How To Live Your Most Blissful Life – Even In Times Of Struggle (Free Session)

Join Me At Hay House’s “You Can Heal Your Life Summit” And Learn How To Begin Receiving The Immense Support Of Universal Love, In My Special Session And Immersive Energy Journey…


As you may know, I’m speaking at Hay House’s “You Can Heal Your Life” Summit this week!

I’m thrilled to speaking alongside leading authors and healers including Deepak Chopra, Gabrielle Bernstein, Dr Christiane Northrup and more! And I know this will be a wonderful and transformative resource for many – in the middle of such a challenging time.

hay house you can heal your life summit 2020

My session will be live on May 2nd and is called “Partnering with the Universe to Create a Truly Blissful Life”.

In the session, I take you through how to open to the support and love the Universe is working to bring you…

And I explain what holds most people back from allowing that kind of bliss into their lives. Things like karmic wounds and the collective struggles humanity we are all tapped into via the physical, that prevent people from even being able to receive those blessings.

I also guide you in an immersive energy journey where I take you through releasing blocks, receiving new positivity and aligning with your unique bliss! So you’re able and open to fully, tangibly and physically receive and experience YOUR blissful life.

Because that’s truly what you’re here for!

The “You Can Heal Your Life” Summit is completely Free to attend, and my session will be available on May 2nd for 48 hours.

Other speakers in the “Consciousness – Igniting The Power Of Awareness” include Dr Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Dr Bruce Lipton, Rebecca Campbell, Dr David Hawkins, and more. I’m thrilled to be in such amazing company.

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cassady cayne* If you could use some guidance on tapping into higher meaning, shifting your path into feeling more fulfillment, this is for you…

* If you’ve been feeling heavy, hopeless or like life is always hard no matter what you do, this will break you out of density and lift you into a higher state of feeling supported and cared for!

* If you’ve been experiencing repeated cycles of frustration, like nothing seems to change including with love, I’ll show you how to open to a bright new chapter!

*If you feel OK but you want to reach the “next level”, to tangibly experience more light and positivity in your life, this is for you!


I can’t wait to see you on the call x


And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey! x <3

PS: There is also an option to buy the entire summit for download so you can own all of the content on your own devices to listen to for years to come (if so click here), but it is completely optional.

Some people like to buy the entire summit to enjoy for years to come – in which case you get over 30 video lessons, workshops and more… Some people enjoy the entire set of workshops and sessions for free while they air! Whatever works best for you, I can’t wait to see you on the call.

you can heal your life summit