How To Lift Your Vibration If You Get Triggered

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Fast Ways To Lift Your Vibration If You Get Triggered/Heavy


 Stepping Off The Spiritual Rollercoaster. How To Get Out Of The Doldrums Quickly, And Master Your Journey So You’re Not At The Mercy Of Triggers…


As we awaken and begin to Ascend spiritually, it’s super common for old density (toxic energy) to rise to the surface to be released. We may be triggered, and we may inadvertently absorb negativity from around us, or even pick up on heaviness via the news, tv shows or social media.

If this has happened to you, don’t worry! It can be fixed. I know it can be tricky to not get concerned or you may feel like it will never go away, but do your best to avoid worry and fear because it just amplifies negativity. Instead, use the powerful and easy shifts below to help you rise back up into a high vibrational state again!


Brushing Off The “Spiritual dust bunnies”

Know that light is who you really ARE deep down. The heaviness, congestion and negativity are just “dust bunnies” that you’ve absorbed or have been pushed onto you somewhere along the way.

The internet is unfortunately a major source of triggering and heaviness, so make sure you stay aware when in social media. Shield yourself. Even though people SEEM separate and far away on the internet, energy knows no bounds.

If you get an icky feeling from a person, a feed, a meme or a page – listen to your intuition. It’s not to your highest good.


So now, onto 10 Ways To Shift into a High Vibration Fast and with Ease:

High Vibration Shift #1) Energy Clearing!

This is the single most powerful and effective method I have encountered on my journey – and as a so-called “empath” or extra sensitive person, heaviness and picking up on toxic energies from others was something I struggled with for a LONG time.

Energy clearing cleanses out the negativity from your system and you’ll often feel better pretty much INSTANTLY.

This is because negativity is energy. Heavy emotions are energy (read more here). So going right in and clearing them on the energy level, recalibrating, removes them! It’s like permanently deleting a file from your computer. Instant.


High Vibration Shift #2) Shower, Scents:

Shifting into a higher vibration is a lot about changing your “state”, so anything that flips the switch and re-engages your body and mind will help.

Showering is helpful or putting on some pleasant perfume or room spray – these help to shift your physical neurochemistry and state very quickly. But keep an eye on your thoughts and emotions still! Again, this will shift you but it won’t “fix” the deeper issue for the long run. However, it can be very helpful go-to to help lift your state.


High Vibration Shift #3) Comedy, Laughter:

Watching or focusing on something funny will help you shift your emotions into a higher state and can distract you from heavy thoughts so that you get “room” to get off the negative channel.

Energy and emotions are like a radio, in essence – when you are low, you’re on that CHANNEL, so to raise your vibration you need to get off the low channel and into the higher channels of love, peace, forgiveness, happiness, laughter and freedom. Comedy can be a great help.


High Vibration Shift #4) Music:

Listening to upbeat music you like is another fast way to shift into a higher state. Music has actually been known as a healing art since the Ancient Greeks and beyond. Not only because it operates on frequency, but your emotions gain an outlet, also known as catharsis. This is why it feels good to listen to sad music when you’re sad. It feels like a release.

But remember that even if you feel good WHILE listening to singing bowls or high frequency music, it doesn’t clear permanently the pattern and energy that brought you down in the first place. It will lift you but once that anchor is “gone” your energy slips back to its setpoint. Again energy clearing is the only method I’ve found that allows us to permanently release deeper issues – and it may require for you to face your shadows to truly heal…

High Vibration Shift #5) Give yourself a Positive Anchor:

Listen to a positive podcast or video or session – this is another way to guide yourself to a higher state. Find something that is helpful and positive, and it will help pull you up! I have some Free Facebook live sessions, like this one on subjects like living your deeper purpose, and receiving more support and help from the universe. (As a bonus, I actually take you through an easy energy clearing exercise in the session)


High Vibration Shift #6) Affirmations:

Your ego may object to begin with, but affirmations have been proven to over time help rewire our neurological pathways, our habits of mind, to become more aligned with positivity (source: Wall Street Journal, 2018). The trick to knowing if it’s working is when your unconscious mind doesn’t object.

For example, you listen to affirmations and don’t even notice them – that’s when you know resistance is gone and it’s “reprogrammed” your UN-conscious inner monologue. I find it extra helpful when there’s music.


High Vibration Shift #7) Change of Scenery/Go Outside:

Getting a change of scenery shifts our energy and mindset, especially because it helps claim our UN-conscious attention. We, humans, have a deep and multilayered consciousness, so when we’ve been triggered it’s not just about our conscious mind.

The UN-conscious has been rattled. So going outside, being in a different location helps to occupy that attention and shift faster.


High Vibration Shift #8) Exercise, Motion:

Moving around and exercising is helpful for the same reason. Our feelings and thoughts never happen in a vacuum mentally, the body is always involved. In fact the chemistry in our entire body is affected.

So when we can use the BODY to shift that chemistry and distract our emotions and thoughts somewhat, it’s very helpful. This is why, if someone has depression, one of the first questions a doctor will ask is: “Are you getting much exercise?”

It doesn’t have to be a lot, even going for a stroll around the block or doing some jumping around will help temporarily shift your state!


High Vibration Shift #9) Learning/Reading:

Read something that gets you involved, positively. Taking in positive information can be very helpful. Or reading a novel or something that you get involved in. This will help shift your state as well. Make sure you choose something that’s uplifting. (To have a look at my book with high vibrational messages, click here)

I hope that if you came here feeling down, you’re feeling a little better already! For more light and an even higher shift have a look at this article on 6 Easy Ways to Call In Positive Life Changes Now.


High Vibration Shift #10) Journalling:

In psychology, we know that processing and validating experiences is crucial for functioning in a healthy way as a human being. Often, we repress or try to bypass our experiences and emotions. We want the bad stuff to go away, so we try to not think about it.

This can, unfortunately, cause more problems, and can create blocks in our chakras, which then manifest as issues in our life path and relationships with others.

Journalling about a challenging experience is a key way to help yourself process and release the issues. By putting it down on paper, you take it OUT of your mind and body, so it helps relieve the intensity. And it helps us understand from a different point of view – when done correctly, journalling can be transformative, but it can take a while to get it “right”.


Summary And The Key Takeaway From This

Lastly, I have to make sure you really understand how powerful energy clearing is – there really is nothing else that works this fast and PERMANENTLY.

I was on a journey of trying to find solutions for years (I tried everything from yoga to herbal teas to acupuncture to meditation to crystals to reiki to anything you could imagine), and nothing truly shifted things for GOOD until I learned about energy work.

The other points above will shift you, but they will not ERADICATE the cause of you having been triggered to begin with! The reason we get triggered is because we resonate with the negativity on some level.

When we’re truly clear and high vibrational, there’s nothing in our system that can be triggered! We won’t have any “buttons to push”.

So this first point – energy clearing – should be at number 1 and the subsequent ones should really be at something like 100 and onwards. Because again, they won’t PERMANENTLY shift you.

How To Make Sure You Don’t End Up On A Roller-Coaster Of Ups And Downs…

Sure, affirmations, incense, yoga and other methods will help somewhat, or for a while, but they don’t fix and delete the underlying issues for good. I have so many readers who come to me saying they’ve been on the spiritual journey for years, sometimes decades… And they still have major issues and get pulled around by negativity frequently.

They’re on the rollercoaster of ups and downs we end up on when we haven’t mastered our energy – we’re like a ship without a captain, being pulled around by the currents wherever they may lead.

And when I read their energy, it’s like a ball of chaos, even though they’re meditating, reading the astrology charts, chanting, using chakra sprays and all the rest of it. It’s the ship without a captain – because the underlying issues aren’t being addressed, they’re just being glossed over. And they spend years on this chaotic journey of ups and downs.

Most spiritual methods work like this – where you bounce up like a beach ball, but you may get dragged down again in future. (I’ve been there, and I wish I’d known earlier on!)

The great thing is, energy work can be really easy and fast, and when you do it regularly you shift out of any old issues for good.

I hope you enjoyed this article, do let me know in the comments (below the free download) if you have further questions!

Use energy clearing together with the other methods above, and you’ll be UNSTOPPABLE!

As always I’m sending you love and light for your journey xx


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