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Discover My Tried-And-Tested Ascension Tools, Books, Chakra Balancing, Crystals And More Via Amazon – To Help Boost Your Manifestation, Ease Ascension Symptoms And Help You Lift Into Ease And Flow.

After nine profound years in energy healing and coaching, coupled with my personal journey through spiritual awakening, I’ve curated a list of essential tools that have anchored my evolution.

These handpicked Amazon recommendations are my personally tested and explored tips and suggestions to augment and ease your spiritual awakening, ascension symptoms, help you balance your chakras, manifest with ease and more!

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1. Chakra Balancing Sprays:

The chakras are the energy centers of our body, and when they are balanced and healthy, our lives flow with more ease and positivity. When they are blocked or imbalanced, we tend to have challenges. Using Ayurvedic sprays with specific essential oils are helpful in balancing your chakras. The sprays I’m sharing on the list, have been created using the several thousand years old recipes from Ayurvedic practices in ancient India. They can help speed up your healing work, help you lift your chakras and energy into a higher vibration and dislodge old blocks. (However, keep in mind to use them in combination with energy healing tools such as my Free Healing Session here, as they can bring congestion to the surface.)


2. Authentic Crystals:

Every crystal has its unique vibrational energy. I’ve handpicked crystals to help you with manifestation, love and attraction. Similarly to chakra sprays, crystals are best used alongside energy healing practices (I learned this the hard way myself), as their high vibration can tend to push congestion and blocks to the surface in our own system. Using both in combination, helps us get the best results with ease. Simply buying a crystal will not shift things or manifest your desires FOR you, because they are working to uplift your energy. Therefore, using conscious inner work and healing methods along with crystals gives the most powerful results, without triggering.


3. Guiding Literature:

Over the years, certain books have been instrumental in my ascension journey. These range from centuries old manifestation scripts to modern-day energy healing insights. Dive into these readings for clarity and guidance, and to expand your understanding and evolution spiritually.


4. Holistic Health Supplements:

Our physical and spiritual health are intertwined. Natural supplements can boost cognitive functions, energy, and overall well-being, making them vital for those on a spiritual path. Anything I recommend, I have personally experienced to be of benefit. However, our bodies are all different, so always ensure that anything you purchase aligns with your own health needs, medications you may be taking, or other key factors.


5. Manifestation Tools

Manifestation is most effective when we can align our day to day thoughts and energy with our desires. Therefore, you’ll find it helpful to augment your practice with certain physical items such as tools to make it easier to create a powerful vision board, journals to stay on track with guided steps that show up along the way, candles that help you focus on your desire as already manifest, and more. I’ve also included this on the list.


6. Meditation Accessories:

Accessories like meditation cushions and singing bowls have enriched my own practice, enhancing mindfulness and deepening my connection with the inner self. It can be helpful to create a special area of your home, an altar or similar sacred space for your spiritual work, and using inspiring “accessories” can help with this. As I’m sure you agree with, it’s not quite as easy to go deep into meditation or journalling in the middle of a living room full of children playing and their toys, pets running around and other people speaking to you, as in your own quiet space where you have created a sacred atmosphere for inner work.

Helpful Additions To Your Practice

Ascension and spiritual awakening, while rewarding, can bring challenges along the way. I’m happy to be able to share with you, what made my own journey easier and more enjoyable – and helped me create positive results with more ease.

My Amazon selections are the outcome of years of exploration, tailored to support and guide you who are also on the spiritual path. Explore these tools and let them guide you towards manifesting happiness, love, and inner peace.

Whenever you’re exploring tools, information and advice, do remember to listen to your intuition as your system always knows what is most needed for you.

Each journey is unique, and my sincere wish is for you to find tools that resonate deeply and help you enjoy flow and light.

Don’t Forget This One Thing, Though!

The #1 recommendation I have, does go beyond this Amazon list – energy clearing and inner work. Everything on the list and on the Amazon page with my tips, is meant as an augmentation and an extra help in *addition* to this.

In almost 9 years working as a spiritual healer, coach and intuitive and coming into contact with tens of thousands of seekers as well as going through my own journey….I can say from experience that nothing equals the power of energy healing and inner work.

However, the items I’m recommending here will be great additions to help amplify your results and help you implement positive change into your daily life.

I can’t wait to hear from you about your experiences – and do let me know in the comments anything you have had amazing results with, that you’d like to add? 

Explore My Amazon Page With Recommendations For Spiritual Awakening, Ascension And Manifestation Here

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3


PS: If you go through and purchase anything, I do earn a small commission. However, you can trust that I only share what I have personally tried and experienced – these are my genuine recommendations based on what has helped me on my own journey and what I believe will be helpful for you too.

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