Discover The Benefits Of A High Vibration Lifestyle – What Is It? How Does It Work?

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-Living a high vibrational life is something that found me via twists and turns I would never have expected just 5 short years ago. For decades, I wouldn’t have known the first thing about what it even meant!

Now, it’s the focus of my work, my writing and my coaching practice.

So what does it mean? And why is High Vibration Living so beneficial?

The basis deals with the scientific fact that everything in this universe, is energy in motion.

If you looked at your seat, your phone or computer or even your arm through a strong enough microscope, it would reveal sub atomic particles vibrating at particular energy frequencies… In grids and vibrations that make them appear “solid” or “liquid” or other forms…

Nothing is really solid, it’s energy in motion! Including US and our bodies!

For an amazing visual demonstration how how frequency, vibration, affects matter, have a look at this video:


So high vibration living is in essence to re-navigate our lives. Instead of living according to the “old rules”, we begin to re-orient based on frequency, alignment.

To choose what nurtures and resonates with our soul, instead of forcing ourselves to conform to the “shoulds” we’ve often grown up with.

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Conscious Choices – High Vs Low Vibrational Frequencies

So again, it’s all about energy: Everything has an energy vibration. People, information, food, places, events…

Energy can simply put be low vibrational, high vibrational or somewhere in between.

Low vibrations are slow oscillating, and we can sense these as emotions – low vibrational emotions are ones like fear, shame, guilt and anger. They feel heavy and condensed in our bodies.

High vibrational energies and emotions on the contrary, are fast, light, expansive – including joy, love, gratitude and positive excitement. They make you feel almost like you have wings! Sparkly, effervescent, light…

energy vibration scale

To illustrate, think of a time when you felt truly ashamed. Maybe as a child. Notice how heavy and yucky that feeling is in your body.

That’s your energy, your system, in a low vibration. Now consider a time when you felt on top of the world with happiness and excitement.

Can you feel that difference?

The amazing thing is, consciousness is in essence pure light, the highest vibration there is. Most of the heavy energy we carry, is baggage from our human lives. Look at how pure and joyous little children are for “no reason”!

But notice how we become more and more subdued with age… As the world pushes beliefs, fears and restrictions onto us…


We ARE High Vibrational Deep Down – But Most Of Us Were Taught To Distort Ourselves

So when we heal, cleanse and lift up, we become more and more of the SOUL we are beneath it all. Our true self!

In other words, high vibration living is to expand into more of the essence of your soul – and it can have such a powerful transformative effect on your life (like it did with mine).

And I’ve seen the amazing changes that comes from a high vibration “compass” time and time again with clients and readers too! (Have a look at some of their stories here)

Using the compass of energy and the soul – high vibration living – lead me halfway across the world from my cold and dark hometown where I always felt out of place, to a brand new life in sunny California. (Read more about my story here)


Being Aware Of Energy – Navigating To A Happier Life

So simply, a high vibration lifestyle is to consciously begin to navigate according to energy and the soul instead of society’s rules or cultural habits.

To navigate based on alignment and OUR uniqueness. Because we’re not all identical!

The “old world” may have been centered around making everyone try to fit to one mould, but in this new era we’re realizing more and more that we are UNIQUE! And that when we honour our uniqueness, our lives become so much better and we actually affect the whole in a more positive way.

Instead of trying to squeeze ourselves into a pre-made role…

Simply being aware of the energies and emotions we dwell in, and consciously choosing positivity – the high vibrations – can truly change our lives!

In essence, everything we interact with is either dragging us down, or lifting us up. From what we drink, to what we watch, to our diet, our friends, our mindset, our clothing, our approach:

To maybe drink lemon water for breakfast instead of coffee – if that feels light and guided for you!


To maybe spend the summer celebrating your connection to the Moon and nature, instead of going on a beach vacation to party.


To maybe start wearing more of the color blue, because it invigorates and inspires you!


To maybe stop watching the nightly news shows, and instead get a brief update in writing online, because you notice you have bad dreams when you watch too much TV.


To live a completely different life than anyone around you ever did, because you simply feel nourished and fulfilled and like that’s your soul’s bliss!

To join a prayer circle because you feel drawn to it, or stop seeing an old friend because they always make you feel upset…


In short, it’s all about making decisions from your soul, your intuition and your higher being, beyond the regular typical choices we humans tend to make. Beyond the structures of “regular” life.

To choose based on energy and alignment, instead of the “agreed upon stories” and rules of human society and tradition.


A Holistic “Upgrade” For Your Life

There are huge benefits. A holistic “upgrade”. When you feel better, you function better at home, at work, in relationships…

When you’re in a high vibration your energy is expansive and your whole field is open to positivity.

In life this translates to things like feeling more confident, radiating a glow of beauty no matter how you thought you LOOKED physically, it means you’re aligned with receiving more opportunities, more happy interactions with others.

In short, you’re in FLOW and THRIVING.

On this blog I’ll share more and more of the resources, tips, products both physical and nonphysical, that helped me raise my vibration and live a more blissful, positive, radiant life – inside and out! I really cannot wait to share this stuff with you, as so much of it is hard to find out by regular research.

In short, high vibration living is a powerful way for anyone to feel happier, healthier and more filled with purpose.

the universe speaks are you listeningIf you’re interested in learning more, I share 111 specifically calibrated high vibrational messages in my book “The Universe Speaks, Are You Listening?” on how to step into these higher states of living, from healing old hurts to stepping out of limiting belief systems that have so many people trapped in thinking there’s nothing much for them in life.

Or watch my Free Identity & Alchemy Workshop here, to start opening to more of your highest potential.

Because as I share in the book, the chance of YOU existing here and now, exactly as you are, is something like 1/14 trillion.

You are a miracle! And you really are here for a reason!

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Hey There

I'm Cassady! Intuitive coach, astrologer and bestselling spiritual author. I'm passionate about sharing the secrets of energy and the universe, to help awaken your highest potential and live YOUR best life YOUR way!

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