A Guide To Benefiting From Moon Cycles, Part 4 – Conjunctions

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The Ancient Art Of Flowing With The Universal Energies. Being In A State Of Ease, Instead Of Swimming Against The Current… What If You Had A Secret Power In Life?

– After the post on Manifesting With The Moon Cycles, and the Essential Info On Moon Placements and Signs, today we’re dealing with planetary conjunctions!

As mentioned in article 1 and 2 in this series, there are powerful ways you can use the Moon Cycles and energy flow to navigate through life more smoothly. 

To create even more powerful results with your progress, path, love, relationships and more…

In short, there’s a “right” and “wrong” time for everything in astrological terms!  

When The Moon Teams Up With Powerful Energy!

Every month, the Moon “couples up” with the other planets for a day or two, and this strongly impacts the collective mood and the “energy current”.

When this happens, its energy takes on an element of that planet’s own signature and flow.

This can be immensely helpful to be aware of, to benefit your life – and it gives key points to avoid. A few years back I started making a note of Moon conjunct Saturn in my calendar, for instance, and it was an invaluable aid in avoiding getting drawn into a downward spiral on those days.

On the other hand, noting down when the Moon would be conjunct Neptune or Venus gave me a great way to schedule creative pursuits and projects that required extra inspiration!

It may seem somewhat paranoid, but know that this is something people have done since ancient times, to best navigate the cosmic energies and benefit from life.

Aligning With Universal Flow For Major Benefits

It is actually why a lot of notable yearly events are set to the dates they are – it’s due to astrological, planetary shifts. And again, the reason we have years with months is closely connected to the Moon and “her” transits!

When we align in the best possible way with this universal current, we begin to reap major benefits

– we begin to experience life in flow, rather than resistance and difficulty.

Instead of swimming upstream, we begin to feel ourselves more supported by life and in harmony with ourselves and others.

Be aware, and you’ll reap major rewards!

(Keep in mind, conjunctions happens with your birth chart too. So you may have Moon conjunct your NATAL Venus, and a week later Moon conjunct “transiting Venus”!)

Do let me know in the comments what experiences YOU have had, and any further questions you may have!

A Guide To Benefiting From Moon Conjunctions

(Check here where the moon is currently at)

MOON CONJUNCT VENUS – Harmony, positivity, romance

This is one of the most enjoyable moon transits we have, provided it doesn’t trigger negativity in your personal chart.

Moon conjunct Venus brings a powerful flow of love, beauty and harmony to the emotional atmosphere.

It’s a great time for dates, creativity, artistic work, and in general enjoying life – smelling the roses is a saying that’s fit for Moon conjunct Venus days.

You’ll be more inclined to feel and see the best in life and others on these two days a month. Venus’ sign placement will provide further clues to this transit, but in general, this is considered a highly positive time!

DO: Enjoy life, show love for others, create, spend time on what you enjoy! DON’T: Do your taxes or clean your house, it would be wasting this lovely potential that’s best spent with an open heart!

MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY – Communication, information, short distance travel

This is usually a busy time when you’re set to feel extra active, communicative and you’ll likely have more ideas than usual.

Moon conjunct Mercury brings a flow of communication, insight, understanding and social interaction.

It’s a great time for studying, working on ideas, communication and being in touch with others, including short distance travel. Again, Mercury’s sign placement at the time gives further clues, but in general this is a time of extra forward momentum and activity.

DO: Write, read, learn something, communicate with others about ideas and projects. Get in touch with friends and family

DON’T: Schedule time alone to go deep within in meditation or other solitary pursuits – it will be a bit of a waste of this energy that’s buzzing with social enjoyment!

MOON CONJUNCT MARS – Power, intensity… But can tend to conflict, frustration

This can be a challenge to handle, as Mars has potent energy and power, but it can flip over into conflict and aggression. On Moon conjunct Mars days, vitality, courage, action and exercise are in focus.

Physical intimacy revs up, you have extra vitality and willpower… And if you can channel this intensity well, it can help you make major progress on your path.

Again, be mindful of conflict, irritation and frustration – from yourself and others. As mentioned, Mars’ sign placement at the time gives further clues.

DO: Exercise, get to work on something you’ve been postponing, channel energy into a major project, spend a steamy weekend with your significant other, use your courage!

DON’T: Schedule time with friends or family or an important meeting that requires finesse, patience or diplomacy

MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER – Optimism, a touch of luck!

This is considered a time of immense positivity! A beneficent placement. With Moon conjunct Jupiter you’re likely to feel extra optimistic and positive at this time, and the travel bug may “bite you”!

It tends to feel like the world is a better place than usual, you feel tolerant and open minded, and you have a touch of luck!

Expansion and higher perspectives are flowing at this time, so goal setting, visualization and other activities that require a positive view of the future.

You’re set to find it easier to take a higher perspective right now, so forgiveness and finding solutions to long standing problems are also key activities. As mentioned, Jupiter’ sign placement at the time gives further clues.

DO: Spend time on hobbies or travel – including planning travel and adventures – have philosophical discussions with others, focus on your hopes and dreams, aim high!

DON’T: Stay home trying to focus on accounts, detail work, housekeeping or other down to earth tasks

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN – Heaviness, limitation, seriousness… But a boost for practicalities!

Moon conjunct Saturn is considered one of the most challenging placements, unless you use it very consciously and specifically.

Saturn is the “god of time”, “lord of karma” and tends to show up all the challenges and problems in a situation – with the aim of us resolving them.

Dieting, doing your taxes, cleaning, planning something that requires willpower and a detailed perspective are all activities that use Saturn’s heavy energy to your advantage. Be mindful of these days, as depression, pessimism and feeling like all is lost are common during Moon conjunct Saturn.

Use the Free Session here to cleanse out the heaviness, as it’s coming up to be cleared. It helps if you can think of it as if Saturn is showing up your blocks to help you – and clear them here with me in the Free session. As mentioned, Saturn’s sign placement and interaction with your own birth chart at the time gives further clues.

DO: Get practical, plan a budget, work on details like taxes or accounts, plan a diet, do something that requires willpower

DON’T: Plan a party for this time, or spend time with a date/schedule a romantic trip

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS Inspiration, electric vitality, change…

This is another transit that can be either beneficial or detrimental, depending on how you channel the energies. Uranus is known as the “great awakener”, ruling electricity, sudden change, technology, lightning and the unorthodox.

When the Moon conjuncts Uranus it’s a time of inspiration, and sudden bursts of vitality and you’ll likely see connections and unusual solutions and ideas.

However, it can also bring instability, fluctuations in mood and irritation. It can cause change that happens in a sudden and unexpected ways, and can lead to “breakups” in various forms – especially if something has outworn its purpose.

To handle this powerful transit, the dictum “Know Thyself” is key – the more you know your true purpose and path, the more you can navigate this incredibly powerful energy wisely and to your advantage. As mentioned, Uranus’s sign placement and interaction with your own birth chart at the time gives further clues.

DO: Brainstorm, work on ideas, get into a project you’ve been procrastinating on, create something

DON’T: Schedule quiet time or with people where it requires a lot of patience and diplomacy

MOON CONJUNCT PLUTO – The Unconscious, power, sexuality, secrets…

This transit is a powerful yet often subtle one. When the Moon meets Pluto, unconscious emotions can be brought to the surface – buried wounds can become triggered, as a “gift” for us to release them for good (for help with this, go here).

However, it’s also a time when we can tap into more of our inner deepest power.

To step into our willpower and make things happen. Above all Moon conjunct Pluto is a magnification and deepening of emotions.

When this happens, we’re often given the opportunity to get insights into the deeper issues going on in our lives, recognize repeating cycles and make positive changes that have long-term effects.

Dreams are often intensified during this transit, and can give illuminating symbolic insights and guidance. Sexuality can become deep, passionate and obsessive. Again, Pluto’s interaction with your own birth chart at the time gives further clues.

DO: Face your shadows, do healing work and meditate, analyze your dreams, focus on your true desires and map out the path there, spend steamy time with your significant other (but beware potential jealousy)

DON’T: Schedule anything where you may encounter your ex, your bf/gf’s ex, difficult family members, frenemies and so on. Best to not schedule anything where you need to be objective and neutral either.

MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE – dreaming, love, illusions, heaven

This is the dreamiest and one of most noticeable Moon transits we have. Neptune is a powerful influence, and brings an otherworldly atmosphere of higher love, inspiration, altruism, unity, appreciation for art and the world.

Neptune and “his” sign Pisces is the 12th house of the unconscious, hidden things and spirituality, so it’s common to have extra vivid dreams, spiritual experiences and feelings of unity and higher perspectives at this time.

Potential downsides, however, include feeling foggy, distracted, ungrounded and often downhearted about the future or the state of the world.

This is a current that causes us to tap into collective energy more than usual, so if you’re sensitive make sure you shield yourself as you may be feeling emotional about stuff that isn’t really “yours” – such as picking up sadness from a movie, irritation from being in a crowd and so on. Again, Neptune’s interaction with your own birth chart at the time gives further clues.

DO: Go to a museum, be inspired, watch a film, enjoy or create art, entertainment or daydream, focus on your vision of the ideal world – work on charity plans or your life’s ideals, work on spiritual projects

DON’T: Do legal/tax work, give or take important advice, make major decisions, get drawn into drinking/drugs/escapism. Careful when reading the news at this time too, as your perspective is likely clouded. The apocalypse is not as near as you may think/people aren’t all bad (or as amazing as you think right now).

MOON CONJUNCT SUN – New beginnings, fresh intentions.

This is what is known as the New Moon! A time for new beginnings, setting intentions for the coming month. Again, which sign it happens in is a major clue to exactly which themes and focus areas are key during each New Moon. Read more about this here.


Notable Asteroids:

MOON CONJUNCT CHIRON – healing, old wounds surfacing

In Ancient Greek mythology, Chiron was the wounded healer, a Centaur whose own wounding made him a master healer.
When the Moon meets the large asteroid Chiron, we tend to have any buried wounds come to light. This is a “gift” so we can heal and move on in wellness and wholeness, but it can be challenging (for help, use the Free session here).

During this transit, keep in mind that you and others are likely being affected by the past. If someone is upset, they’re not responding to current situations, but being affected by baggage from a past situation. At this time, try to stay aware and ask yourself: “What past wound may this be trying to show me, so I can heal?”

Again, Chiron’s sign placement and interaction with your own birth chart at the time gives further clues.

DO: Do healing work, journal, work with your inner child (I take you through that here in session 3). Be gentle with yourself, know that old wounds may be triggered, do something cosy and safe

DON’T: Meet up with family or others you have issues with from the past, don’t be hard on yourself or schedule challenges for this time

MOON CONJUNCT LILITH – female karmic issues

The major asteroid Lilith is also known as the “dark moon” and rules the shadow feminine aspect.

Similarly to Chiron, this transit tends to bring up past wounding for resolution. However, where Chiron deals with the individual, Lilith tends to bring up COLLECTIVE karmic issues.

When Lilith interacts with notable planets it tends to deal with historical male/female wounds. When “she” meets the Moon, you may experience triggering around feeling unheard or unseen as a female, or wounds around feeling like men are “always unfaithful” and other “historical” models of the shadow experiences females have had.

Keep an eye on yourself and know that you may be seeing your situation, the world and others through a filter that isn’t truly “yours” at this time. It’s collective female experiences from the past.

To fully experience a thriving harmonious love relationship, it’s highly beneficial to clear out this collective karma from your system – whether you’re a woman or a man. I take you through it in the Love Blueprint program, session 4, which is all about ancestry, the past and karma.

DO: Be kind to yourself, work on something that you care about, focus on your progress and stay logical

DON’T: Watch or take in any info/content that deals with male/female stereotypes or conflicts – you’ll just get triggered. Similarly, don’t meet an ex or discuss love problems – your perspective will be distorted

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