…

Fiverr – Same as upwork but works a little differently

Etsy – marketplace for anything from homemade crafts to tarot card readings and personal advice – website for creating and selling your course (which again, can be on anything from pet training to at home education/play exercises for kids)

Gofundme – where people can donate to your cause if needed

Shutterstock – you can sell high quality digital illustrations, photos and videos for stock use

Creative Marketmarket for illustrations, book templates, wedding invitation templates for download

There are also survey sites that let you earn points for things like Amazon gift cards (which can be used on household goods and so on). I’m not very familiar with this but do Google it.

There are many Facebook groups where you can post your remote services to be seen by people who may be interested – groups for health and exercise, groups for coaching, for food recipes, for pet care and many other subjects… Have a look around and listen to your intuition – there are opportunities if you keep your eyes open.

The best thing is, when your regular job goes back to normal, you’ll still have this to fall back on. If you create something now it could be out there helping people and providing extra income for you, for YEARS.

You could, for example, write an eBook with 50 fun educational things to do with your kids at home, or 50 healthy recipes made from easy stock items (pasta, tomato sauce, canned fruit etc), 50 fun exercises to keep fit while stuck at home, 30 tricks to teach your dog in 2 weeks, or pretty much any other thing you can think of!

It’s easier if you find a field where 1) you have the expertise, 2) there aren’t too many others clogging up the marketplace… Especially when you’re just getting started.

Again, I hope you found this article helpful! Do comment below with any advice you have, recommendations, a-ha moments and any helpful tips for this time. 

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey!

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