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The High Vibration Guide To Dealing With Virus Shut-Down…

Practical Advice, What To Do And NOT To Do To Get Through These Weeks With Your Sanity Intact And Your Vibration High… Including Tips For Income Boosters.   First, let me say this is NOT a guide to healing or treating a disease. This is a guide to deal with […]


5 Secret Reasons Why Most People’s Dreams And Manifestations Don’t Show Up…

Feel Like The Universe Has Forgotten About You? There Are Hidden Factors At Play – Discover Why Your Manifestations May Not be Happening, And How You Can Fix It…   Do you feel like manifestation work, visualization, prayers and intention setting isn’t working? Like it’s not yet “divine time” for […]


7 Ways Your Lifestyle Impacts Your Vibration – 7 Ways To Uplift Into A Higher State Of Being

Secret Factors That Impact Your Manifestations, Your Alignment, Your Love Life And Happiness Levels. Discover The Sneaky Common Habits That Lower Your State – Plus 7 Boosters For A High Vibration Life! — I’ve for a while been guided to write an article on a subject that is not much […]


Improving your life with intuition – 7 Key Ways To Tap Into Your Secret Power!

Guidance Is Always Working To Reach You. Discover How To Receive The Help Your Dreams, Angel Numbers, Animal Symbolism And Other Powerful Messengers Are Trying To Bring… – We are all born with the gift of intuition. It’s meant to be a healthy part of our happy lives as human […]