Energy Mastery Unlocked

7 MODuLE PROGRAM – Master THE SECRETS OF Energy & Manifest Your Dreams!



Discover The Secrets Of Energy Mastery

dive deep into how the universal flow of energy works, so you can apply it to your life and boost your manifestation results

In this 7 module program, I teach you everything you need to know in order to apply the power of energy to heal and uplift any situation. We cover both the scientific proof and spiritual understanding of energy, including little known facts about the chakra system, emotions, the mind-body connection, self-healing and more.

In the program, I also share with you my own most powerful “secret” practices for high vibrational living and manifestation boosts as a professional healer and coach! (I have never before shared these!) 

Each module includes fun and easy to do exercises, to enable you to palpably experience the flow of energy, master it and learn how to practically apply this to your life.

By the end of this program, you will know and be able to apply all the essential information about energy you need to transform your life – and help loved ones with the same if you wish!


This powerful 7 MOULE PROGRAM will help you:


Tangibly tap into the unseen power of energy to heal and improve your life
Understand and master mindset, to align more closely with your desires
Learn how to read and balance the energy of your chakras, identify blocks and clear them
Understand how to use the flow of energy and Universal laws to more effectively manifest your desires
Know how to use the healing power of energy, to resolve old wounds and blocks in yourself and ohers

Open To The Universal Flow

When we are unaware of energy and live in disconnection from the Universal flow of light, we tend to experience life as “hard”, with struggle, lack, problems, imbalances and distortions. Because in short, we are not consciously directing and utilizing energy as it is divinely meant to be used.

Once you tap into the flow of light, and understand how to use it in your life, you will experience your path opening up… More abundance is able to reach you… Relationships become more harmonious… You are able to heal old wounds and release insecurities, and love yourself deeply… And so many other beautiful benefits of balance and light.

In short, mastering energy helps you to bring every area of life into a higher alignment. If I was going to teach every person on earth one thing only, it would be to understand how energy works. Because it is essentially the inner cause of all of our outer world results. (The ancients had a saying “As within, so without”.)

The flow of energy can powerfully break open your situation to amazing things, once you learn to harness it.
So are you ready? Let’s dive in!

What 's Included?

Module 1 - Understanding How Energy Works, And Identifying Vibrations That Can Harm Or Help You (value $97)

In this first module, we establish the core understanding of how energy works, and how to begin to apply this to your life.

We go into the scientific evidence and information around energy, and examples of how this works in practical terms.

And, a fun exercise to tangibly experience the power of energy in your own body and space!

Module 2 - Becoming Conscious Around Energy At Work In Your Life (Value $97)

In this module we dive into the different types of energy from low to high, and how to use them to bring a flow of positive change into your life. Plus, how to recognize if negative energy is lessening your results… And so much more.And, I share with you my own personal go-to energy routine, which I use to stay high vibrational and clear every single day!

Module 3 – Understanding The Chakra System, Clearing Blocks/Imbalances (Value $97)

Most people have heard of “chakras” in this day and age, but unfortunately our hectic world means we need more than just some yoga to experience the positive power of fully balanced and activated chakras.

So, in this module, we dive deep into the history and secrets of these luminescent energy centers, their real purpose and highest functioning.

Plus, understand how to recognize blocks at work in each of the chakras, via your outer life – and, a powerful exercise to clear and balance all of your chakras in just a few minutes!

Module 4 – How To Use Energy For Self-Healing (Value $97)

In this module, we unveil the methods for how to apply the positive power of pure light energy to heal and uplift your own system, mind, emotions and body. Bringing a deep peace, vitality, harmony and positivity you may not ever have experienced before…


Plus, I share client journeys and my own experience of going from anxiety and health issues, to full of light and love – showing you how you can heal and uplift too.

Ultimately, when you apply the power of energy, you can heal any imbalance and release negative emotions with ease. (And, teach others how to do the same!) 

Module 5 – Energy And The Power Of Mindset (Value $97)

Our mind and its beliefs are the most powerful “directors” of energy we have! It’s where the “signal” comes from, for where energy flows, and what we reap back.


But most people end up unconsciously flowing energy in all the “wrong” directions – experiencing negativity and frustrations as a result. (Without consciously realizing why.) 

In this module, we go into how to master mindset with easy steps, to reap massive rewards in manifestation and well-being!

Module 6 – Applying The Art Of Energy To Improve Your Daily Life (Value $97)

In this module, we reveal the secrets of how to apply energy to your relationships in order to harmonize and uplift.

You also learn about setting energetic boundaries, protecting your light and how to avoid being dragged down by “energy vampires” and toxic situations/people. 

Plus, easy to integrate energy habits for protection, uplifting your work life, home and more.

Module 7 – Harnessing The Power Of Energy For Manifesting Your Dreams (Value $97)

Discover how to use energy to manifest your desires – quantum flow, the real truth about the Law of Attraction, and more. Getting clear on your unconscious intentions, and understanding the illusions of Ego.
Plus, examples of how to manifest key things, like an ideal person, job or opportunity, in a real life step-by-step format. And, a powerful manifestation exercise to align with and magnetize in your desires.

BONUS #1) Amplify Your Light Energy Session (Value $37)

Sit back, relax and allow me to take you through a powerful energy cleanse and healing experience!

All you need to do, is listen along. 

In this session, designed for daily easy use, I take you through a powerful full-system cleanse and balancing, clear out lower influence, congestion, and old negative patterns and emotions… And uplift your system into a pure light high vibrational energy!

After going through this short but potent session, you will feel on top of the world and lucid crystal clear on your next steps, inspired to move into life with joy!

BONUS #2 Opening To Universal Love And Support Energy Journey (Value $37)

Experience the relief of opening up to universal support and your receiving channels for abundance, love and good to their highest capacity… Maybe for the first time in your life!

All you need to do, is listen along. After this session, you’ll be aligned with receiving more positivity, fuelled with light and love.

Total Value $753


About  Cassady

bestselling spiritual author, lightworker and intuitive healer

With an academic background in psychology and history, Cassady’s unexpected spiritual awakening connected her with the love and support of the universe. Since launching her blog 5 short years ago, Cassady’s work has gone on to reach millions of readers worldwide. After receiving the direct guidance, support and love of the universe changed Cassady’s life beyond recognition, she now wants to share that help with others.

Through channeled writing, guidance and healing sessions, Cassady’s work focuses on empowering people to unlock their divine purpose, connect with their intuition and live their highest path…

Frequently Asked Questions

Is energy healing for me? What can I gain from this?
Everything in this universe is energy – us included! So when we shift our energy, we can ultimately change our lives, relationships, finances – anything inside and around us. I would recommend energy work to every single person on the planet for that reason. With energy healing tools we can literally remove any negative charges that have been creating struggle, lack and limitations – both in our love relationships and your life in general. Clearing negativity will actually lift your set point vibration over time, aligning you more and more with positivity and abundance in all ways. So put simply – energy clearing tools can help you in every way you can imagine! My sessions are designed to help you create the life of your dreams!
I’ve tried other meditations and sessions before and they didn’t work - what makes this different?
Many meditations or courses will give you relaxation, or information and answers but don’t actually have the capability to change things around in a practical real life way. That’s why my sessions are so different and why I’m so passionate about energy work – with these methods we actually re-wire your being, clear out old blocks, remove permanently the negativity that’s been clogging up your system. It’s not just theory – it works on a practical level. What really sets my work apart is, I don’t just tell you information – I take you step by step through eradicating negative energy programming, blocks and issues and instil within you new positive energy programming to uplift you for good. We radically recalibrate your system so that you’ll get real life tangible results that last!
What if my life is OK already? Will I still benefit from this? 

Yes, absolutely! If your life is already pretty good, you probably stand to gain the biggest value. You’ll be able to truly take things to the next level! I can promise you one thing: you WILL learn new techniques that allow you to go beyond what you thought was possible! So if you want MORE of the good stuff, this is absolutely the right choice for you! Plus, mastering and uplifting your energy will also give you more vitality in general, more zest for life, more happiness and this will lead to incredibly positive changes in all areas of your life. If you’re still unsure, try the Free Heart Activation session and experience the kind of work I do – at no cost.
Do I need any prior knowledge or experience in energy healing to do this?
No! You just need yourself and an open mind. I guide you through everything step by step. You can easily listen and read anytime you want. It’s easy and hassle-free, so simply enjoy and have fun with it!
How can I find out if this will benefit me?
Ask yourself what your intuition is “saying”. Do you feel excited, tingly, optimistic, light and sparkly about doing this? That’s your soul, your intuition communicating about what will be best for you. If you’re still unsure, try my Free Heart Activation Session so you get to begin to feeling the tangible effects of energy healing before you move further.
Will this work affect other people in my life?
Absolutely! This is one of the biggest benefits to working on our energy – when we shift into a higher state, we draw out different kinds of interactions and dynamics with others. Other people are always responding to our energy, and when we’re in a high vibrational state we experience more harmony and ease with others, and with our life’s circumstances. The ancient saying “as within, so without” truly does apply – when we are at peace, whole within, in light and love, we attract an outer mirror to that inner positivity. Even if we had issues previously.
Can I pay in installments?
Yes, absolutely! Simply check out through PayPal and you’ll get the option to pay over time via their system. It’s 100% safe and secure, and they help you set it up.

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