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Cosmic Update: Once In A LIFETIME Gateway Happening NOW

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Powerful Venus/Neptune Coded Pisces New Moon: Higher Awakening – Portal Bringing “Divine Codes” To Physical Plane

You may know that as well as writing books, I’m an intuitive astrologer passionate about using the info we can get from the universal currents, to improve our lives and live our highest path.

Well, this weekend brings one of the year’s most potent cosmic portals, a HIGHLY rare event!

In fact, it’s a once in a lifetime occurrence – literally.

As the Sun, Moon and Venus all join Neptune for the New Moon in Pisces on March 13th, we have an incredibly heightened time.

It’s all about awakening to our highest self, bridging into unity consciousness and a higher state of self – ESPECIALLY for the Divine Feminine. Opening to higher “light codes” to fuel into the physical – the collective fields.

Awakening Into A Higher State

It’s a powerful time set to push for an acceleration of the ascension and awakening process into spiritual awareness of self…

So I’d highly recommend taking some time to go within and tune into your soul’s messages and guidance for the forward path.

Not For Another 165 Years

This is a KEY time and this particular “cosmic gateway” in Pisces, the exalted sign of love, will not happen again in our lifetime.

(Neptune leaves his home sign Pisces in 2025, and will not return for a New Moon with Venus in this sign for at LEAST 165 years).

My top recommendation is: take some time for the Soul Activation session this weekend, as it will help you tap into the fullest cosmic potential available to you right now.
(Saturday-Monday will be the peak).

Use code “NEPTUNE” to get 30% off until Monday

You’ll be activating even deeper levels of your latent soul gifts, and receive massively potent guidance for the forward path – bridging into a higher state for the long run.

You can get the session here.

And do let me know in the comments:

– How are you feeling at this heightened time?
– What spiritual insights and inspiration have you noticed?
– What dreams or visions have you had? 

(If you haven’t already noticed, the session will help you tap in)
Can’t wait to hear from you!

And as always, I’m sending you love and light

PS: You’ll also find Opening to Universal Love And Support highly potent, as this gateway will help you tap into the universe’s higher fields of guidance and support working to reach you even more closely than usual.

Usually, we’re out of reach, but this weekend we can activate the connection on a deeper level!

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Hey There

I'm Cassady! Intuitive coach, astrologer and bestselling spiritual author. I'm passionate about sharing the secrets of energy and the universe, to help awaken your highest potential and live YOUR best life YOUR way!

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