5 Secret Reasons Why Most People’s Dreams And Manifestations Don’t Show Up…


Feel Like The Universe Has Forgotten About You? There Are Hidden Factors At Play – Discover Why Your Manifestations May Not be Happening, And How You Can Fix It


Do you feel like manifestation work, visualization, prayers and intention setting isn’t working? Like it’s not yet “divine time” for your desire?

This is an issue many readers come to me with every single week, so I felt it was time to address this once and for all!

Many people work for years to to manifest their dream career, abundance or love connection – or to reunite with a soul partner… But so many never experience the arrival of those desires.

So what’s really going on, when someone seems to be doing all the “right” things like praying, vision boarding and meditating, and things still don’t happen the way they want?

The Secret Reasons Why Some Things Stay Out Of Reach

First of all, let me say it’s not something the Universe is doing to test you or to teach you patience. It’s all about energy and alignment. In this universe everything is made up of energy, tiny micro particles vibrating at particular frequencies.

Nothing is really solid. We are energy in motion, no matter how solid we look. And our goals and desired manifestations all have a particular frequency. (To learn more about what this really means, have a look at this article)

So in order to fully receive our wishes, goals and desires manifest in our lives, we have to be able to align with those things. If we want happy things, we have to be able to match that. “As within, so without”.

The bad news is, if your desires don’t seem to be showing up, it means you’re not (yet) aligned with them. You’re not fully able to receive them. There is heaviness in your system weighing you down in some way.

But the good news is, there are simple and fast ways to raise your vibration into a higher state to get into alignment!

(The best results come when you can re-calibrate into a LASTING high vibration, not just to try to “stay up” by thinking positively and working hard – people who do that tend to sink back down).

Alignment And Why Some People Block Their Own Desires

Once your energy is in alignment, things can happen almost overnight!

And the truth about “divine time” is, it’s when your energy is aligned with it happening! When you are a match. The Universe would never block our desires from us! It’s always our OWN system deflecting things on some deeper underlying level!

Often, we are unwittingly blocking the help, love, positivity and “miracles” our guidance and the universe are working to bring us.

Here’s how it works: When we send out the intention that we want something, this is energetically transmitted to the universe and the universe sends us the response – the fulfillment of our wish or desire.

But what happens more often than not is that although the answer is returned and the “gift” is on its way – once it reaches our energy field it CAN’T GET THROUGH! It’s being sent but we are incapable of receiving it.

Your Invisible Block to Love and Miracles

Let me explain. Imagine there’s an energetic screen door between you and the universe. You yourself have unconsciously set up this door to protect yourself from hurt.

But that screen door actually keeps out the good things when we do that: we wire ourselves out of miracles, solutions to problems, love, energy gifts, synchronicities…

WE, our beliefs, emotions and energetic “hardwiring” are often the hidden reason why our wishes for love or abundance just aren’t happening. We might be unconsciously blocking the very things we’re asking for…

Opening Up to Miracles

In spiritual truth, we are meant to live in love and abundance and to be connected in positivity in order to lift the energy vibrations on earth, but often we don’t experience life that way. So it’s time to rewire our energy filters to finally allow in the good stuff!

Imagine all the things you’ve been working on manifesting, all the intentions and wishes you’ve sent out. The results and answers are out there in the ether, waiting to reach through once you open up. So let’s open you up once and for all so miracles can finally reach you.

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#1) There Are Secret Underlying Blocks To Receiving In Their System

Again, the truth is that the Universe is working to bring us the things we’re asking for – but in so many cases those very things are being blocked by default by our energy field, and we never receive.

Notorious blocks to receiving are things like lack of self love and lack of self acceptance (if you’re in a vibration of self doubt and shame, you’re on the opposite end of the scale to accepting someone appreciating and loving you).

Most of us also have our energy field wired with varying degrees of disbelief, fear issues, skepticism, cynicism and fear of disappointment, and these things keep us out of receiving the positive things we’re asking for.

This is why our soul often answers our prayers and wishes by bringing up the negative blocks so we can clear them and thereby receive our answers and our gifts. For us, though, this just feels like negativity coming up for no reason and often it’s incredibly disheartening to us. The soul’s logic is: you want this, great, let me help you get rid of what’s blocking it so you can have it.

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#2) Their Reality is Literally Wired to Block Their Wishes

As mentioned, our energy is like a filter around us, like a screen door shield around our “reality field”, which only will allow in a certain range of frequency to our space.

This is often something that’s “wired” into us from patterning the reality fields of people around us growing up. We match our parents energy fields because living closely with others means unless our energy fields match, there’s dissonance.

People automatically do this through sympathy and interacting emotionally – we match each other’s energies and form cords and attachments.

So if your parents were worried about money and didn’t feel loved by people around them, if they felt that their dreams would never come true, this is something you’d have copied unconsciously into your energy. If they operated mainly from the lower energies of conflict, fear and survival modes, you would have matched yourself to fit into their “reality field” – the shared energy field around them and you.

Now when you’re an adult yourself you might believe differently and have done your inner work to realize you can manifest your desires and that your life can be wonderful – but this deeply engrained patterning can still be causing blocks to you receiving those wonderful things you’re asking for.

This is deep stuff that was formed before we were old enough to realize what was going on and that this wouldn’t serve us in life, but the great news is we can shift and alter our reality fields with energy tools. (Watch a video on this here)

#3) They’re Not in a High Enough Vibration (yet)

In order to make something happen energetically (and remember the whole world is energy in motion) we have to match our energy to it. The most basic laws of energy work in a simple and predictable way. If you want something, you have to be able to match your energy to it.

So when it comes to attracting, manifesting and receiving those dreams we have – reuniting with an ex, being happy together, landing the dream job, losing weight – our biggest problem is that we’re often not in a high enough vibration to really attract the results we want. Often we don’t really believe deep down it can happen.

But once you start facing your inner wounds and healing the “shadows”, your vibration begins to rise. In other words, it’s just a question of time before you come into alignment. And often, you just have to tip the scales 1% in the “right” direction.

If your system is just 51% tipped in the direction of a mutually loving relationship, for example, it must show up. So in many cases, you don’t have to completely change your system, it’s a question of tipping things in the right direction.

If you keep doing your inner work and lifting and clearing your energy regularly – eventually you will get into alignment with what you’re desiring. Anything else would be impossible.

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#4) They’ve Got Hidden Counter-intentions Working Against Them

When we send out a conscious intention or a wish into the Universe, the signal gets transmitted and starts the process of attracting what’s a match to this. Sounds simple, right? Know what you want, place the “order” and receive your “gift”.

The issue for human beings on earth is that we don’t just operate on a CONSCIOUS level. Our psychology is so multifaceted and complex that we can have a multitude of different and opposing intentions working and sending out signals to the Universe at the same time.

This means we’re subconsciously sending out mixed signals – and you guessed it, this means we get mixed results. It’s like pressing play and pause at the same time. It doesn’t work!

Fear, doubt, disbelief, skepticism are notorious counter-intentions that mess up our plans.

What happens is that, say you want to come back with your ex for a long time. You’re sending out the intention and wish to the Universe to reunite with your ex. However, underneath the surface there are a number of counter-intentions brewing.

Subconsciously, you fear that he will never really change, and you’re worried about what hurt might be waiting for you if you do come together, plus you’re concerned with what made your ex leave in the first place and whether it had something to do with you not being enough or you acting in a way that made him leave, and deep, deep down at the pit of your being there’s a core fear of the ultimate terror of no one loving you…

This sounds extreme, but once you start looking at people’s energy and get insight into the subconscious material, there are always some potentially illogical yet pervasive counter-intentions present.

On this journey, therefore, it’s helpful to get to know ourselves and our innermost feelings because this is how we’ll get to weed out those patterns and beliefs that are working against us.

Try writing down your desires and “listen” to the objections that come up in the way. These objections are what’s been blocking you. Once you find out what they are, you can clear them with energy tools.

(I know this can be a tiring process, to self-analyze and do deep inner work, so I have taken everything I’ve learned from working with coaching clients as an energy healer and spiritual intuitive, into a fun, uplifting audio and workbook program where you get the maximum transformation for the better, with ease – just listen along to my voice.

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#5) Other People’s Energies and Intentions are Getting in the Way

Because we’re energetic beings, when we interact with others we inevitably take on their energies and patterns and they ours (unless we protect ourselves and clear our energy regularly).

This means that well-meaning friends and family members who’ve been hurt in love could be unconsciously sending out intentions into your future field, with their beliefs and blueprints that True Love is Impossible or that Love Hurts or Miracles Don’t Happen.

Needless to say, this doesn’t help your own hard work to stay positive and have faith.

A few ways to remedy this is: Clear your energy regularly and cut cords to others, spend more time around positive people (or read books or listen to audio tapes by people whose positive outlook you’d like to emulate), and work on recognizing limiting beliefs at work in your life.

And tune into your intuition, which is always working to lead you to your most blissful life possible.

I really hope you enjoyed this article – do go ahead and comment below, what manifestations have YOU successfully showed up in your life?

And if something seems blocked from showing up, what underlying issue do you think might be causing it? Let me know, and I’ll give you my tips, spiritual insights and answers.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3