7 Ways Your Lifestyle Impacts Your Vibration – 7 Ways To Uplift Into A Higher State Of Being

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Secret Factors That Impact Your Manifestations, Your Alignment, Your Love Life And Happiness Levels. Discover The Sneaky Common Habits That Lower Your State – Plus 7 Boosters For A High Vibration Life!

I’ve for a while been guided to write an article on a subject that is not much discussed – the role of our lifestyle and physical habits. Your lifestyle can make more of a difference to your love life, your manifestations, happiness and ability to reach your goals than you might ever have realized.

So today I’m sharing 7 common habits that lowers people’s vibration, and 7 positive lifestyle choices and habits that will actually help you raise your vibration and align with more happiness, love and abundance.

Remember that your physical body is your “vehicle of Ascension” or “temple” in this lifetime – when we want to manifest and attract something, if our physical body is out of balance and in a funk, it will impact the results we get and can make it a lot harder to reach those goals and desires…

When we show the body care and respect, and collaborate with it on our life’s journey we find the path much more enjoyable!

7 Damaging Lifestyle Habits That Lower Your Vibration

The following habits can disrupt our manifestations, cause blockages, cycles of struggle and feelings of disconnectedness…

They lower our energy vibration, bringing us out of alignment with attracting positive manifestations, including love, abundance and happiness.

#1) Alcohol/Drug Use

Alcohol and drugs temporarily lift our energy vibration, which is why they feel good. But there is a comedown, which significantly lowers our energy vibration (alcohol is a depressant and has been shown to actually increase anxiety and stress.)

In addition, as we tend to lose our inhibitions with alcohol or drugs, we become energetically vulnerable to influence. Places with drug and alcohol use are full of edgy energy and it’s common to pick up negativity and chaotic energy from others while in this state.

Many healers describe damage to the aura as coming from alcohol and drug abuse as well as smoking. Which brings us to the next point. Many spiritual people like to talk about cannabis as “good for you because it’s natural”.

The paradox is, many ultimately damaging substances are “natural”. Many substances can be medicinal yet become toxic in large doses or when used inappropriately. Opium is made from the poppy flower’s seeds. In other words, it’s just as natural as cannabis. But would you feel that it’s OK or even natural to intake heroin every day? Most people would answer with a big NO to that.

In other words, our perceptions and cultural customs affect us more than we tend to think.

Nature is full of potent mind altering substances. But in traditional societies these were utilized in carefully managed spiritual ceremonies by shamans trained to deal with the effects – in a spiritual journey to heal sickness and explore consciousness. Not for unwinding and watching Netflix.

In spiritual truth the human body is created to be able to heal itself, and that we can assist it in functioning perfectly – not even feeling the need to rely on drugs or alcohol to feel good. So don’t use sacred plants as a crutch – if you feel drawn to it, use them consciously.

However, ALWAYS remember that you do not need any mind altering substances to access spirit, infinite wisdom or manifest your desires.

The number one way to do this is to connect to the light, dwell in light, dwell in love, give and receive love. To get a free energy cleanse audio to tap into the light – go here. Every high has a comedown – except the high of love and joy. When your heart is activated and you live from love, life can feel like one long bliss! We are our own “medicine”. Love is the most potent “drug”.

#2) Not Getting Enough Sleep

Your physical body is your vehicle in this lifetime. You cannot go anywhere in the physical world without it.

The body is like a hyper-advanced bio computer that’s constantly interpreting and sending out electromagnetic signals between you and other people and beings.

As well as maintaining your vital organs and the processes that need to run flawlessly in order for your blood to keep pumping, for hormone secretion to function properly and so on.

The body is your spirit’s bridge into the physical reality. When you’re tired your vibration is lowered and it impacts everything you experience.

This means if you’re not getting sufficient sleep it’s harder to connect with guidance and your intuition, your mood drops, you function less optimally, and you become more vulnerable to negativity. Often, lack of sleep has deeper causes and we can “unlock” those knots when we go looking. There are always solutions.

#3) Dieting

Dieting has a similar impact to your energy and body as lack of sleep. It’s like trying to run a car without enough gas. Dieting causes uneven blood sugar and this directly impacts your body’s capability to maintain a high and stable energy vibration. And it makes you vulnerable to negativity.

Have you ever heard the joke word “Hangry”? It’s referring to the common irritability and anger that comes from hunger. As in, “I’m sorry for how I spoke to you when I was hangry”. When we’re in that state, arguments happen much more easily, and our whole perspective on life and others is skewed.

The body is crying out for nourishment, and as a result nonessential processes are blocked. Try doing an IQ test while you’re starving … You probably won’t do so well.

Your body is the vehicle you are living in as an energetic being. Everything happens with the body as the anchor into how you experience it in the physical reality. If you desire a happy life and harmonious love connection you must consider your body as the vehicle this will happen with. Respecting and caring for your body is not just for your physical health, it’s a spiritual practice.

If the body isn’t given enough fuel, it cannot run the physical programming of happiness – because things like endorphin release is affected. Dieting doesn’t just affect the body, it powerfully affects your moods and state of mind.

Everyone’s body is different and therefore requirements for food intake varies. Listen to your own body. It will be sending you signals of what it needs. If you’re hungry all the time, look into adjusting your diet.

Vitamins and minerals assist the body in doing its job well and helping you function fully – experiment with what foods and/or supplements work best for you. Energy healing can be a powerful path to weight loss – as the body often holds onto excess weight to protect itself energetically.

(Go here to get my Free Heart Activation Energy Healing session)

#4) Stress

Like with all the above, stress lowers your vibration. Really, stress is based in the feeling of overwhelm in the face of too much going on. Fear that you can’t handle it. Worry that something bad is going to happen.

Clearing your energy regularly helps you remove the cause of stress. You cleanse out all the excess negative, chaotic energy and emotions of overwhelm. Opening up to peace again, to calm.

You can start right now with the Free Energy Session here, or go deeper into removing deeper love blocks in the Love Blueprint. So many people report back to me that not only does energy clearing help them with their love connection, it uplifts so many other areas of their lives too. Have look here for testimonials of their experiences and improvements .

#5) Job/Life Dissatisfaction

When you’re in a job or life situation you hate, it’s lowering your vibration and causing emotions of irritation, frustration, shame, self loathing…

And when these energies and emotions are in your field, they don’t just impact your job. They impact all other areas of your life – including your love connection.

Have you ever noticed how relationships tend to break down when people have job problems? Someone who hates their job isn’t in a state of love, they’re not just able to flip from one to the other. Having a negative job situation impacts every area of life.

We know it’s not always easy or simple to find a new job or change things around. However, know that if you’re in a job situation you’re unhappy with, it will benefit you to make a change. Chances are you’ve been guided to address this already.

Ask your soul to help you find something where you earn more than enough and can do something you love. You’ll also find the Free Heart Activation session helpful for releasing those heavy feelings of frustration and stagnation – uplifting and re-aligning you with new opportunities and connections.

#6) Sexual Dysfunction

Sexuality is a flow of energy. When we become imbalanced we veer into overactivity (addiction due to trying to fill a void or numb a bad feeling) or underactivity (due to feeling afraid or inhibited, often due to negative beliefs around sex) – we move out of our natural healthy state as souls in bodies.

Whether you are imbalanced sexually, is up to you to judge. Is sexuality a source of happiness for you? Are you able to feel pleasure? If not, there are adjustments that might need to be made. Love relationships of course include sexual compatibility and interactions, so this is important.

If there’s dysfunction here (sacral chakra), it’s reflected as emotional and “real world” struggle in love connections. If your issue is with underactivity… Begin exploring what makes you feel good. Mentally, emotionally, physically. We deal with sexual blocks and uplifting your functioning in-depth in the Love Blueprint program here.

#7) People Pleasing

If you’re focused on helping everyone else and living for others all the time you’ll end up feeling drained. It lowers your vibration and entrenches receiving blocks.

On our journey we are being pushed back to ourselves all along – to self love, self acceptance, self respect. Because it is as our true natural self we are magnetic to our ideal partner and our divine purpose.

Many people – above all females – are taught that they have to help and love everyone else while never taking time for themselves. This is a huge block to true lasting love.

We go through how to address this and uplift your heart’s programming in the Free Heart Activation Session.

7 Lifestyle Habits To Help Uplift Your System And Alignment!

Now onto what positive habits can actually help and uplift you:

#1) Regular Eating Habits, Getting Vitamins and Enough Water

Again, the body is the vehicle you operate in, and that receives and transmits electromagnetic signals. Imagine trying to drive a regular car on vegetable oil, or jet fuel… its system would go haywire.

Regular eating and getting enough nutrients will help your body sustain a high energy vibration. Again, to read about what this means, have a look here

#2) Regular, Sufficient Sleep

This will help your body function optimally. We’re reminded that during spiritual awakening we often need extra sleep to “process”.

Sleep is such a boost to our system that many businesses are now introducing “nap pods” in their offices. If you find it hard to get enough sleep – look into solutions. Try naps, and make sure you look into helpful things like avoiding blue light screens and not eating heavy meals late at night (or going to bed hungry!).

#3) Meditation

There are countless benefits to meditation! Aside from the spiritual benefits, Science shows it boosts your immune system, decreases pain, increases happiness levels, makes you feel less lonely, boosts your intelligence, and much much more! (For more on this, have a look at my article on mindfulness)

#4) Living Your Passion

The old paradigm taught us that work has to be hard but if you have a skill or expertise, the new information realm enables you to begin working for yourself more than ever before.

Are you great with children? You can help others with theirs – via the internet! Are you an animal lover? Maybe you can supplement your income by pet sitting, or blogging about pets!

There are many options out there and the insight I’m getting is that every single person reading this – the universe and your soul will always work to help you making a living from what you’re passionate about. Ask them to assist you in shifting into a job you will love AND that brings in enough money for you to feel comfortable.

Living your passion centers you into your soul’s truth, making you magnetic to your ideal love partner and a happy, fulfilling life.

#5) Exercise

Even if it’s just going for a little walk, exercising helps oxygenate your cells and bring vitality to your brain and energy system.

This helps you feel better, makes your body release “feel good” hormones and helps you receive guidance and align with love and abundance more easily.

The important thing is to find something you’re at least mildly excited by or find interesting to some degree. Vary your routine. Go for a walk one day, do some yoga with a friend the next. Try something you’ve never tried before.

And a little every day is the best way to go. When starting a new habit you want it to be EASY to stick to, so make it something that’s fun and not too demanding.

#6) Self Love, Self Respect

This is KEY to our journey with love and relationships (read more about that here).

So many people forget all about this. There’s no one way to practice self love, but once you get your personal “recipe” right you’ll notice all areas of life uplifted. You’ll feel more centered, confident, happy for “no reason” – and you’ll attract back respectful, caring, loving interactions from others.

So what little daily actions and habits can contribute to your well-being? Treat yourself like you would treat someone you loved.

Most of us are taught to scrutinize, criticize and berate ourselves through life – body “issues” and feelings of not being good enough characterize most people’s inner monologue.

To get to grips with “not good enough” issues and begin embodying self love to attract love from your ideal partner, have a look at this video

#7) Regular Energy Clearing

When we’re in spiritual awakening our path will tend to bring up old hurts and patterns that have been in the way of love, so we can ascend into your highest potential as a soul.

Instead of letting the “purge” of Ascension build to huge proportions where you have to fight desperately to get back up, leaving you exhausted at the end of it – clear your energy regularly.

Do it like brushing your teeth or showering daily. A little every day makes it an easy habit you benefit from more and more over time – lifting you into a higher state where you’re magnetic to love and harmony with your ideal partner and divine life purpose unfolding smoothly.


Your soul and your system is always signalling to you what’s to your highest good right now.

When you begin to listen and take action on that guidance, you’ll notice your life uplifts, from your mood to your health to the experiences you have with other people. Everyone is different, so make sure you explore and listen to your intuition about what benefits and works for you uniquely.

What is your system asking you to adjust right now – for a high vibration life?

Comment below with your tips and insights so we can inspire and share our wins!

I can’t wait to hear from you! Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your ongoing journey! <3

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