How To Handle A Dark Night Of The Soul, Spiritual Awakening



Spirals Of The Collective And Individual Healing Journey. When Things Feel Lost, It Means You’re Building For A Breakthrough…


So many of us across the planet are going through a spiritual awakening in this day and age – and likely that’s why you’re here reading… Because you have already experienced that there is something beyond the “normal”.

Some higher awareness or signs that have worked to reach you. But although spiritual AWAKENING is often elated, bright and exciting, it can involve periods of darkness, despair and doubt.

Often, our awakening is preceded and interspersed by chapters of hopelessness, “darkness”, akin to a spiritual feeling of there being no point to anything. Also called “dark nights of the soul”.

Shadows and light are all part of the process of releasing and healing old hurt and human limitations, and rising into our highest selves in the spiritual awakening process.

2020 And Our Collective Healing Journey

In 2020 we’re going through a time of the “dark night of the soul” as a society, humanity as a collective.

We’re facing severe challenges and many are feeling like, what is the purpose of this? Many are asking why it is happening? What is the path forward?

I did a live session in collaboration with my publisher Hay House, where I spoke about this, and:

  • How the Universe is always working to support us
  • How we can open to receiving that support – and what may have blocked us from receiving it
  • What is really going on in the world right now from a spiritual perspective
  • Why shadows come up to be healed collectively and individually
  • How challenges are designed as divine catalysts of change
  • We talk about how to decipher signs of awakening
  • How to deal with a dark night of the soul...
  • Our true divine purpose, and much more…

In the session I also take you through a powerful energy healing exercise to help you release any fear and heaviness you may have been feeling – to help you open up to more support, positivity and light.

Click play here to watch the session:

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(This was my first ever Facebook live, so thank you for bearing with me as I got familiarized with the format…!)

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As always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3



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