Happier Life: 6 Simple Steps To Calling In Major Change Right Now

The Divine Reason Why You’re Longing For More, And How To Draw In Your Desires Tangibly, Physically, For “Real”…


HAVING a dream or a goal is amazing! The feeling of wanting something is thrilling, blissful!

Feeling like our dream is OUT OF REACH as soon as we begin, is one of the heaviest feelings I’ve ever encountered…


Things We Used To Believe Were Impossible But Are Now Commonplace:

*Curing various lethal diseases used to seem like a distant dream… But today, diseases that once were lethal are now completely curable or preventable! Including HIV/AIDS!


*A black president – Not so long ago, people all around the world thought that it was “impossible” that the USA would ever have a president of color, but in 2008 Barack Obama proved the naysayers wrong… And won two consecutive terms.


*Electricity – Go back 300 years, and you could have been burned on the stake if you suggested that we could get heat, light, cooling and energy right out of our WALLS! But now, we use electricity for almost EVERYTHING in our lives – including the computer or phone you’re reading this on!


*Air travel – back in the 1800s or before, the idea of hundreds of people flying through the air in carriages made of aluminum (which didn’t even exist back then), would have sounded completely crazy! And now, millions of people fly every single day


*Pocket computers aka your smartphone! Just a little over a decade ago it would have seemed like science fiction, all the stuff you’re able to do on your phone these days… Watching movies, having a library of access to tens and thousands of songs, video chatting with people, being on the internet constantly… And now here we are


*Other social changes that people used to think were impossible include women getting the vote, slavery being abolished, birth control pills allowing people to choose how many children they had


*Once you begin to look into it, the list of things we’ve MADE POSSIBLE as a species is pretty huge…! And, doesn’t it make you wonder what may lie ahead? Including for YOU as a person?




everything is possible
For Every “Impossible” Thing Made Commonplace, Someone Chose To NOT Believe It Was Out Of Reach…

Some BRAVE person out there felt in their heart or their gut, that there was more

So that feeling you have? The longing for more? That’s your soul’s message to you, your intuition saying that it IS possible. That you SHOULD reach for more.



So today I really wanted to reach out and help you pick that lock. To tune into what your intuition, your soul has been trying to tell you:

When you have a DREAM it’s for a REASON!

Powerful yet simple steps you can take to call in major change in your life – no matter where you’re at right now:


1) Accept That Something More Is Possible






2) Set Your Intentions

(You can read more about that here).

Because if you don’t know exactly what you want, how can the universe deliver it?




3) Focus On What It Would Feel Like To Have It Now








4) Clear The Blocks That Show Up

There is a part of our brains that are ancient, primal – where any CHANGE is considered a threat.

So what happens is, when we set a HUGE intention or begin focusing on a BIG CHANGE or desire we want… This part of our brain begins to kick in to try to talk us out of it. And this will most often feel like fear, worry, panic, anger, upset, irritation…


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5) Take Action On Your Guidance

When we set our goals, we begin to receive guidance on how to reach them. This ALWAYS happens.







6) Stay In Your Power

easiest sounding but the one that most people have problems with.

Because when we set our intentions to call in something big, there are nearly always “BAD GUYS” who show up in varied forms to try to pull us off course…

So staying in your power is crucial. Like I said, this is not always easy but it’s 100% possible.

When fear shows up, ask “what is it REALLY I’m afraid of here?” Because most often it’s the fear of a past hurt happening again. Stay aware and you can rise into a higher state for the long run.


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The amazing thing about this Step By Step Process to Calling In Major Change, is that it can work for ANYONE! It’s made to be applied to YOUR life where you’re at right now, like a compass that adjusts to YOUR unique position!

I’ve seen so many people change their situation for the better with these key steps and through working on raising their vibration into a higher state. Have a look here for some of their stories, and if you want to begin a journey into positivity with me as your personal guide – click here.

I hope you found this article helpful! Do let me know in the comments below if you have questions or have experiences to share. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3