Is The Universe Trying To Reach You? Discover How To “Get The Message”!


Learn The Key Ways To Get Divine Guidance From The Universe (You Don’t Have To Be Psychic, “Special”, Work Hard Or Meditate For This!) There Is Support Working To Reach You Right Now…


The Universe is always talking to us. Since the day we’re born it’s working to support and guide us to our happiest lives.

But so many of us miss the messages. So many have NO idea of the wealth of help, resources and love they COULD have on their journey through life… if they just paid attention.

If we’re struggling, it means there’s something we’re missing. Because we’re all getting guidance and attempts at help, to get us to a place of thriving in life. That happens for every single soul on the planet. But again, many of us miss out on this help…

Moving Into A State Of Flow

When we can tap in and receive the guidance, we begin to experience more ease, light and flow on our journey. We attract ideal circumstances, move through challenges with more speed and ease. We move from a state of struggle into an experience of life as adventure…

In many ways it’s like having “magic” on tap. To have a secret supporter in everything we do. No matter what.

When we can begin to receive the messages and begin to interpret, our lives expand into an amazing state of more enjoyment!

And the incredible thing is we don’t have to be “special” or “psychic” or “tuned in” to get the messages – there are simple ways the Universe communicates with us all that are DESIGNED to reach through even if we’re busy, stressed or not very focused on it.

So EVERY single one of us can benefit! We ALL receive this guidance, support and messages – but the question is are we paying attention?


guide to angel numbersHave You Ever Experienced These Things?

So how does the Universe “speak” to us? How can we make sure we “get the message”?

 – Have you ever had synchronicities, experiences and seen signs that made you feel like… There was someone communicating with you? Something working to reach you?

 – Did you ever hear a deeply personally significant song on the radio, just as you were going through a difficult experience?

 – Did you ever see the same animal over and over and wonder what it was supposed to tell you?

 – Did you ever have strange dreams and wonder what they may mean?

 – Did you ever see your birthday numbers, 777, 11:11 or other numbers over and over and wonder why?


I created a live session on this in collaboration with my publisher Hay House, which you can watch below. In the session I take you through the key ways the universe reaches through, and how to interpret the messages you get and more!

The #1 Thing So Many People Misunderstand…

In the session I also share something SO many people get wrong about spiritual communication! Because it’s important to know that the universe NEVER punishes us or brings us hard lessons, and it never gets mad at us for asking too much.

When this stuff happens there’s something else going on – watch the session to discover what, and how to deal with it!

Plus, I give you my favorite most powerful “secret” ways to interpret messages from the Universe – including a huge database of dream symbols you can access for free… And much more!

Click play here to watch the session:


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As always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3


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