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Discover What Themes, Blessings And Challenges Lie Ahead For Your Sign This Coming Month. Forecast Readings For Each Sign. Are You Experiencing Some Of This Already?

I’m thrilled to bring you this new project, to help you make the most of each month!

Based on your Sun Sign, these readings deal with planetary interactions, themes, major cosmic events and which Solar houses they fall in.

My top tip is, read the one for your Ascendant/Rising sign too – because this is a major key with your Personal Houses being relevant. (I always read both my Sun and Ascendant’s forecasts).

This article will be updated on the 1st of each month with brand new forecasts for each sign, so make sure to check back every month for a new reading.

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Let me know in the comments how this resonates! xx


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Hey There

I'm Cassady! Intuitive coach, astrologer and bestselling spiritual author. I'm passionate about sharing the secrets of energy and the universe, to help awaken your highest potential and live YOUR best life YOUR way!

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