Discover Your Divine Gifts, Often Disguised as “Weaknesses”

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Did You Know What You’ve Been Told Are “Weaknesses” In Life Are Actually Gifts, Catalysts Of Life Purpose – Superpowers? Learn How To Decode It In This Free Video Lesson…


One of my favorite subjects as a spiritual intuitive is on life purpose, the soul and divine gifts.

Because as the universe “says” in one of the chapters in my book “The Universe Speaks, Are You Listening?”– what REGULAR society often tells us is a problem, is actually a deliberate soul choice…


A divine gift, designed as a catalyst to unlock your soul path and purpose.

So today I’m sharing with you a free video lesson to help you discover what secret soul catalysts are working to show up in your life.

Because despite what the normal world may have told you, your perceived weaknesses are actually divine superpowers!

What do I mean?

  • It could be, you chose to be extra sensitive to allergens so that you could help humanity pave a path to healthier living without toxins.
  • It could be, you chose to face learning disabilities so you wouldn’t take on the same programming and entrench the old mode of existing – because you are here for something new!
  • It could be, you never fit in and were “socially awkward”, so that you wouldn’t be tied down to the place of your birth but would want to go further!

And there are so many more examples.

Every single one of us has divine gifts disguised as weaknesses!

I created a free video lesson on this, in collaboration with my publisher Hay House – and I take you through some energy work to benefit you in the session and answer common questions about this “decoding work”, figuring out your “true path”.

Click play here to watch the session:

Do let me know below what you got from this if you have any questions. And to get my Hay House book “The Universe Speaks, Are You Listening?” with a free bonus gift – click here.

And in the future, what would YOU like me to do a Facebook live session on?

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3


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Hey There

I'm Cassady! Intuitive coach, astrologer and bestselling spiritual author. I'm passionate about sharing the secrets of energy and the universe, to help awaken your highest potential and live YOUR best life YOUR way!

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