Join Me For Live Calls On Hay House’s Facebook

Interpreting Signs, Discovering Your “Secret 5D Superpowers”, Ask Me Questions And More… Join Me To Tap Into Universal Support, Light And Love!

I know we’re all going through major changes and challenges as a society and there’s a lot happening energetically… ⛈⚡⚡

So I’m thrilled to be able to share something I hope will bring you positivity and healing:

Every Tuesday this coming month I’ll be going live to share healing messages, spiritual information and answer questions – and I’ll be taking you through energy healing and activations to amplify positivity along the way.

Topics will include:

– The dark night of the soul, 11:11 and spiritual awakening
– How to fully receive the support the Universe is working to bring you
– How to use oracles to uplift your life and journey,
– Opening to spiritual communication,
– Learning more about how to interpret the signs and indications the Universe sends,
– Discovering your “secret 5D superpowers”,
– Your “divine blueprint” and more!

I would love for you to join me – and I’ll be answering questions during the call!

Starts Tuesday 2nd June at 12pm PST x

Click here to sign up for free – you’ll be notified of the calls going live, so you don’t miss it! (Replays will also be available, but I’m only able to answer questions on the call)

PS: In the mean time, make sure you download my Free Heart Activation Session – to cleanse out heaviness and fuel up with light and positivity xx