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Immersive journey to unlock your soul’s light and latent star gifts, activating your highest potential and life purpose

Refreshing, restorative full chakra/aura clearing where we also fuel up with “sparkle” and new high vibrational programming – including the higher Ascension chakras

Guided energy journey unblock your receiving channels and open to the true support, help and light the universe is working to bring you

FREE – Activate your heart to magnetically call in positivity, love and your soul’s divine partner in a simple yet powerful process – even if you’ve already met

Guided journey to discover, connect
with and learn from your animal guides – enlisting wisdom and support from your totem

Guided energy journey to calm and protect from negativity, fear and heaviness. Plus, shielding you and loved ones and infusing with the energy of pure well-being

Deep dive video workshop and energy healing. Power up for a new beginning! Release the past and deeper causes of limitation for good, and manifest your best life with flow. Use for New Year, Birthdays, New Moons and more.

5  Week Immersive Course

deep dive to “upgrade” your system and open you to your peak experience of love – with others and for yourself.

Attract your ideal partner, step into inner wholeness, manifest your wellness. Experience The Power of Energy Healing, and unlock your true love potential with this profoundly transformative program.

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you need to get in touch about a technical issue or have a question, please email: support@cassadycayne.com and we’ll do our best to respond asap!

Is energy healing for me? What can I gain from this?
Everything in this universe is energy – us included! So when we shift our energy, we can ultimately change our lives, relationships, finances – anything inside and around us. I would recommend energy work to every single person on the planet for that reason. With energy healing tools we can literally remove any negative charges that have been creating struggle, lack and limitations – both in our love relationships and your life in general. Clearing negativity will actually lift your set point vibration over time, aligning you more and more with positivity and abundance in all ways. So put simply – energy clearing tools can help you in every way you can imagine! My sessions are designed to help you create the life of your dreams!
I’ve tried other meditations and sessions before and they didn’t work - what makes this different?
Many meditations or courses will give you relaxation, or information and answers but don’t actually have the capability to change things around in a practical real life way. That’s why my sessions are so different and why I’m so passionate about energy work – with these methods we actually re-wire your being, clear out old blocks, remove permanently the negativity that’s been clogging up your system. It’s not just theory – it works on a practical level. What really sets my work apart is, I don’t just tell you information – I take you step by step through eradicating negative energy programming, blocks and issues and instil within you new positive energy programming to uplift you for good. We radically recalibrate your system so that you’ll get real life tangible results that last!
What if my life is OK already? Will I still benefit from this? 

Yes, absolutely! If your life is already pretty good, you probably stand to gain the biggest value. You’ll be able to truly take things to the next level! I can promise you one thing: you WILL learn new techniques that allow you to go beyond what you thought was possible! So if you want MORE of the good stuff, this is absolutely the right choice for you! Plus, mastering and uplifting your energy will also give you more vitality in general, more zest for life, more happiness and this will lead to incredibly positive changes in all areas of your life. If you’re still unsure, try the Free Heart Activation session and experience the kind of work I do – at no cost.
Do I need any prior knowledge or experience in energy healing to do this?
No! You just need yourself and an open mind. I guide you through everything step by step. You can easily listen and read anytime you want. It’s easy and hassle-free, so simply enjoy and have fun with it!
How can I find out if this will benefit me?
Ask yourself what your intuition is “saying”. Do you feel excited, tingly, optimistic, light and sparkly about doing this? That’s your soul, your intuition communicating about what will be best for you. If you’re still unsure, try my Free Heart Activation Session so you get to begin to feeling the tangible effects of energy healing before you move further.
What if I fall asleep during a session?
First of all, don’t worry! It’s still working on your system – but on a deeper unconscious level. I would recommend doing the session again while fully awake another time, to make sure you get all the shifts as intended – and to learn about what I tell you in the session. Try listening at an earlier time in the day, or when you feel more rested!
What if I don’t feel anything during the work?
This is super common and normal when first starting out with energy work – as you go along you will feel it more and more, and the shifts will become more “obvious”. I used to not feel anything much myself when I started out, but it becomes more and more tangible. Do know that it’s working whether you feel, see or sense it or not. You are a being of energy, and your intention truly is creating remarkable shifts behind the scenes. As you go along, the shifts begin to more and more translate into positive noticeable shifts inside and around you!
Will this work affect other people in my life?
Absolutely! This is one of the biggest benefits to working on our energy – when we shift into a higher state, we draw out different kinds of interactions and dynamics with others. Other people are always responding to our energy, and when we’re in a high vibrational state we experience more harmony and ease with others, and with our life’s circumstances. The ancient saying “as within, so without” truly does apply – when we are at peace, whole within, in light and love, we attract an outer mirror to that inner positivity. Even if we had issues previously.
Can I pay in installments?
Yes, absolutely! Simply check out through PayPal and you’ll get the option to pay over time via their system. It’s 100% safe and secure, and they help you set it up.